The More Vaxxed you are the More Likely you will Die of Covid

Not exactly the narrative we have been hearing, is it.

Link to Steve Kirsch’s Substack.

Using official New Zealand health data, the results are damning.

Game Over: Medicare data shows Covid vaccines increase your chances of dying.

No going back people. Excess mortality is stalking the vaxxed.

and if all that is not enough

or this

Steve Krisch on excess mortality in Australia


Global euthanasia is a product feature

The cumulative number of US deaths reported to VAERS is 16,903 and the number of adverse events is 936,484

50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database

The truth about the origins of Covid, Dr Andrew Huff on Bannon’s War Room. It came out of Wuhan lab. Leaked into wild, likely due to poor security protocols. The US provided the advanced bio-technology and training to the Wuhan lab necessary to conduct the gain-of-function research with full knowledge of the CIA. The US was totally complicit and cannot evade responsibility. This is THE red pill.