Its Done

Liz Truss fessed up that it was the UK that blew up Nordstream. How do we know this? The Russians hacked Truss’s iPhone (using Israeli technology, Pegasus), intercepting a text message she sent to Anthony Blinken one minute after Gazprom detected a drop in pressure on Nordstream, when the pipeline blew up. The message to Blinken — “Its done.” I guess that must be super duper secret code for, “its done, we did it, we blew up the pipeline just as you told us to.”

George Galloway skewers the US-UK axis for this attack, not just on Russia, but on Germany and the other European countries that will be freezing their asses off this winter. Forget the Great Reset. The Great Storm is brewing as European citizens tire and object to being thrown into the meat grinder Ukraine has turned out to be for the West.

Speaking of meat grinders, it is estimated that 150,000 Ukrainian men have been killed in the proxy war with Russia. Another 300,000 have likely been disabled, using historic kill/maim ratios from other wars. Words cannot describe. Everyone that allows, supports and encourages this to persist is a psychopath. The war will be fought until the last Ukrainian is turning out to be a truism. What a human tragedy.

The UK has also been implicated in the Crimean bridge attack and the most recent drone attack on  Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol. Through its direct actions, the UK has effectively declared war on Russia. I somehow doubt that, as f*cked up as Britain is right now, economically, politically, socially …, its citizens would support the government to declare war on Russia.

There will be a reckoning. Britain will pay a price.

I can’t understand how MI6, or whomever is the moron, is plotting and executing these actions thinking that Russia is not going to respond. After Russia cuts off ALL their energy, the British will whine about how unfair this is. “You have contracts!” Umm … sure. Keep poking the bear, and you are going to get bit. This is asymmetrical warfare. Payback is going to be a bitch.

Actually, by this point, UK has very little Russian energy imports. But, that does not mean they will not suffer in the months ahead.

Britain is lost, taken over in a coup. Likely by the US. Sunak is a WEF acolyte, a marionet. But the puppeteer is the US. This is clear from the debacle in replacing the Prime Minister. Perhaps King Charles can save them. Uhh, not. He too is WEF. Britain is lost.

As an added levity bonus, check out George’s discussion about the feckless Paul Pelosi getting hammered. Begins at 8:30. Too funny.