The More Vaxxed you are the More Likely you will Die of Covid

Not exactly the narrative we have been hearing, is it.

Link to Steve Kirsch’s Substack.

Using official New Zealand health data, the results are damning.

Game Over: Medicare data shows Covid vaccines increase your chances of dying.

No going back people. Excess mortality is stalking the vaxxed.

and if all that is not enough

or this

Steve Krisch on excess mortality in Australia


Global euthanasia is a product feature

The cumulative number of US deaths reported to VAERS is 16,903 and the number of adverse events is 936,484

50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database

The truth about the origins of Covid, Dr Andrew Huff on Bannon’s War Room. It came out of Wuhan lab. Leaked into wild, likely due to poor security protocols. The US provided the advanced bio-technology and training to the Wuhan lab necessary to conduct the gain-of-function research with full knowledge of the CIA. The US was totally complicit and cannot evade responsibility. This is THE red pill.

Thailand to become first country in the world to declare its Pfizer contracts null and void

Thailand will declare contracts with Pfizer null and void, due to fraud related to the vaccine. In addition to ending the Pfizer contracts, the Thai government also plans to seek retribution to the tune of billions of dollars in payback from the company. That money will then go towards compensating all Thai people who “lost their existence” as a result of the Pfizer Jab rollout. 

And if you have Pfizer on your resume, it appears you may need to beware the shadows. Bypassing any possible (unlikely?) Nuremberg 2 trial and going directly to punishment, the permanent kind. If there is a list, I know who I’d want on it.


War crimes trials for lying about vaccine effectiveness and safety. Switzerland and Thailand. “Swiss President and the Minister of Health are under investigation, indictment, and prosecution by the Attorney General for Covid Crimes involving lying about the vaccine effectiveness and safety. Thailand convening war crime tribunals to nullify Pfizer Contracts.”

“The year of 2023 is the year of absolute truth for humanity.”

We shall see.


  • Animal vaccinations are all mRNA. Food supply is toxic.
  • US DoD is running the Covid vaccine “operation.” Outside of the purview of health regulators. “Vaccine” is clearly a bioweapon. THIS PRESENTATION IS PROFOUND
  • This information combined with the Seymour Hersh expose revealing the US blew up Nord Stream pipeline fully reveals the US as a rogue state.
  • We knew long ago that the US DoD was involved in funding Wuhan lab as well as bio labs in Ukraine.
  • Pfizer in court: “We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud the government ordered”
  • Conspiracy of US DoD et al to commit mass murder, bioterrorism …
  • Putin seized the biolabs in Ukraine and has all the evidence of complicity and malfeasance. War crimes for bioweapons are being conducted right now. Putin likely collaborating with Thai government in war crimes tribunal.
  • Thailand is going to free the world from tyranny.
  • Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DoD, HHS, and Pharma Cartel Via the COVID Injections — trains your body to destroy itself
  • The public health emergency is the keystone that holds all the criminality together
  • The “government” used a pseudo legal framework to establish and enforce the health emergency. “Other transaction authority (OTA)” allowed the government to enforce mandates and avoid accountability. Not subject to scrutiny. Totally calculated.
  • Summary of all evidence => intent to commit harm

And then there’s this:

Japanese researchers sue the government for hiding inconvenient truths about the Jab

The dam is about to burst.