Red Pilled by El Salvador …

President Bukele:

You are Paying High Taxes under the Illusion that you are Funding the US Government, Which you are Not! The Bubble will Burst!

So Who’s Financing the Government? —— Government is financed by treasury bonds, paper

Who buys the Treasury Bonds? —— mostly the FED

How does the FED buy them? —— by printing money.

What backing does the FED have for the money being printed? —— the treasury bonds themselves (get the circular logic)

“So basically you finance the Government by printing money out of thin air. Someone could ask, if the government could print unlimited amount of money out of thin air, why do they collect taxes?”

The World is watching. They know what is going on. Domestics are being Gaslit, and apparently too dumb to see through the façade.

Also, Argentina’s Javier Milei balanced Argentina’s budget in two weeks. Dismissed half the federal bureaucracy. The federal bureaucracy adds no value, and is a drain on society. Kaboom.

Elon Musk dismissed 85% of Twitter employees. Twitter not only did not suffer, but seems to have improved. Kaboom.

Lesson learned: bureaucracy is inefficient, costly and a drag on the economy. If Trump has Vivek Ramaswamy as his VP, guaranteed they will take on the administrative state. The way to do that is to starve them, halve all of the their budgets.

We can only hope.

Ukraine …

CIA built “12 Secret Spy Bases” …

Its not as if we didn’t know or suspect this. The thing to pay attention to is the timing of the “news”. The big reveal was published in the NYT. Along with the Washington Post, the NYT is a propagandist mouthpiece for the Deep State. Its not like the NYT is going to do some real journalism and dig up a real breaking news piece. This story is a plant for a reason.

So, what are we to make of this?

Well, there are other pieces that help understand.

  • Jens Stoltenberg just said that Ukraine will join NATO. This is a no sh*t Red Line for Russia. Putin said if Ukraine joins NATO, it will lead to nuclear war. Which leads one to believe that is NATO’s intention.
  • US Neocons are going crazy trying to get $60B in funding to Ukraine, but being blocked by House Republicans. Victoria Nuland just said that we shouldn’t worry, that the $60B will all find its way back to the US, ie via weapons purchased from the Military Industrial Complex. And yet, the Biden Administration refuses to provide an audit of the more than $100B already sent to Ukraine.
  • Further to Nuland’s comments, when FTX blew up, we found out that Bankman-Fried had contributed as much as $1B to US political campaigns, with more than 85% of that going to Democrats. We also found out that Ukraine was investing in FTX. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduct that this was a money laundering scheme. Congress would send money to Ukraine who would send it to FTX who would cycle it back to Congress. Now that FTX is kaput, I wonder what the money laundering mechanism is.
  • The EU is considering issuing €100B in Defence Bonds. This would be to continue to underwrite the EU financing of the War. Despite having lost the war. More pain for the citizens of the EU.
  • Ukraine’s head of military intelligence has just said that Navalny died of a blood clot. This goes against the US/NATO narrative that Putin had Navalny assassinated. Another weird reveal. Trudeau must be wondering how he can retract his comments about Putin being responsible for Navalny’s death.
  • The news about the western biolabs in Ukraine revealed when Russia SMO first launched, and acknowledged by Nuland in testimony to Congress, has long disappeared from the news. They were definitely real and nefarious. Biological warfare / weapons of mass destruction being developed.

Ukraine has lost the war with Russia. But, Ukraine is a proxy for the US/NATO, ergo the US/NATO has lost the war with Russia. But, they refuse to give up. I suspect some of this is the optics around the 2024 election. The failure of the US/NATO on the battlefield with Russia would be a significant headwind for US Democrats.

Perhaps one of the concerns of the warmongers in the US/NATO is the impending election of Trump. When he gets in, the gravy train is over. This may be their last kick at the can. But, if “They” press Russia into radical escalation, it could tie up a Trump administration, and keep the gravy train going. Thanks to JD Vance, we know that the last budget proposal to the house included verbiage that would effectively make it an impeachable offense to cut funding to Ukraine. Clearly targeting a Trump administration.

So, back to the beginning, the big reveal that the US/NATO has been operating spy bases and likely operating air defense and offense in Ukraine is broadcasting to the world US/NATO deep involvement in the war with Russia. I suspect it is believed by the Deep State that this will somehow soften opposition to the war, and enable the US/NATO to openly escalate its involvement.

Lastly, here is a video of Robert Kennedy Jr. explaining the geopolitics of Ukraine since the 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed. The 2014 Maidan coup was clearly an inflection point for Russia.

The US/NATO is continuing to prod Russia. This is clearly an existential threat to Russia. Existential threat to a nuclear power = Nuclear war. This has the potential to end very badly for the World.

NYC 9/11 — “Notice anything interesting?”

Yeah. Building collapsed a few hours later due to “office fires”.

And yet … no apparent fires.

Second posting in thread shows photo of firefighter. In the background is a steel beam sheared off at 45 degree angle.

Bennette, OST. Secret Service guy with a weird bag over his head. Where is he these days?

The most difficult thing about these conspiracies is how many people have to be involved. If you pay everyone $1 million, does that buy their silence? With the scale of something like the WTC / 9/11 would $100B be enough to buy everyone off? That would be 100,000 people each getting $1 million. Not a stretch.

Censorship Industrial Complex

Tucker Carlson interviews Mike Benz. Total Red Pill interview. This is very important. You need to watch it.

Lan Jaklielek interviews of Mike Benz from 2023.

THIS is the “Deep State”. The Deep State controls the information and the narrative. Discussion on social media that is at odds with The Narrative gets censored. Your tax dollars funded academics to develop the censorship algorithms.

Misinformation and Disinformation is information which goes against The Narrative. It is not a question of right or wrong or true or untrue. We now know that The Vaccine “disinformation” challenging “safe and effective” turned out to be totally true. And that the government and health industry were the ones spewing disinformation. And then censoring information that went against their misinformation.

Its all about The Narrative.

The EU Digital Services act forces social media companies to comply with EU censorship or fact strict penalties.

France recently passed a law criminalizing criticism of mRNA vaccines.

From 2017, “Weaponized Narrative”.

This is totally Orwellian and dystopian. Welcome to the future.

On the Tucker Carlson Interview with Putin

Haters gonna hate. MSM and the Neocons lined up to propagandize the Carlson interview of Putin.

Here is Martin Armstrong’s clear analysis of the western three monkeys propaganda:

I got my hands on all the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration. NOTHING that Putin said was propaganda or a lie. All of the documents from the Clinton Administration support Putin’s version of events. The Western Media is so intent on putting out the propaganda from the Neocons that they are pushing us into World War III. There is no Western leader who is even interested in peace – and none of the Western Journalists will dare report that. They are all pushing for war ASAP because they will (1) get to default on all their debts, at least held by enemies, and (2) they can use a population reduction to reduce the unfunded liabilities. Nobody seems interested anymore in honest investigative journalism.

Hmm … King Charles does not have cancer. Its a Psyop to normalize cancer

Link to Miri’s Mini Missives substack.

Funny. When it was announced Charles had prostate issues, and Kate had undisclosed abdominal issues, and Fergie had breast cancer and then melanoma, I was thinking, hold on. There is NO WAY THEY TOOK THE JAB. How could three Royals get severe health issues at the same time. And, as Miri points out, broadcast this to the media when the Royals are notoriously private about health issues. But, I couldn’t figure what’s up.

My first thought was that Charles was setting up abdicating. But that doesn’t deal with Kate and Fergie.

Miri lays it all out nicely and convincingly. The Royals are normalizing cancer for the plebes. The script is that “if multiple members of the Royal family can get cancer, it is not unusual if multiple members of your family get cancer.”

Clearly, there is a pandemic of cancer right now. And if you were paying attention, you would know that the culprit is “the Jab”. So, the diversion tactic is to make cancer the new normal.

Makes total sense.

Friggin’ insidious.

But, there it is.

p.s. I don’t agree with his comments on Markle. She’s a manipulative, accomplished gold digger. I just cannot believe that she is in on the script.