The Great Canadian Disgrace

Honoring a genuine Nazi, a German Hitlerian Nazi from WWII, in Parliament. German Nazis WERE THE ENEMY. THIS Nazi has been accused of war crimes.

If that isn’t clear enough, let me spell it out … he was on the bad guy’s team. He is a real, genuine Nazi. He is a Hitler protege. He did Hitler’s biding. He fought against us for the Third Reich. Canadian and Allied soldiers died because of him.

What the hell??!!


Listen to George Galloway on the Great Canadian Disgrace.

Here is additional background.

Canada is lost …

Naomi Wolf Interviews Ed Dowd

Excellent interview.

There is way too much to unpack here. At about 28:30, Dowd suggests corporations and insurance companies are in a bit of a bind, as they mandated the vaccine … which then caused injury and death … so they are liable … so they can’t acknowledge it.

Insurance companies, even though they know what is happening with excess deaths, cannot acknowledge it. The Devil’s Bargain.

Not everyone in the “C” suite took a saline jab. Many were stupid enough to take “The Jab.”