How Did We Get Here? part 2

This is a follow-up on the post immediately below.

Bannon’s War Room again interviews Naomi Wolfe, regarding a new Special Report from Politico.

Here is a link to the Naomi Wolfe interview

Here is Dr Robert Malone’s take on the Politico piece.

Here is a link to the Politico piece “How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight” released with the German publication Weld.

This is nothing short of mind-blowing. Basically, 4 NGOs, deeply in bed with Bill Gates, through The WHO manipulated and financially benefited from the global Covid response. The WHO is hugely ($1.4 billion) financially backed by the CCP and the Gates Foundation. Its clear whom butters WHO’s toast, and what they get for it. The WHO is a bad actor and clearly not to be trusted. The 4 NGOs gave more than $10 billion (yeah, with a “B”) to the Covid “relief” efforts.

Through this influence, The WHO strong armed the flaccid world not-leaders into the 2-years of draconian BS we have had to put up with. And you get the WEF and all their acolytes piling on (hello Trudeau and his captured cabinet).

Holy sh*t. It was almost more fun to be a conspiracy theorist than have the covers totally pulled off the true conspiracy.

Basically, a small cadre of “elitists” and the CCP through these 4 NGOs and The WHO took control of the world.

This is not hyperbole.

But … don’t get too excited about the great reveal. Here is what Molone says: “They are conceding that which is no longer deniable.”

Listen to what Malone says. Intelligence community has long used pandemics and lethal drug attacks (anthrax) to achieve political ends. Malone says its a complex matrix of a multitude of state, intelligence and private actors. That I can believe.

Politico is a mouthpiece for progressives and globalists. So, why would Politico write a piece that reveals their playbook? Well, because the playbook is no longer a secret and is slowly being revealed. So this is an attempt to get ahead of the great reveal, and then work on the narrative that replaces it.

Unless Gates is hauled before a Nuremberg Reduxe tribunal, do you think he or any other elites really gives as sh*t what people think of them? Just like the “get off my lawn” folks at Martha’s Vineyard. Critics suggest “the elite” hate to be embarrassed like that. I am of the view that, at this point, they wear it as a badge of honor. On the other hand, had Obama’s estate been nationalized and turned into an illegal immigrant camp, well …

As Bannon always says, there are no coincidences. Politico is not your friend and does not work to shine sunlight on the darkness. They, Washington Post and the NYT are all part of the construct whose sole purpose is to push “the narrative” and destroy anyone that challenges “the narrative.”

Notwithstanding, I appreciate the Big Reveal. I hope their next Big Reveal is the political machinery behind “climate alarmism.” And ground Al Gore, Bill Gates and John Kerry’s private jets.

Sheesh. I need a drink …

How Did We Get here? Naomi Wolfe, on Bannon’s War Room, Nails It

Steve Bannon was interviewing Naomi Wolfe and Ed Dowd about the alarming rise in all-cause mortality, and the implications.

Bannon asks both how we got to this point, firstly how did the poison masquerading as a vaccine even get approved and rolled out to the global population, and secondly, why do good people in organizations such as the FDA allow this to happen. Most people are not criminal conspirators. And yet, they allowed it to happen, and continue to be in denial about vaccine injuries and deaths.

What the hell is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)?? Someone young and healthy dies unexpectedly, and the medical community shrugs its collective shoulders and says “we don’t know, must be SADS”.

At 31:00 in this episode, Naomi conjectures how this narrative and inoculation program was rolled out and enforced. I’m not going to paraphrase. Just watch the video. I think she is absolutely correct.

Where I think she and others are incorrect is fingering the CCP for this bioweapon attack. I do believe it is a bioweapon, but I think it was was unleashed by more nefarious characters than the CCP. The Lancet, of all publications, even recently published a piece arguing that the US was responsible for developing Sars-Cov2. Hard to argue that point, given the evidence.

Consider what the globalists want. Total control. One world government (undemocratic and which they run) conprising an unelected bureauacracy/administrative state ala the EU. Single digital currency (which they can track and disable over the network). Less people (roughly 1/6 of current global population).

And how are they going about this? Pandemic lockdowns, soon to be climate lockdowns. Poisoning/sterilizing the global population through mandated ie forced inoculations. Removing free thinking individuals that refuse the inoculation from positions of power and influence (military, police ie those who have guns and legally have the right to commit violence), who also would be the ones to challenge their authority. Demonizing political opponents and declaring them domestic terrorists. Weaponizing institutions against political opponents and anyone that would challenge their authority — IRS , DHS, FBI, globally the WHO, UN. Arming other institutions — the IRS has been accumulating millions of rounds of ammunition, and now are hiring 65,000 agents who will be expected to use lethal force (recruiting directives say so) when they audit you.

… and now back to our regular programming … Climate Emergency is Bullocks

A new report from Spanish scientists in The European Physical Journal Plus concludes that there is no evidence, zero, zilch, nada that “climate change” is causing an increase in natural disasters.

Here is a link to the study: A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming

Here is a link to Sky News Australia commenting on the study. Great summary and well worth 4:30 of your time.

The nub of it is that the climate change agenda is a tremendous distraction to focus resources on dealing with an emergency that does not exist. ie subsidizing all this “green energy” BS that clearly is a failure (hello Europe) and will do nothing to lower the temperature of the earth, which is really not a problem anyhow.

Unfortunately, now that Biden has declared The Pandemic over, “the elites” need to move on to the next crisis, and grab even more power.

And what might that crisis be? Well … hmm … how about the total clusterf*ck of European dependence on Russian energy. After a couple decades of preaching and following the green gospel, the Europeans, lead by Germany, thought it would be a good idea to decommission fossil and nuclear energy generation, and switch over to wind and solar. Supplemented by intravenous injections of oil and LNG from Russia. Well, we can see where that went.

You can read about that elsewhere. But there are two related points I want to make here.

Firstly, the clusterf*ck is so thorough, it looks like that was the plan all along. But the problem with that theory is leadership is the EU is so blindingly stupid that its hard to believe they could execute such a grand plan. e.g. Switzerland’s environment minister is proposing to help reduce energy demands that people shower together. But the EU and the US are all in to stick it to Putin. Even if it means destroying Europe in the process. Which is what is happening.

Secondly, the European Union’s proposed Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI), unveiled Sept. 19 by the European Commission (EC, would grant the EC extraordinary power to declare an emergency and trigger a range of market interventions. This would give the EC the authority to seize control of supply chains and manage the flow of goods throughout the EU. Let’s see, “the state” managing the minutia of the economy … that would be a centrally planned economy aka Communism.

So is this the plan? Are “they” actually seizing control, and going to subjugate the global population? It certainly looks that way.

The EU is destroying itself and allowing itself to be destroyed. This is not hyperbole. Is the US on the same track? Is this the plan? World leaders are deliberately sabotaging the global economy, and it started with the Plandemic lockdowns.

It has now moved on to energy, or rather the deliberate lack of. The lack of cheap energy is now putting the screws to vast swaths of the means of production. The European economy, hugely driven by Germany, is now contracting as the economy adjusts to the diminished energy is has to work with. Energy intense manufacturing is shutting down because rising energy costs increase their costs of production so high, it renders their products price uncompetitive in global markets. Small business, e.g. bakeries, are unable to keep running because they can’t afford rising energy costs, 4x increases.

Sticking it to Putin is destroying people’s lives, and, in fact, not even sticking it to Putin. What a joke. But the joke is on us. Yeah, shower together to save energy. How f*cking stupid do “they” think we are. Or more to the point, how long will citizens remain stupid and placid as their lives crumble.

I am appalled, though not terribly surprised, how prevalent willful ignorance is. Otherwise intelligent people are in denial, totally blue-pilled and content to be there.

Last point I would like to make, they should cut power and energy consumption in all government buildings by 25%. And at the EC by 40%. Ban all private jets. Bring the pain right to those driving the decisions, and yet not bearing the consequences of those decisions.

Winter is coming, and it is going to be brutal. I am not talking about the weather or climate change. Find a safe place.

Winter is coming …

Pfizer accidentally proves original COVID Vaccine destroys the Immune System after publishing study for new Omicron Jab.

Most Pfizer vaccinations taken by the majority of humans on the planet prior to September 2022 have systematically destroyed their immune response at an initial rate greater than 1% per day (44% in 30 days).

Most Pfizer-vaccinated people now have VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Winter is coming.

If you have been inoculated with the Pfizer Jab, sux 2 b u.

Long live Purebloods!

Ontario govt data shows no benefit of vaccination for under-60 years old

From Steve Kirsch’s substack, here’s the report, prepared for a redacted member of Parliament June 2022

Quoting the conclusions of the report:

“Given the statistical evidence provided in this report, the public health policy tools such as, mass vaccination campaigns, mandates, passports and travel restrictions need to be reevaluated for relevance in this phase of SARS-CoV-2. The abundance of evidence documented by Public Health Ontario (PHO), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and toptier scientific journals demonstrates that the vaccines do not prevent infection or hospitalization. The Ontario data show that vaccination currently makes little difference in terms of hospitalization and death rates for those below age 60. Additionally, since there are known risks of adverse events and unknown long-term effects, these must be considered in developing vaccine policies.”

The empirical evidence investigated in this report from PHO and PHAC does not support continuing mass vaccination programs, mandates, passports and travel bans for all age groups. Rather, it may be prudent to utilize a more targeted and cost-effective approach focused on vaccinating the high-risk group, while factoring in an individual’s potential risk of vaccine-related adverse events.”

Isn’t that special. And Truck Frudeau is still threatening lockdowns and punishments if people don’t get inoculated. What’s wrong with this picture.

Didn’t see that coming …

Organ transplant recipients are rejecting organs. Fingering vaccine.

This is particularly alarming: “Japanese researchers compiled data from 23 studies. A total of 23 eyes from 21 patients who had undergone corneal graft procedures were assessed. Graft rejection occurred anywhere from one day to six weeks after vaccination in all patients–some who underwent the procedure as far back as twenty years ago.


Along those lines, I saw some blood donor clinics seeking donors. I would think purebloods would be in increasingly high demand. Who would want to receive a blood transfusion of tainted blood? Of course “they” would never admit it.

Long live the Purebloods! (looking like this may be a truism).

Yawn …

“Ethically Unjustifiable” – New Harvard/John’s Hopkins Study Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Disease.

Who knew?

And this just in … Lancet published article suggesting Covid virus may have originated from US-based lab. Perhaps The Lancet is now trying to atone for its Covid misinformation sins over the last 2 years.

Predictably, the deniers have lined up and are disparaging The Lancet, eating their own. The deniers, of course, don’t want any investigation at all into the likely lab origins of Covid virus. “Experts” like Professor Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization in Canada.  How do we know that? Here is a July 28 2022 article she co-published in The Globe and Mail, concluding that Covid had to have natural origination in the wildlife trade of the Huanan wet market. Prof Rasmussen is no doubt one of the advisors in the ongoing and blindingly un-scientific draconian Canadian response to Covid, and a proponent of mandatory inoculations. And clearly a member of the rapid-response Covid misinformation team.

Medical Tyranny

Here is an interview well worth watching, begins at 8:15.

Dr Paul Thomas, a pediatrician practicing in Oregon, is all in on informed consent. Before giving kids any shots, he believes parents should be fully aware of the risks and make a decision based on that information. On the face of it, sounds more than reasonable. In fact, it is a guiding principle out of the Nuremberg Trials. No experimental medicine or medical practices unless the patient provides informed consent.

But, the Oregon medical practices board doesn’t see it that way. They compel doctors to follow CDC guidance, which is essentially “do what we tell you” … or else.

Where it gets interesting is the board challenged Dr Thomas on some anecdotal data he published in a book. Which they implied went against data CDC presents. However, it turns out the CDC has never done studies that compare outcomes of unvaccinated children with vaccinated children. So there was nothing for Dr Thomas to compare against.

Notwithstanding, he hired a data analyst to look at 10.5 years of data from his practice. The stunning result is at 12:51. In all instances, children who were vaccinated (all vaccinations, pre-Covid data) were on average, always worse off medically than their unvaccinated peers. The more vaccines you had, the worse off you were. ADHD, neuro development issues, breathing difficulties, eczema, asthma … Children that were not vaccinated did not develop chronic health problems.


Full stop.

Not exactly the drumbeat Big Pharma and the medical profession wants you to hear.

Yeah, the “medical profession”. Captured by Big Pharma. More like Big Pharma apologists and obfuscators.

Within 5 days of Dr Thomas publishing his findings, the Oregon medical practices board illegally pulled his license for the blasphemy of publishing actual data. He got his license back but is continuously harassed by the board. He is now suing the board, as well as each of its members for violation of his constitutional rights and defamation, a $35 million lawsuit. I sure hope he prevails.

But the message is chilling. Del Bigtree (The Highwire) opens the segment with the news that the next set of Covid boosters were approved for emergency use after testing on exactly 8 mice, no human testing. And the medical profession continues to censor doctors like Dr Thomas for presenting truth from their real-world experience.

Here is what Dr Paul Offit has to say about rolling out inoculations using only mouse data. (interview begins at 0:30). Spoiler alert, don’t take The Jab until they actually provide information on the safety and efficacy of the boosters. And he is on the FDA advisory board.

Captured by Big Pharma. Immoral, unethical, and a crime against humanity. The tyranny of the world we live in.

John Allison: COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent

Aug 27 – Exceptionally thorough analysis of where we are at with the Plandemic, and on the fundamental right to make decisions about bodily health and medical treatments.

Its crystal clear the official narrative around Covid and the “vaccine” is a lie. Its also crystal clear that The Jab was foisted on the global population illegally, in violation of the Nuremberg Code. By definition and law, A Crime Against Humanity.

The unanswered question is, what is the real end-game.

The INOCULATION (not a vaccine) is injuring and killing people. Not so? Tell that to the Toronto doctors that died suddenly following getting boosted, but the deaths were not linked to the jab. Watch the Stew Peters episode. Massive coverup of the ddozens (hundreds??) of Canadian doctors that are dying after the second booster. Anyone at this point that is stupid enough to get boosted deserves what will come to them.

But, the real tragedy is what is going to happen to all the gullible people that took the jab at the behest of their governments, or were forced to via vaccine mandates. All Cause Death is an official government statistic for the number of people dying for any reason. It is up by as much as 40%, over 5 year averages, in some jurisdictions, primarily those that are heavily vaccinated and boosted. And guess what … the increase in All Cause Death coincides with the availability of The Jab.

What the hell is Adult Sudden Death Syndrome (SADS)? Well, when a professional soccer player collapses on the pitch and dies, or a Toronto doctor dies in their sleep, or a 17-year old woman in training for the National Guard. Hmm, how about the carnage at Death Race 2022, I wonder what’s going on there. Part of the medical qualifying for the Comrades Marathon includes being fully inoculated. In all these instances, the medical profession shrugs its collective shoulders and says, “we don’t know.” Its an “unknown medical event.” It must be SADS.

When have you ever heard the result of an autopsy of one of these SADS victims. Spoiler alert … there is never a thorough autopsy that attempts to link the death to the vaccine. Rather, the bent and captured medical profession tells us: “you’re watching too much TV”, “you’re exerting yourself too much after dinner”, you’re drinking too much”, “too much sunlight”, yada yada yada.

But, it is definitely not due to The Jab. Ever notice how quickly they jump to that conclusion, without an autopsy. And how quickly the “fact checker” dis-information industry concocts alternate reality “evidence” to refute it? Seriously, how gullible do they think we are? But more concerning, how gullible are people? Apparently, pretty gullible if they are still taking the boosters. Good riddance.

The Inoculation is an evil that is being forced on humans around the world. It is a treacherous evil. The objective is to get EVERYONE inoculated. Why? The most nefarious explanation, given the harm that the jab(s) cause, is depopulation. “They” are trying to kill us. It certainly looks that way to me. What is a suitable global population? 1 billion people? So … 7 billion people living today, culled to 1 billion. 6 out of 7 people need to die, or be unable to procreate. George Carlin nailed it in 2005. Will you be in the exclusive club of survivors?

In addition to the rising All Cause Deaths, consider what The Jab is doing to procreation. Pfizer knew that 44% of pregnant women miscarried in their study, and yet governments allowed-encouraged-mandated that their pregnant citizens get The Jab. We also know that the spike proteins from The Jab accumulate in the ovaries. It will take time, but I think we will begin to see a drop in fertility and live births. Perhaps beginning over the next 2-3 years. Here is some anecdotal evidence from Singapore. 8% drop in live births, coincident with the deployment of the second Jab.

And yet, the the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) continues to recommend The Jab for pregnant “people”. Did you get the “pregnant people” part? Hey, I’m kinda open minded. Exactly how many non-females have become pregnant? Umm, lemme take a stab in the dark — ZERO. I would like to see evidence of ONE SINGLE NON-FEMALE becoming pregnant. Spoiler alert, there are none. Fact. Doctors are the enemy. Captive and beholden to Big-Pharma.

And what is it with Pfizer stopping its clinical trials with pregnant women?? The government expert in support of the trials was Vanessa Poliquin, an associate professor at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive science at the University of Manitoba.

Quoting Poliquin on Pfizer discontinuing the clinical trials: “In other words, Pfizer’s own medical experts (who are typically informed by the Data Safety and Monitoring Committee for clinical trials) acknowledge there that the retrospective data available in the medical literature on safety for pregnant women is so convincing that the lack of scientific equipoise [uncertainty] makes it unreasonable (and unethical) to continue a human trial.”

Again, this is the “expert” government witness, arguably protecting YOUR interests, commenting on Pfizer’s clinical trials for pregnant women. Let’s see, the previous data is so convincing that there is no need for clinical trials. Is that the way this works? Ahh. I see. Expert witness. Right. I mean, how fucked up can this get? The expert government witness is fine to discontinue clinical trials because they can’t enroll enough victims. And then say, well that’s ok, since we have enough data already to show that giving the INOCULATION to pregnant women is perfectly safe. Perfectly safe. 44% miscarriages. Perfectly safe. Hmm.

This is insane. Mass formation psychosis. I can’t believe this is happening. Are we in an alternate universe?

As an aside on the state of the Misinformation industry … here is the result of a Google search on “Pfizer 44% of pregnant women miscarried naomi wolf.” Here is the result of the same search terms on Yandex, a Russian-based search engine. Guess who’s lying to you.

I keep banging the drum about Crime Against Humanity. Here’s what Dr David Martin has to say about that. The Canadian and US governments are complicit in developing this biological weapon targeting humans. By the time the afflicted wake up to what has been done to them, it is likely to be too late to hold those accountable.

Got all that?!

Long live the Purebloods.

Global Reset? Bahh, Yesterday’s Fake News. New World Order? Its Beginning to Look that Way

Putin outsmarted all the dumba** blowhards in the West. While they had their eye on the Ukraine ball, Putin tied the ruble to gold and energy.

This is a TOTAL game changer. It will reinforce the value of the ruble, and likely drive it up. As other oil producing countries will note, the beginning of the end of US$ hegemony is well under way. The BRICs have most certainly noticed, and are well on their way to establishing a rival trading block to the US/European block. Buh-bye petrodollar.

Once the global US$ payment system for oil is broken, all those $billions or, likely $trillions of $US sloshing around the global system and in foreign bank reserves will be set free, and will return to the US.

Can you guess what will be the result of all those $US returning to the US will be? Way way too many dollars floating around the system, driving down the value of the $US and making EVERYTHING much more expensive in the US. Can you spell m-a-s-s-i-v-e i-n-f-l-a-t-i-o-n? This is going to be REALLY ugly.

And do you know how this all started? The dumba** blowhards in the West confiscated Russia’s foreign exchange reserves and tried to confiscate Russian gold.

But, I suspect Putin was way ahead of the game.

The really funny part is Gazprom was funding the “green” activists in the EU, who were then pressing their governments to decommission nuclear plants and fossil fuel-based powerplants. Alternative energy = good. Fossil-based energy = bad. So Germany and much of Europe shut down their power generating capacity and willingly, enthusiastically became dependent on Russian energy, and are now totally under the control of Putin. They put the little green gnome from Sweden on a pedestal, and she was, in reality, just a dumb, useful idiot shilling for Putin. Now all the European governments are bracing their citizens for literally dark, cold and hungry days ahead.

What a hilarious joke this all is. Putin pranked them all.

“How dare you!” Hahahahaha.

4D chess, indeed.