The Fraud that is Science … Peer Reviewed Journals are Hokum

Interesting article by Jo Nova.

Thousands of peer reviewed articles in scientific journals being withdrawn because they are fake science. In the old days, pre-AI, they were just faked. Now with AI, they are science fiction.

One publisher estimates that last year, at least 1% of published peer-reviewed articles were written by AI. What’s even more stunning is the non-sensical grammar, is so blindingly obvious, a real peer review would have rejected the submission outright. But, they got published. What does that tell you about the peer review process.

From the article:

Even if one in five computer science papers are written by computers, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the rot at the core of “peer reviewed research”. The real rot is not the minor fraudsters making papers that no one reads to pad out their curriculum vitae. It’s the institutional parasites taking billions from taxpayers to create modeled garbage to justify the theft of trillions. But that’s another story.

The scientific community is suggesting the way to grapple with this fraud is, rather than relying on a peer reviewed publication process, to actually hold debates on the proposed science. Haha. Yeah, sure. How many vaccine proponents and defenders have accepted debate challenges from Steve Kirsch, despite offers of up to $1 million to do so. The answer is exactly zero. Why? Because “trust the science.”

And, F*ck these climate models. They are designed to do one thing, generate the right output.

Science, like health care, education, government, entertainment, MSM and every other grift these days is woke, progressive garbage. Its almost as if the plan is to keep us dumb and uninformed by creating fake truth. Nah … that would suggest a conspiracy.