Vaccine Lot Numbers and Correlation to Adverse Side Effects

hmm. Turns out that certain lot numbers are correlated with adverse side effects.

This is a “holy sh*t presentation.

The data shows it. So we can assume its true. Not a joke. This looks like truth.

With the EXTREMELY stringent manufacturing processes in place around drugs, the only explanation is that these lots have been tampered with. Get that? Somebody/bodies have been spiking the vaccines with something that is causing the adverse side effects.

This is a deliberate action.

at 23:00 minutes, take a look at Pfizer.

at 24:00 minutes, we see a red line representing the expected number of adverse side effects, based on historic vaccines. Again, check out how many batches are above the red line.

At 25:00 Dr Yeadon notes the extreme level of side effects. Yeadon: “These are REALLY toxic products”

At 26:30 “Its not a public health measure.” paraphrasing: Frighten people, damage the economy, force them to accept the injections. Why would they want to do that. Its not money. The only people that can make this happen is Big Capital.

At 29:00 “They’re not the same product” The vaccines being injected are different depending on the vial. “They are doing it on purpose.”

At 33:50 “This is calibration of a killing weapon.” Go that? Depopulation.

At 34:35 Different drugs in different bottles. The data is well known, ergo, “they” are good with it. Drugs don’t “go off” and kill people. They lose function. These vaccines are being manipulated to maim and kill.

Canadian Truckers: The Jackboots Move In

In Ottawa, heavily armed riot police have moved in and confiscated diesel fuel to keep from the truckers.

The mayor has declared a state of emergency. Claims an insurrection is occurring across Canada. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms states that there is “No Basis for state of emergency declaration.”

An affidavit has been filed with the Ontario Supreme Court challenging the state of emergency. According to one witness in the filing:

Another witness, an Ottawa resident, swears that “the truckers I have interacted with have, at all times, been friendly, courteous, humble, considerate and peaceful.  I have not observed any aggressive or inappropriate behaviours.” He says the truckers are diverse, including Sikhs, Blacks, Aboriginals and others. He has “observed truckers decorating the tomb of the unknown soldier with flowers and guarding it” and has “not seen any violent or threatening behaviour.” He notes that “the truckers do not honk their horns at night. My everyday life has not been disrupted by any noise related to the Freedom Convoy during the day.” He asserts: “My ability to park and to travel in downtown Ottawa, or to and from Parliament Hill has not been impeded by the presence of the truckers.”

This is an insurrection?

All the citizens want is Freedom. And the government is trying to declare them terrorists so violence can be used to break up the protest.

Justin Goes Castro on Canada’s Truckers. Check out the memes halfway down the article. Truck Frudeau’s double. Truck Frudeau and Castro side-by-side. Hmm. Something definitely going on here.

Trudeau Govt trying to being back internet censorship bill. Basically, the bill means the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications Commission will be granted permission to regulate a lot of social media content created by Canadians. e.g. TikTok and YouTube videos, podcasts, probably Facebook posts.

The world is watching.

Welcome to the totalitarian state.

THIS is Inspiring! The Trudeau Government is GOING DOWN

Truckers, Farmers and now COWBOYS.




And by the way, who is Trudeau’s stunt double, anyhow? CLEARLY, the man giving podium speeches is NOT Justin Trudeau.

On a related topic, it turns out that the Canadian Government may be involved in RICO fraud. Acuitus Biopharma and Arbutus Theraputics, both out of BC, invented the lipid nanopartical that is licensed by Pfizer and Moderna to inject the pathogen. For each injection sold, these companies collect a royalty. Does this explain why the Canadian Government ordered 10 times the number of shots than there are Canadians? What possible motive can there be to order 10 times the doses. It leads one to speculate on the ownership of Acuitus and Arbutus, and who was benefiting as these companies were getting rich. What are their ties to the Trudeau Govt? Always follow the money.

Oh, and here’s Truck Fudeau telling us about liberty in 2015 and liberty in 2022. You can guess how this ends. What a fraud.

The New Gold — Unvaccinated Blood and Sperm

Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurance companies.

Governments can’t hide this data. As public companies report earnings, life insurance companies are reporting significant uptick in death benefits payouts, coincident with … lemme see … oh, vaccines and boosters. Especially, all cause deaths are up for working-age people.

Similarly, Funeral Homes are seeing big upticks in their business.

In the comments section, lots of discussion about blood and sperm donations. One unvaccinated blood donor is being hounded to donate blood every 56 days. When s/he asked why, “because that’s what we are being told.”

Over half the deaths seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines. Strange clots in the blood in more than half the people he has embalmed, all of them in vaccinated people. In Jan 2022, 65% of cases he embalmed have the clots.

The great unravelling is looking to be quite the sh*t show.

Let’s see, truckers, accountants and insurance actuaries are going to break the back of the fake vax conspiracy. Who’d a thunk.

Trudeau has Lost His Mind

His latest mean tweet:

Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.

He forgot to include misogynists.

What an ass. He’s making a total fool of himself as he melts down.

On the other hand, THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME AND INSPIRING. Canadian farmers bust through police barricades. Well, actually just drive around on their big ass equipment.

The Canadian government is going down on this. The silent majority is rising up and giving Trudeau and Co the finger.

Jordan Peterson to Canadian Opposition Leaders: Seize the Day

Jordan Peterson posted a video commenting on the trucker protest in Canada. He appealed to Conservative leaders to seize the day, and toss the liberals and their fascist Covid mandates.

Unless, of course, the conservatives are in on the heist to steal Canadian’s freedom (my words, not Peterson’s).

We did manage to get some video footage of Trudeau at his secret bunker in the Laurentians, hiding from the Truckers.

The protest is not the minority fringe group Trudeau makes it out to be. It comprises mainstream, working-class Canadians who want their lives back.

And it is certainly not a group of white supremacists the racist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh made them out to be.

Dr. Peterson called out Singh over his comments: “This is either ignorant or malevolent and if it is the former it is an ignorance so profound that it borders on malevolence. And this from the leader of Canada’s hypothetically pro-working-class progressives.” Unbelievable. Singh has no right to be leading a political party in Canada. He’s a racist bully.

Canadians trying to peacefully make their voices heard and the sociopathic politicians accuse them of being white supremacists, racists, insurgents. The state propagandist CBC accuses the movement of being manipulated by Putin.

This is the same playbook the progressives in the US use. They obviously go to the same cocktail parties. The liberals would love to lock up the protesters in the same way the J-6 protesters are being locked up in the US.

Tucker Carlson eviscerates the feckless Trudeau, and the globalist leaders that are all cut from the same cloth. “This is how despots behave when they fear being overthrown.” Watch both videos on the link.

I agree 100% with Peterson. Where are the conservatives? The time is now to put down the thuggery of the liberals and NDP and get Canada back to a world of living normal lives.

Rise up!

This is New: Some Batches of Vaccine Kill, Others are Benign

Molecular Biologist Sona Pekova: The ‘Vaccinated’ Are More Likely to be Sick from Omicron.

The headline we already know. Pekova looked at data from Scotland and Australia and concluded that, if you are vaccinated, Omicron is more likely to getcha than if you are unvaccinated.

Also, the number of injuries and death from the Covid vaccines far out paces the cumulative number of injuries and deaths from ALL OTHER VACCINES since forever.

What’s new is that certain batches of vaccine are lethal, whereas some are benign. She goes on to say:

This is very suspicious as the process for vaccine manufacturing is tightly regulated and controlled. “So, simply, once this process is prescribed,” she explains, “it is carried out by robots; no people touch it.” This begs the question of how there could be differences among batches. “So, if there is any change between the lots, it can only be because someone interfered with the prescription,” she said. “And the number of people who could have interfered with the prescribed process is very small” as the process is so tightly controlled. “They could be counted on the fingers of one hand…” the molecular biologist continued.

With these facts, it is not a stretch to consider that the manipulation of certain batches is deliberate and “points to a clear intent,” she said. “This is simply an experiment and nothing else,” Dr. Sona Pekova added in her closing remarks. “And it is very dangerous experiment at that.” Finally, the doctor appealed to parents: “They are even giving it to our children! This is absolutely… simply unthinkable!”

Saying again: “… manipulation of certain batches is deliberate and “points to a clear intent.”

Wow! And I’m not even wearing my tin hat. There is even a database to check batch numbers to determine whether The Jab you received or are about to receive is on the list of deadly ones. Now, how would they know that? Data. The science. Now tell me again how vaccine mandates are following the science.

This is some serious sh*t. Yowza! So, there are known batches of bad vaccine, which could only have been tainted deliberately. This is more evil than even I thought, and I have been railing against the Covid vaccines for … well … since forever.

My head is spinning. There is something deeply sinister going on with the vaccines.

Truckers Roll into Ottawa. Feckless Trudeau Hides in Basement

This is glorious.

Canadian truckers opposing vaccine mandate to cross the US/Canada border. Some 30,000 Canadian truckers crossing the border every day are unvaccinated, approximately 20% of truckers.

The truckers convoy is estimated to be more than 70km long. HUGE support across Canada and around the world for the truckers.

And what does the feckless Canadian Prime Minister have to say about it? Calls the truckers and supporters a “fringe group.” Effectively calling the peaceful protest an insurgency and challenge to democracy. How dare they publicly defy his fascist vaccine mandate.

What’s more, the craven Trudeau, despite his blustery words, is literally hiding. Rumor has it, a friend of a friend of a friend tested positive for the Wuhan flu. And, though Trudeau tested negative twice, has gone into isolation. At an undisclosed location. Health Canada guidance is that fully vaxxed don’t need to isolate. What a cowardly prick.

This is the same globalist shill and Soros acolyte that called unvaccinated Canadians fascists and misogynists. And, taking a cue from his French doppelganger Macron, says the unvaccinated are not Canadians.

Meanwhile, the dipsh*t propogandist machine CBC suggests that Putin is playing a role in the “unrest.” This is beyond words. Who is the brainless hack that thought putting this up was a good idea? The CBC is Canada’s answer to CNN, except it is funded with taxpayer dollars. Misinformation, misdirection and full on lies. Attack dog for the Trudeau regime. My God. The King must be under attack.

In the end, the Trudeau government is intent to dig in and ignore the truckers, its supporters and, effectively all Canadians. And Canada, for the most part, will move on in blind, enthusiastic obedience to the fascist mandates. It will not be until grocery shelves are empty that average Canadians will wake up to the impact 30,000 truckers withdrawing their services will have on the food supply chain.

Starve ’em into submission.

Truck Fudeau!


Elsewhere in Canada:

Nova Scotia passes law effectively banning Freedom Trucker convoy. WAY TO GO NOVA SCOTIA! Freedom is so overrated, anyhow.

Unvaccinated in Quebec must be accompanied by store employee when shopping in a store, such as WalMart. You see, you can’t buy a toaster when only allowed to shop for bread. GIVE ‘EM HECK, QUEBEC!

In New Brunswick, unvaccinated can be banned from buying groceries altogether if they fail to show a vaccine passport. STARVE ‘EM INTO SUBMISSION, NEW BRUNSWICK!

Oh, Canada. The land of petty tyrants.

Update: Mayor of Ottawa called tow trucks to start towing the big rigs away. Unfortunately, all the towing companies have come down with Covid. Bwahahaha.