Canada: Rule of law?? Pfft …

On Friday, November 18, the Trucker Commission, the lawyer representing the truckers, Brendan Miller, brilliantly deconstructs Nathalie┬áDrouin, who served as the Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General of Canada from 2017-2021, and is now Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council and Associate Secretary to the Cabinet. Clearly, by Drouin’s own admission, the Canadian Govt HAD NO AUTHORITY WITHIN THE REALM OF CANADIAN LAW to invoke the Emergency Measures Act. Nada.

George Galloway: Armageddon May Be Nigh

Sober assessment of the situation in Ukraine, and elsewhere. US is stuffing NATO countries with nuclear weapons aimed at Russia. We are on the brink of global nuclear war.

The warmongers in Washington have been signaling that a small scale nuclear confrontation isn’t to be worried about. They have also radically reverse nuclear weapon use policy. First use nuclear attack is now part of their battle plan, a change from decades of defensive or second strike use only.

God rest our souls.

Psychopaths and warmongers burn in hell.

For a bit of levity, it is WELL WORTH watching George go on about Paul Pelosi in the same episode of MOATS (Mother of All Talk Shows). Link is here, teed up to begin. So funny!

How Stupid Do You Think We Are

The Atlantic begs forgiveness for KNOWINGLY destroying people’s lives.

“We didn’t know”

Ahh, no. Nuremburg did not exonerate “just following orders”.

Burn in Hell.

Addendum 041122:

Debunking the Myth that Lockdown was Justified Because …

No Amnesty Forever. We Will Never Forget What You Did. Watch the Australia video to refresh your minds on the brutality of the crackdown.

There Will Be No Pandemic Amnesty. This is actually a good thread for knowing which celebrities are on the Do Not Watch or Listen to. Basically, pretty much all the entertainment industry. Accumulated resources on Covid.

British funeral director John O’Looney on fibrous clots being found in arteries of fully vaccinated and recently deceased. 58 minutes, covers a lot of other ground. Definitely worth watching.

How Bad is My Batch. Certain inoculation batches have much greater incidents of injury and death. This is a resource that helps to track batches.