The World is Watching

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega on NATO, in Europe and in the United States as they unite to defend Nazism in Ukraine. “The blood shed in Palestine and the blood shed in Ukraine is blood shed because of the Nazi-fascist attitude of NATO. We are facing an attempt by world capitalism, imperialism, to reintroduce fascism, Nazism, not only in Europe, not only in Ukraine, but also in our Latin American and Caribbean countries.”

It seems the only ones being hoodwinked are westerners that rely on MSM for their news.

Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador. Acknowledging the tyranny of the west. Fighting domestic corruption. They are all joining the BRICs. Basically, we are moving to a bipolar world, US/NATO and the BRICs. The BRICs now represent about 85% of the global population and more than half of the global GDP. What does this mean for the collective West? Spoiler alert … not going in a good direction.