hmm … “Leader of the free world” … much f*cked yet?

blows the mind

This is a Holy Crap moment.

Let’s unpack this …

Totally vacant look in his eyes. All he wants is the way out.

Biden’s brain is gone.

Which is fine with “whoever is really running the show.” Intelligence industrial Complex. Military Industrial Complex. Pharma Industrial Complex.


All “they” need is to control the guy that signs the bills. Manchurian Candidate. Total puppet. Total!

Which is what They have in Biden. If Biden wins the next election, he will die and Kamala will inherit the throne. Another empty suit that slept her way to the top.

Into the Belly of the Beast — How Vaccine Advocates Think

Willful ignorance much?

Very enlightening article as Dr. Madhava Setty, an anesthesiologist, decided – in his words – to go in “the belly of the beast” and attended the World Vaccine Congress.

And, why is there no public discourse on vaccine injuries and death? “We cannot give any voice to the critic,” she told me. “Once the public sees them on equal footing with us they may believe what they are saying.”

In other words, if people are given objective information, they may believe something the vaccine advocates do not want them to. They prefer to censor and ignore.

The drive to force vaccinate the world is not over.

The Proxy has Become the Parasite

Objective assessment of the leaked DoD documents on Ukraine. “Russo-Ukrainian War: Leak Biopsy” via Big Serge Thought.

Key takeaways:

  • Documents appear to be real, as they are internally consistent
  • Documents were on Minecraft Discord for at least a month before being “discovered”
  • Ukraine is a black box for funding. Though more closely resembling a black hole
  • US intel is embarrassingly bad, relying on questionable open source intel. With unlimited resources, how could their intel suck so badly?
  • Only source of US intel on Ukraine comes from Ukraine. Who are a bunch of liars. Gee, I wonder how that works out.
  • Ukraine is nearly out of warm bodies, missiles and bullets. Early May will be a defining moment
  • US/NATO plan to draw down Russia in a proxy war has had the opposite effect. US/NATO is being drawn down. US/NATO military strength and sophistication appears to be a Potemkin Village. Who’d a thunk it. Go woke, go broke.
  • Ukraine has no plan. US/NATO has no plan. Frankly, to a passive observer, like myself, this is pretty shocking.
  • 12 battalions were planned to be ready for Ukrainian offensive by end of March (obviously missed that deadline). 9 put together by US/NATO, three by Ukraine. Only one of the brigades was more than halfway trained, rated at 60% complete. But of the nine, these will be severely undermanned and armed. More Potemkin village. Ukraine battalions? Noone knows. Net? There is no chance for a viable counter-offensive, despite the drumbeats.
  • We also now know US has boots on the ground in Ukraine. This is against US law, without congressional approval

Net is, Ukraine is done for. Voluntary suicide. If they don’t surrender, the remaining Ukrainian men will be killed or maimed. What a sad, entirely avoidable loss of life. An entire generation of Ukrainian men wiped out.

Truly, Ukraine leadership, the US/NATO and everyone else that insist Ukraine fight to the last Ukrainian is guilty of war crimes. Boris Johnson went there specifically to tell the actor/comedienne to NOT negotiate an end to the hostilities, which the Turks had on the table. US/NATO REFUSES to negotiate an end to hostilities (even though they say it is Ukraine’s decision). And the ICC charges Putin with war crimes for removing children from the war zone??

What a clown show.


Gonzalo Lira hosts round-table with Ray McGovern and Larry Johnson. This is such a great discussion. Very thoughtful perspective. Far reaching. WAY TOO MUCH TRUTH. Well-worth your time. At 2 hours it is quite long. But, definitely will open your mind.

Speculate the documents were released by a faction inside Pentagon and/or intelligence community to fully reveal Ukraine as a fools errand. Worse, the path US/NATO warmongers is on will lead to broad, deadly global conflict. So, perhaps there is hope.

At 36:00, interesting discussion about the ongoing loss of US ability to influence global events, in particular the Middle East. Lira suggests peace breaking out in the middle east is counter to US desire to foment conflict, and keep divisions across countries. US does not want a united Middle East, or anywhere else. Chaos is US hegemony best friend.

41:00 McGovern on multipolar world. Prefers bipolar. But, NATO is 100% white. The rest of 80% of world is multicultural. Lilly-white west against the rest of the world. Racism much? Amazing, important insight. BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China, et al) already have greater nominal GDP than G7.

The West is an Anglo-Saxon Bubble” — George Galloway

Ukraine war, ie Russia vs US/NATO has demonstrated to the world that the west is a paper tiger. US sanctions, direct conflict ineffective vs Russia. Rest of the world observing. Collectively say, US, go away. We don’t need your bullying. Slowly dawning on US that its role as global hegemon is rapidly slipping away.

1:27:00 Ray McGovern likens US to Black Knight in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”. That’s what is happening to the US right now. Arm cut off. Leg cut off. Other arm cut off. etc. Even as it continues belligerence. As US swivels to confront China, the alliance between China and Russia gives China access to Russia’s hypersonic missiles. Game over for carrier battle groups. China and Russia have robust air defense systems capable of shooting down (nuclear) intercontinental ballistic missiles. The US does not. Hmm. How will this end?

1:30:00 Unquestionable defeat of NATO in Ukraine. Macron met with Xi in China. Chinese sent EU President Ursula von der Leyen home on commercial class. And she had to endure going through the peasant security line. i.e. “You are irrelevant. You are not worth bothering with. We don’t care if we piss you off. You can’t do anything to us. Thank you. Have a nice day.” Haha. Goodbye, b*tch. EU, you are irrelevant. F*ck off. Hahaha.

1:35:00 US to Zelensky — “You have to march forward to your doom. You cannot negotiate.” Buh bye, Ukraine troops. War crime … by Ukraine leadership and US/NATO

1:43:00 The change in Russia and China’s thinking over the last year. US cannot be THIS stupid. Chinese/Russian realization: these people (the West) really want to kill us. They want to eradicate people, culture. They want regime change that benefits them. Completely transformed how China and Russia will deal with the West and the ROW. Profound.

1:46:00 No agreement with the West will be honored (by the West). re: Angela Merkle. Minsk was an agreement “to buy time.” No intention to honor the agreement. ergo Only acceptable outcome for Russians is total occupation. Can’t argue with that.


David Stockman on Imperial Washington — The New Global Menace

My opinion: Ukraine is clearly going to fall to the Russians. 100% probability. My projection: Zelensky is a dead man. Zero possibility he will be able to hide anywhere. Good riddance.

More on the SH*T show: Shifting World Powers & Ukraine Russia War – Judge Napolitano w/Alastair Crooke

F*ck. What a sh*t show. Preparing to die much?


Scapegoat anyone? Loves God. Shoots Guns. Right-wing politics. Umm. Let’s see. Probably white nationalist. Loves Trump. Probably wearing MAGA hat when busted.

US just busted a 21-year old National Guardsman for leaking these documents. Things are never what they seem. Judge Napolitano interviews Larry Johnson. This is an Intelligence Operation leak. One of documents is CIA internal. National Guardsman DO NOT HAVE ACCESS, regardless of security clearance. IMPOSSIBLE. Speculate the Biden administration is attempting to cushion the hard-landing of Ukraine defeat.

Judge Napolitano interviews Larry Schaeffer. No way this guy had access to documents.

Glenn Greenwald: nothing in the documents is damaging to the US. Leak likely serves the agenda of the intel community. This is just another PSYOP.

John Helmer: “What the Pentagon Papers mean is that that the US is heading for military rule … the Pentagon Papers signal the start of their fight to the end of the Caligulists at State like Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland, and the so-called neocon (horse for president)  faction in the Democratic Party.” i.e. the leaked papers is an effort by the military to discredit the political warmongers, and enable the military to back out of disastrous confrontations with the Russians (in Ukraine) and, soon the Chinese (in Taiwan).

“I have a PhD” … the great reveal

Anthropologist” (and I use the term loosly), Gabby Yearwood, who’s claim to fame is he has a PhD, confesses that he cannot tell from human remains whether it is male or female.

Umm … umm … I can’t fathom an appropriate response to his ignorance and/or incompetence.

So, you get a PhD in anthropology, and you cannot tell the difference between a male and a female?

Umm …

Trust the science and the scientist??

…. wait for it …


So … in 8 – 12 years of study to become an “anthropogist” you cannot tell the diefference between a male and a female?


The best part in the video is when he claims that he has a PhD!

“But, but I have a PhD!!”

Yeah, right. That means you are unassailable.

What a fuc*ing maroon. Science is doomed with virtual signaling morons like this.

Education system is phucked, spewing out trash like this.

Go to trade school. University degree is a waste of time and money.

They Knew … Lipid Nanoparticles broadly distributed throughout the body within minutes of The Jab

Dr John Campbell reviews Australian Government document January 2021 that used Pfizer global data. The document was obtained through the FOIA and redacted. Because, of course, the Australian Govt does not want people to know they were lying about the dispersion of the mRNA throughout the body. Not isolated at the injection site, as they told us.

January 2021. Before the Emergency Use Authorization. They knew, kept it from us, and destroyed the world.

This is the spectre that will haunt the vaccinated for years to come. Excess mortality is real. Vaccine injury and death. They knew.

Check out the second video as well, Prof Robert Clancy. Fertility is affected.

Can you say “depopulation”?

The March to WWIII

We have already entered WWIII. The kinetic hot war in Ukraine is the obvious flash point. But, war is not only fought on the battlefield. Its economic, its societal, its social media, its terror acts on gas pipelines. The war on truth.

Expect to see more of this.

The unipolar world the US has dominated for the past decades is rapidly devolving into a multipolar world. US hegemony is cracking. The greatest threat to US hegemony is the collapse of the US$ as the de facto global currency. This is occurring.

US$ hegemony was enabled and supported when the petrodollar was established in in 1979, when the United States and Saudi Arabia negotiated the United States-Saudi Arabian Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation. They agreed to use U.S. dollars for oil contracts. In fact, ALL global oil contracts were settled in US$, which meant that ALL oil consuming countries had to have a large reserve of US$, which meant huge demand for US$, which meant huge global demand for US treasury bills (ie the US debt instrument). This allowed the US to export inflation to the rest of the world, as it was able to run up debt (now $32 Trillion) with little real penalty other countries would incur, in the form of depreciating currency.

The seismic crack has been occurring as countries (e.g. Russia, India, China, others) are now designating energy contracts in non-US$. The implication is that there will be less demand for US$, which means the demand for US treasury bills will fall, forcing the US to increase the interest rate to stoke demand. But rising interest rates have a HUGE impact on current and outstanding debt (e.g. try rolling over $32 Trillion in debt with 1% increase in interest). The spiral is already beginning to spin out of control. The Fed can’t have both low inflation and low interest rates.

Real pain to the US will occur if countries, like China, with vast US$ reserves (held as T-bills) sell them. This will cause the collapse of the US$ and massive, hyperinflation ala the Weimar Republic.

¡Ay, caramba!

The US is in an existential battle to maintain its global hegemony. Its psychopathic overlords refuse to lose Ukraine to Russia. It is willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. That won’t take long, given that the average frontline Ukrainian soldier’s life expectancy is a mere 4 hours.

The US has provided Ukraine with $32 Billion in military aid, and $113 in total aid. A black hole with no end in sight.

Then what?

With Ukraine, China is aligned with Russia. The US is, predictably, furious, and is threatening China with sanctions. After all, only the US is allowed to dump weapons and support into the war. And the rest of the world, primarily the southern hemisphere countries, are defying the US. China’s 12-point peace predictably plan fell on deaf and bellicose ears in the the US and NATO countries, but the rest of the world would like to see an end.

The truth behind the war in Ukraine. How the war actually started. The overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government in 2014 by the US was the inflection point. John Mearsheimer: UKRAINE WAR WILL END IN HORROR.

NBC told Americans the truth about Crimea for the first time and its reporter wound up on the Ukrainian government’s kill list alongside several other US citizens, journos, clergy and even children.

Its over for Ukraine. When MSM gives up on The Narrative in favor of reality, you know its over.

Psychopaths rule the world.

The More Vaxxed you are the More Likely you will Die of Covid

Not exactly the narrative we have been hearing, is it.

Link to Steve Kirsch’s Substack.

Using official New Zealand health data, the results are damning.

Game Over: Medicare data shows Covid vaccines increase your chances of dying.

No going back people. Excess mortality is stalking the vaxxed.

and if all that is not enough

or this

Steve Krisch on excess mortality in Australia


Global euthanasia is a product feature

The cumulative number of US deaths reported to VAERS is 16,903 and the number of adverse events is 936,484

50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database

The truth about the origins of Covid, Dr Andrew Huff on Bannon’s War Room. It came out of Wuhan lab. Leaked into wild, likely due to poor security protocols. The US provided the advanced bio-technology and training to the Wuhan lab necessary to conduct the gain-of-function research with full knowledge of the CIA. The US was totally complicit and cannot evade responsibility. This is THE red pill.

Thailand to become first country in the world to declare its Pfizer contracts null and void

Thailand will declare contracts with Pfizer null and void, due to fraud related to the vaccine. In addition to ending the Pfizer contracts, the Thai government also plans to seek retribution to the tune of billions of dollars in payback from the company. That money will then go towards compensating all Thai people who “lost their existence” as a result of the Pfizer Jab rollout. 

And if you have Pfizer on your resume, it appears you may need to beware the shadows. Bypassing any possible (unlikely?) Nuremberg 2 trial and going directly to punishment, the permanent kind. If there is a list, I know who I’d want on it.


War crimes trials for lying about vaccine effectiveness and safety. Switzerland and Thailand. “Swiss President and the Minister of Health are under investigation, indictment, and prosecution by the Attorney General for Covid Crimes involving lying about the vaccine effectiveness and safety. Thailand convening war crime tribunals to nullify Pfizer Contracts.”

“The year of 2023 is the year of absolute truth for humanity.”

We shall see.


  • Animal vaccinations are all mRNA. Food supply is toxic.
  • US DoD is running the Covid vaccine “operation.” Outside of the purview of health regulators. “Vaccine” is clearly a bioweapon. THIS PRESENTATION IS PROFOUND
  • This information combined with the Seymour Hersh expose revealing the US blew up Nord Stream pipeline fully reveals the US as a rogue state.
  • We knew long ago that the US DoD was involved in funding Wuhan lab as well as bio labs in Ukraine.
  • Pfizer in court: “We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud the government ordered”
  • Conspiracy of US DoD et al to commit mass murder, bioterrorism …
  • Putin seized the biolabs in Ukraine and has all the evidence of complicity and malfeasance. War crimes for bioweapons are being conducted right now. Putin likely collaborating with Thai government in war crimes tribunal.
  • Thailand is going to free the world from tyranny.
  • Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DoD, HHS, and Pharma Cartel Via the COVID Injections — trains your body to destroy itself
  • The public health emergency is the keystone that holds all the criminality together
  • The “government” used a pseudo legal framework to establish and enforce the health emergency. “Other transaction authority (OTA)” allowed the government to enforce mandates and avoid accountability. Not subject to scrutiny. Totally calculated.
  • Summary of all evidence => intent to commit harm

And then there’s this:

Japanese researchers sue the government for hiding inconvenient truths about the Jab

The dam is about to burst.

… and That, my friends, is THAT …

US/NATO is clearly at war with Russia. And losing. And know they have lost.

WWIII started. The West lost.

Ukraine is slowly being ground down.

You didn’t know that? Don’t listen to MSM. Don’t believe your government. Its all narrative, all the time.

Now what?

Ukraine stooges for US/NATO have closed off any chance to negotiated settlement. Primarily because the collective West have already said they can’t be trusted to honor agreements, which they have no intention of honoring. Thanks for the frank duplicitous confession, Frau Merkel.

Ukraine will be decided on the ground. Not by fake offers of negotiated settlements. Russia is going to obliterate Ukraine. At the same time, the Russians are demilitarizing NATO.

US/NATO has over the last few decades picked on small regional powers … and lost (hello Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam). Now, they are confronted with a peer power, who is much more agile and able to replenish stocks of weapons rapidly.

Here is an enlightening analysis of Russian preparedness for Total War, vs US/NATO. Western countries rely on overengineered, technically advanced systems that are complicated to use, and fail consistently in real-world situations.

Now, faced against a real power, NATO is getting obliterated. Paper tiger, failing miserably in its stated mission and purpose.

But, the beat goes on, and the west is preparing its populations for full-on war.

The west is signalling its getting ready for war with China in two years. Yeah, pretty rich, isn’t it. Confronts Russia and loses. Not to be deterred, getting ready to confront China, with Taiwan as a pretext. Hmm, how might this end?

While trying to normalize the use of nuclear weapons. Ahh, back-up plan for the existential threat.

For those that aren’t eliminated by The Jab, nuclear winter is coming for you.

At some point in the near future, the world population with be whittled to the less than billion Gates says is sustainable.

Psychopaths run the world.