Climate Data Not Data

Think climate science is based on, well science and data? Think again.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which accumulates and analyzes climate data acknowledges that 1/3 of the temperature data used comes from stations that do not exist. They did at one time, but were decommissioned and not replaced.

And, yet, they still report temperature data. Strange, but true.

Not to be thwarted, the NOAA just makes up the data for the missing stations.

Here is a link to a graphic of all the active physical stations (green) and the “active” not a real station (red).

Funny how that works.

This follows a similar story about the PPI (Purchasing Price Index) as measured by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). For March, PPI went negative 0.1% month over month. This was due to the falling price of gasoline, which dropped by 3.6%. Problem is actual gas price rose 6%.

Hmm. How can this happen? Well, BLS massaged the data by using “seasonal adjusted average” which is a projection of what gas price “should” be given seasonality. Not what gas price actually is.

See how this works?

Isn’t this, like, fake news which should be censored?