CDC is Fudging Data on All Cause Mortality. It doesn’t Matter.

Cancer deaths are up 17%. CDC is obscuring this by reclassifying the data in VAERS.

But, it really doesn’t matter any more. Falsifying the data to obscure the truth is not going to change the truth. People will still die at an increasing rate, as the medical community remains mystified, calling it SADS (sudden adult death syndrome). Shrugs their collective shoulder and says “we don’t know.” F*ck the medical community. Collaborators.

People will continue to die after getting the inoculation. Hey, did you see that David Brignole died of Covid and not the vaccine. Umm, gotcha. Nudge, nudge. Wink wink.

So, the continuing gaslighting is not going to change the facts on the ground. By this point in time, if you don’t believe the inoculation will injure and kill you, fair enough. Keep getting the boosters until it does, which it likely will. Good riddance. Cleans up the gene pool.

Still, it is troubling that “They” are so all in on denials and continuing mandated jabs, eg CDC approving putting Covid vaccine on childrens’ vaccine schedule, thereby indemnifying Big Pharma. Unless Big Pharma was found to be knowingly committing a fraud. Like, by falsifying or hiding data that shows they knew the vaccine injuries and deaths as a result of the trials, but did not disclose that fact.

But what if they did disclose these facts, and CDC, FDA and other regulating bodies chose to ignore them and tell their populations lies about the safety and efficacy of The Jab. Then, who is accountable. Rhetorical question of course.

But, it doesn’t matter. All cause death will continue to increase. Cancer rates will continue to increase. Young, healthy males will continue to drop dead of heart attacks on the soccer pitch. People will continue to suffer from SADS following the latest booster. Fake data will not change that.