Hmm … King Charles does not have cancer. Its a Psyop to normalize cancer

Link to Miri’s Mini Missives substack.

Funny. When it was announced Charles had prostate issues, and Kate had undisclosed abdominal issues, and Fergie had breast cancer and then melanoma, I was thinking, hold on. There is NO WAY THEY TOOK THE JAB. How could three Royals get severe health issues at the same time. And, as Miri points out, broadcast this to the media when the Royals are notoriously private about health issues. But, I couldn’t figure what’s up.

My first thought was that Charles was setting up abdicating. But that doesn’t deal with Kate and Fergie.

Miri lays it all out nicely and convincingly. The Royals are normalizing cancer for the plebes. The script is that “if multiple members of the Royal family can get cancer, it is not unusual if multiple members of your family get cancer.”

Clearly, there is a pandemic of cancer right now. And if you were paying attention, you would know that the culprit is “the Jab”. So, the diversion tactic is to make cancer the new normal.

Makes total sense.

Friggin’ insidious.

But, there it is.

p.s. I don’t agree with his comments on Markle. She’s a manipulative, accomplished gold digger. I just cannot believe that she is in on the script.