Steve Kirsch: Sanity Checks

Here is indisputable evidence that The Vaccine is injuring and killing people, and that there is a massive conspiracy to cover that fact up.

The injuries and deaths are bad enough. But what’s especially galling is the stonewalling and gaslighting that is going on, especially in the medical community, where doctors are seeing first-hand the damage being wrought. Many privately voice their concern, but fear being censored or losing their license. In Canada, 80 doctors have died suddenly, likely following the 2nd booster (4th shot). Despite calls for investigation, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) publicly ignores this. Perhaps that is why Alberta Health Service is destroying medical records of vaccine injured patients. Lie, stonewall, and destroy the evidence.

As the injuries and deaths continue to mount, I agree with Steve that the issue that is going to finally infuriate the public at large is the damage on women’s reproductive systems. When millions of women find they can no longer conceive or bear children, it will be devastating. The person to follow on this topic and the harm to children and the unborn is Naomi Wolf, who has been beating the that drum for a long time. The evidence is crystal clear and will continue to worsen. Depopulation, anyone? War as a distraction from Covid crimes?

As a somewhat amusing anecdote, when Giggling for “Naomi Wolf vaccine women reproduction” the entire first page of results is fact checks discrediting Naomi. Yeah, Big Tech, censoring and gaslighting.

And, what is especially egregious is the CDC decision to make the Covid Vaccine a formal part of the inoculation program for children. This can only be because 1) protecting Big Pharma from the lawsuits that should be raining down on them; 2) the CDC is, itself, trying to protect itself and its leadership from lawsuits; 3) regulatory capture, they are all in on it, a massive conspiracy.

It is mind boggling how massive this conspiracy is — Big Pharma, government, regulating agencies, MSM, the entire medical community, Big Tech/social media …, all complicit. Staggering.