Mind-blowing Testimony from Tom Renz

Where did Covid-19 come from? DOD immunized a soldier in 2014 for SARS-CoV-2. Hmm.

“Does anybody believe that we transferred that sort of [bioweapon] technology to a CCP lab, without an okay from the DoD or CIA? I’ve got news for you. They knew exactly what was going on.”

“When someone got this [COVID] shot. They didn’t get it from Pfizer or Moderna. They got it from the DoD. The DoD distributed this.”

Renz was testifying before the government panel on SARS-CoV-2 set up by Marjorie Taylor Green. He is trying to put together a case to sue Pfizer et al. But, guess what? The entity that is actually shielding big pharma is the DOD. You cannot go after big pharma. You have to sue DOD. Hmm.

“They” knew exactly what was going on. This was no mistake or accident.

Missing F35. If Found, Return to Pentagon.

This is too funny, especially since it is true. The twitter thread is a riot.

But, what really happened? There is some speculation that the software operating the F35 has been hacked. This would explain the immediate grounding of the entire fleet of F35s. And would help explain why the pilot ejected, or was ejected, from the plane. Once the pilot ejected, the plane flew an additional 40 miles before crashing. Hardly a plane in immediate distress that would cause the pilot to eject.

Enquiring minds want to know … the truth is out there.


Clearly lots to digest in the FTX story. There is little doubt in my mind that something much more nefarious was at play than the financial prodigy getting careless or reckless, whichever you prefer. FTX/Alameda (FTX-A) was a carefully constructed financial company that was funded by millions or billions of very smart money. Sequoia Capital does not squander its investments, even though it took a $150 million write-off. Not so sure that the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan ($181 million write-off) was smart money, probably dumb money looking for a fantasy return in crypto.

The family ties of both SBF and Ellison suggest much more intelligent design to the project than either really had the capacity to concoct. I am still trying to sort out what I think really happened. Here is an interesting perspective that I believe comes close to the truth. A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster, by Michael Crawford.

The nut of the matter is found about halfway down the lengthy article, Establishing a New Financial Grand Order in One Fell Swoop.

Here’s the Primary Thesis: “I submit that it is highly likely that FTX-Alameda’s planned best hope was to establish a new Global Central Digital Bank (GCDB). This GCDB would be the ultimate issuer of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs, though eventually the plural would not be needed under the then-inevitable governance structure), such as the one now being pushed on Australia.”

In addition to SBF and Ellison’s parents, fingers point at Gary Gensler, head of the SEC. Evidence suggests he was front-running FTX , threading the needle of the regulatory regime that would give FTX a regulatory monopoly and place it at the the pinnacle of global CBDC issuance.

Arnold Fling helps make the connection for what FTX actually was. The Government as a Crypto Scammer — Treasury is FTX, The Fed is Alameda Research.

When you consider the expertise and political ties of SBF/Ellison parents, roll in Gensler and who knows who else, FTX-A (the Death Star) begins to look like a gambit to take control of the global digital currency financial universe. FTX would be THE Global Central Digital Bank. THIS is why the “smart money” flowed into FTX.

The bankrolling of Democrat candidates (and some Republicans) in the mid-term elections, the usual grifters (e.g. Clintons), and the fawning bought-off MSM and financial media are all enthusiastic accomplices in the PR campaign. I’d suggest the mastermind of the public-facing aspect of the plan was SBF’s mother, Barbara Fried. Google her and understand how well connected she was.

FTX-A was a bold gambit. I won’t be surprised if the FTX principals and their extended families and enablers evade prosecution. Yet another intriguing aspect of the collapse is the well-published accounts of financial mismanagement, as if the whole scheme was carefully constructed and executed to say, “oopsie, bad on us. Just a bunch of dumb kids. I’m sorry I failed my investors.” FTX was using message software that auto-deleted, effectively destroying any message trail that could be used against them.

And it goes without saying that the whole setup in Bermuda appears to have been to move any detectable malfeasance (e.g. plundering the accounts of clients) off-shore and out of reach of real regulatory authorities. But, then, is the SEC/Gensler really going to prosecute? Rhetorical question.

I probably understand little of what went on. But, given the above thesis, I don’t know why it unraveled. Did SBF and co-conspirators actually just get sloppy and arrogant, or was the collapse part of the plan as well, or even an emergency escape. At its peak, FTX was reputed to be worth $32 billion, but that was just the manipulated value of its shares. There was, however, several $billions in real money under its control. Its frankly not believable that all the interested parties just let the real money be squandered and lost.

One last thing I’ll mention, of which I have seen nothing. Mayhaps the smart money did get their return, and the disappearing $billions ended up in hidden off-shore accounts. Clearly, FTX was laundering money. Maybe for some reason the jig was up, and it was time to black-hole the cash. On that, I doubt we’ll ever know. If SBF and Ellison live, then we know the truth.

Oh, and just to make your head spin further, read the part in the Crawford article about the Epstein connection.

The network of connections across the whole gambit is mind-boggling. The connections around SBF are an epicenter. We are so being played. By schemes like this, Ukraine, Digital IDs, plandemic, climate alarmism. Again, the Crawford article brings the receipts. Vast connections manipulating governments, corporations, media ad nauseum. And nothing we can do about it. The 99+% are f*cking doomed.

Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s lead advisor lays it out for us. Unfortunately, I believe he has a good understanding of where we are at. Not a world I want to live in.

Israeli Professor Ehud Qimron to Ministry of Health: “It’s Time to Admit Failure”

Prof. Ehud Qimron, MD,  head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University, wrote a damning article which appeared in the Israeli daily newspaper, Ha’aretz, on January 6, 2022.

Its a total takedown of the government’s response to the Plandemic, and absolute failure in everything they did do.

“The truth about the coronavirus policy is about to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so”

Good for Qimron to stand up and speak the truth.

Good for Ha’aretz to publish the article.

Maybe the tide is turning. The truth is coming out and more people are standing up and speaking out.

The tyrants at the head of western governments are still trying to impose draconian, authoritarian policies. Demonizing the segment of the population that refuses to comply.

This is a battle for freedom against the tyranny of globalist totalitarian state.

Rise up!

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

Give Paul Joseph Watson 15 minutes of your time.

addendum: Stuart Basden, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, writes in Medium that ER is not about climate, it is about crashing European society and skewering the idea that ” heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant .” Think about that as you see ER activists super-gluing themselves to trains, streets, and anything else that might cause maximum disruption. *see below re: “some may die in the process.” I guess for the greater good or something.

krazy kyakers

Ottawa has the good fortune of being near lots of water, mostly in the form of two rivers, the Ottawa and the Rideau.  The Rideau drains into the Ottawa.  Historically, the Rideau Canal was built to accommodate trade between Ottawa and as far as Kingston.

To facilitate boat traffic, a number of locks were installed.  In addition to the locks, dams were built, typically next to the lock, to manage the flow of water.  Near to where I live is a lock/dam called Hogs Back.  The dam side flows over a series of rocks, that are typically quite nice to look at, but with the spring melt, become a raging rapid.

So, this spring (2014), I brought my video camera down to Hogs Back to capture the wild torrents, much more wild than in other years, crazy huge flows.  After a bit of filming, a fellow asks if I am there to video the kayakers.  “Huh?”, I said.  He tells me three kayakers are suiting up getting ready to run the Hogs Back rapids.

So, I stick around and capture the following video.  Amazing stuff.  For 20 seconds in the rapids, it must have been invigorating, not to mention very cold.

For comparison, here are some pix of the flow in June,  Very pretty, but not nearly as dangerous. Note when the initial kayaker goes over the first flow, that is the same point as the first picture below.  Pretty amazing.



Sound engineer humor

One of my favorite sites is gearslutz.com, where people, mostly sound engineer types, talk about … gear.  Most of the time, the conversations are about experiences with specific pieces of recording equipment or techniques.  Some can be offbeat and really amusing, like this one — He Is…the Most Interesting Gear Slut!

Basically, assembling all the collected wisdom, knowledge and opinion about gear, talent and luck, and packaging it as hyperbole.  Here are some samples:

  • He mixed the entire Hotel California record in one day on headphones in a room AT Hotel California and then left without checking out
  • Word clocks sync to him
  • He records a whole band perfectly with one mic, in one take, on one track, on tape — and mixes it to surround sound … telepathically
  • He pronounces Moog correctly
  • He’s so forward thinking that the last time he played guitar was tomorrow
  • He can tune a piano and tuna fish
  • He’s won Grammy’s for songs he almost worked on
  • He once wrote a concerto for dog whistle
  • He thought he’d made a mistake once, but he was mistaken
  • He can hear, pan, eq and add effects to the sound of one hand clapping
  • At a lecture, he once uttered, “just do it” and walked off the stage.  Nike tried to sue him for using the catch phrase, but ended up being sued themselves by him as he had already developed that exact shoe style for a song intro that required someone running into a house.  The album was “Nike Runner” and the title song was “Just Do It”.  He did however let Nike keep making the shoe pump that he had invented for the compression effect on that intro. It eliminated sock issues by compressing foot sweat.

… well, *I* think they are really funny. 😎

The house always wins, but how much?

“I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol, and wild women.  The other half I wasted.” – WC Fields

Here is a visualization prepared by data scientist Seth Kadish.  The chart presents the house odds in gambling in Las Vegas casinos, the percent of wagered money won by the house against the total revenues for the week.  For example, if $100 is wagered on blackjack, the house will take 11%, or $11.  The data comes from reports published by the Nevada Gaming Control Board .

gamblingYou should already know that the house always wins, or more precisely, the odds favor the house.  If it doesn’t, they unilaterally convict you of card counting and ban you from ever playing in the casino again.

The chart is hard to read here, so if you want to see the detail, go to Seth’s site.  The pithy summary is:

  • sports parlay cards are the worst odds for the player, with the house taking nearly 40% of the amount of money wagered (upper left quadrant)
  • 3-card poker is the worst card game, at about 33%
  • roulette is about 18%
  • craps is about 14%
  • blackjack is about 11%
  • your best odds is the $100 slot, at about 4%

This is not to condemn gambling, but it *is* a money pit.  Thanks for playing.