On the Tucker Carlson Interview with Putin

Haters gonna hate. MSM and the Neocons lined up to propagandize the Carlson interview of Putin.

Here is Martin Armstrong’s clear analysis of the western three monkeys propaganda:

I got my hands on all the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration. NOTHING that Putin said was propaganda or a lie. All of the documents from the Clinton Administration support Putin’s version of events. The Western Media is so intent on putting out the propaganda from the Neocons that they are pushing us into World War III. There is no Western leader who is even interested in peace – and none of the Western Journalists will dare report that. They are all pushing for war ASAP because they will (1) get to default on all their debts, at least held by enemies, and (2) they can use a population reduction to reduce the unfunded liabilities. Nobody seems interested anymore in honest investigative journalism.