How Stupid Do You Think We Are

The Atlantic begs forgiveness for KNOWINGLY destroying people’s lives.

“We didn’t know”

Ahh, no. Nuremburg did not exonerate “just following orders”.

Burn in Hell.

Addendum 041122:

Debunking the Myth that Lockdown was Justified Because …

No Amnesty Forever. We Will Never Forget What You Did. Watch the Australia video to refresh your minds on the brutality of the crackdown.

There Will Be No Pandemic Amnesty. This is actually a good thread for knowing which celebrities are on the Do Not Watch or Listen to. Basically, pretty much all the entertainment industry. Accumulated resources on Covid.

British funeral director John O’Looney on fibrous clots being found in arteries of fully vaccinated and recently deceased. 58 minutes, covers a lot of other ground. Definitely worth watching.

How Bad is My Batch. Certain inoculation batches have much greater incidents of injury and death. This is a resource that helps to track batches.