Censorship Industrial Complex

Tucker Carlson interviews Mike Benz. Total Red Pill interview. This is very important. You need to watch it.

Lan Jaklielek interviews of Mike Benz from 2023.

THIS is the “Deep State”. The Deep State controls the information and the narrative. Discussion on social media that is at odds with The Narrative gets censored. Your tax dollars funded academics to develop the censorship algorithms.

Misinformation and Disinformation is information which goes against The Narrative. It is not a question of right or wrong or true or untrue. We now know that The Vaccine “disinformation” challenging “safe and effective” turned out to be totally true. And that the government and health industry were the ones spewing disinformation. And then censoring information that went against their misinformation.

Its all about The Narrative.

The EU Digital Services act forces social media companies to comply with EU censorship or fact strict penalties.

France recently passed a law criminalizing criticism of mRNA vaccines.

From 2017, “Weaponized Narrative”.

This is totally Orwellian and dystopian. Welcome to the future.