We are at Herd Immunity Already. Something Very Dark is Afoot

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi gives us a crash course in your body’s immune system, and why the narrative that you need a vaccine is bunk.

Over 99% of people have natural antibodies to neutralize Covid.


The Narrative about vaccines serves another darker purpose, not discussed here, because we don’t really know. Follow the money. Big Pharma has made tens of billions of dollars via the vaccine. There is much more at play. Wheels within wheels.

At 12:00 the nightmare begins. Bhakdi discusses why spike proteins are so dangerous. Killer dangerous, at an individual level. Clot formation. “We know this with absolute certainty. “

“Your body, thinking that your cells that are producing these spikes (proteins) are bacteria, and your immune system are going try to eat your vessel wall cells.”

Essentially, your body is going into animal mode to destroy the cells creating the spike protein, thinking that the cell has been infected by a bacteria. Basically, this will be all the cells that line your blood vessels … throughout your body.

Your body perceives as both a virus and a bacterial threat. But this whole scenario was setup by the vaccination. The Jab has totally created this situation.

“We have the unique situation that has been created by the vaccination … however, the vision is so awful and terrifying that I, myself, don’t want to know the answer … the second shot or any shot thereafter is going to place your life in danger … the consequences are very simple.  We just have to stop everything now.” 

Paraphrasing the last 30 seconds.  Listen to it.

Tiders Higher in Vaccinated than Unvaccinated

Panic in Detroit … oop, wrong panic.

err … Panic in Pandemic Central.

Pfizer wants boosters after 6 months. Now we know why.

Dr Malone . Nasal tiders in vaccinated are higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated. What this means is antibody dependent enhancement is happening. Vaccine cause the virus to become more infectious than in the absence of vaccination. i.e. vaccine has made Covid virus more infectious and dangerous.

Pfizer dose is particularly susceptible. Waning at six months. This is why Pfizer is talking about a third booster shot.

Those that received Pfizer, who (within 6 months) are in waning phase of immune response to Covid infection, seem to be getting infected at an increasing rate. This suggests that the window of greatest susceptibility to infection is in the tapering phase as the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes. In fact, it exacerbates susceptibility to infection. Antibody dependent enhancement is a worst case scenario amongst immunologists.

Fauci/Government/Jab Nazis are lying.

We are in a worst case scenario, as the virus is now replicating at an enhanced rate due to the waning of the Pfizer vaccine – ie antibody dependent enhancement.

If tiders are higher in the blood with vaccinated than unvaccinated, would be the smoking gun that antibody dependent enhancement of virus replications, which would correlate with disease.

Looks like we are there. Rising infection rates among the vaccinated.

Per Dr Malone, need to stop Jab program and pivot to drug treatments. But “experts”, government, Big Pharma, MSM has been beating the drum for 18 months that HCQ and Ivermectin treatments are ineffective and dangerous.

“They” are all in on The Jab for everyone, and not likely to back down. Total misinformation program.

Trust the Science

Medical researcher Boruch Weiss, Dr. Joel Groden, M.D., and Dr. Zev Zelenko, M.D. addressed a letter to the editor of the Israeli Yated Ne’eman newspaper, answering an attack on COVID shot criticism.

Long read, but well worth the time. This letter captures and crystalizes a lot of the “misinformation” being spread by The Jab Nazis. I’ve summarized some of the major points, but there is lots more there.

It appears the CDC is massaging and removing incident reports filed by doctors of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths from the VAERS database. While CDC report that 11,000 Americans died as a result of the vaccine, these results are in question, with the actual number estimated to be between 50-200k.

Additionally, the drug trials by Big Pharma are suspect, and were taken at face value by the FDA, even though Pharma companies would be motivated to mischaracterize the results to their benefit, and in fact have been previously fined for doing so. In particular, pregnant women were excluded from the vaccine trials, so it is impossible to make the claim to “know” that the vaccine is safe for them or their babies.

And to pile on a bit more:

But the even bigger issue here is, that this shot is not a vaccine.

A traditional vaccine takes a weakened or dead bit of virus and puts it in the body to create an immune response, thus stimulating antibody production to have in store for when the person may be exposed to the live virus in the future. The Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA shots, which are gene therapy. Calling them “vaccines” makes people feel safe, but there’s nothing traditional about them.

A bit of genetic code is injected into the body, instructing all one’s cells to produce the corona spike protein. Previously, it was said that the injected material remains in the arm muscle where it was injected, but that has proven to be untrue. The lipid nanoparticles circulate throughout the body, and also cross the blood-brain barrier. They settle in particularly high amounts in the spleen, ovaries, testes, and bone marrow. This was not a feature of any previous vaccine. The person’s cells all receive the command to start producing spike proteins, and the millions of spikes that they churn out can attach themselves to platelets and cause clotting or hemorrhaging.

This was also not a feature of any previous vaccine in the history of humanity.

The spike protein has now been proven to be the dangerous part of the virus. The spike protein alone is responsible for all the complications seen in COVID-19 patients. Dr. Byram Bridle admitted “We made a big mistake. We thought the spike protein was harmless. Now we know that it’s a cytotoxin.”

… The discussion about early treatments for COVID, and their global suppression, is the crux of the entire matter. Dr. Berman’s very short response does not do justice to the topic. If there are effective cures for corona, AS THERE ARE, no vaccine is needed. As a researcher, I have been following this topic for a very long time, and I, and the doctors I collaborate with, can unequivocally state AS AN ABSOLUTE FACT THAT THE TREATMENTS DO WORK, and they work very well. Tens of thousands of COVID patients have been cured with them. In fact, they are so effective that the vaccines would never have gotten Emergency Use Authorization if the treatments would have been acknowledged by the FDA.

It is absolutely scandalous that the FDA pretended, and continues to pretend, that there is no cure for COVID.

Mr. Birtz is absolutely correct that the government, mainstream news media, social media, and pharmaceutical companies are working together in a coordinated effort to suppress the knowledge and availability of these safe, effective cures and preventions, and to vilify them. The studies are there, and the proof is overwhelming. The doctors that I collaborate with use these treatments and save thousands of lives.

Dr David Martin Crystalizes Everything You Need to Know

David Martin lays it all out. Covid virus outbreak and vaccination was a planned event.

In the words of the culprits. They told us what they were going to do, and they did it. As always, follow the money.

Pfizer patented the first S1 spike protein vaccine in 1990.

Wait, wot? That’s right, Covid can hardly be novel or new if a vaccine was patented in 1990.

Took 30 years to fully monetize the original patent.

DOJ had all the information since April 2020. They have sat on it and done nothing. (video 8:30)

And then there’s this: easy to predict a pandemic if you are the ones that create it.

Here is a link to all 73 patents related to Coronavirus, beginning in 2003. The first vaccine was patented 3 days after the virus. Coincidence? Not. Criminal conspiracy? Definitely.

Bioweapon. Nuremberg trials. RICO.

Dripping with Irony

Canadian Museum for Human Rights: We’re excited to welcome fully immunized visitors back to the Museum beginning July 27! Children under 12 may enter with fully immunized members of their household.

Unvaccinated are banned and have no rights.

In the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Could not be any more lacking in self awareness than that.

This is the standard bearer for The Narrative.

What a clown show.

Dr Robert Malone Kiboshes The Narrative

In a series of tweets, Dr Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA technology kiboshes The Narrative.

Malone: “OK, time for another one of these. My positions –”

  1. bioethics require full risk disclosure and free choice. Neither of these are being met.
  2. For high risk populations, the risk/benefit ratio for the USA vaccines seem to make sense.
  3. We do not know all the risks yet.
  4. for pediatric and young adult populations, the data do not currently support adequate risk/benefit for USA vaccines. So stop.
  5. mandating vaccines is wrong
  6. censorship is wrong
  7. attacking others credibility as a way to win arguments is the refuge of the stupid
  8. Dr. @GVDBossche is completely correct as a virologist and vaccinologist in everything that I have read of his. Time will prove him right – I am confident in that. But IMO as a physician, the death and disability in the high risk populations still merits vaccination
  9. There is a concerted effort to suppress information and dissent in support of The Noble Lie
  10. The Noble Lie is – a) we have to reach herd immunity for economic recovery and to minimize death and disability; b) these genetic vaccines are the only path available to herd immunity; c) these genetic vaccines are perfectly safe. Each of these statements are demonstrably false.

The video of Geert Vanden Bossche PhD and his warning to the world against ‘Immune Escape’ is well worth listening to.

“We are creating asymptomatic carriers and achieving the opposite of herd immunity.”

Bossche’s dire warning – ‘the worst is yet to come … we are at the eve of a huge disaster.’

At about 46:00 Bossche suggests that there will be a backlash and that we will see a dramatic increase in cases, as the virus develops resistance to the vaccine. Bassche suggested that would occur within two weeks (of March 9). Testing Bossche’s hypothesis – watch the countries who have large vaccination coverage. With backward perspective, timing was off, but we are now (July 20) seeing a significant increase of vaccinated people getting Covid infection. That is happening now, see article below on new infections in Israel and UK, both countries with heavily vaccinated populations.

Single most important thing individuals should do is to preserve and strengthen the innate immune system.

The worst thing to do is to get the vaccine, as it suppresses the innate immune system.

Bossche vehemently says DO NOT vaccinate young people against COVID-19, because the vaccine antibodies suppress the innate immune system, which is fully capable of dealing with Covid. Which we already know since children, except in rare cases, do not get infected.

“Immediately stop the mass vaccination. “

Above all, we need REAL SCIENCE to get through this, not the hyper-politicized talking heads that are lecturing and hectoring us. But, they are censoring real experts (like Malone and Bossche) who challenge The Narrative.

“Its 5 past 12.”

Something Really Odd is Going on …

In Europe, Covid infections are surging in places where most of the population has been vaccinated. At the same time, the 15 least vaccinated countries don’t seem to face any problem.

In Israel, new Covid infections among vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations indicate that vaccination is nearly ineffective at staving off infection. And for some cohorts vaccinated populations are worse off. Vaccinated people are up to 68% of all cases. Is that the way its supposed to work? To deal with this, the Israeli Ministry of Health will no longer publish hospital admissions by vaccination status.

Similarly, in the UK, 60% of people hospitalized with new Covid infections are fully vaccinated.

The problem is that the virus this vaccine is targeting is an early variant of Covid that has long since mutated out of existence. Knut Wittkowski has a dire warning. The longer it takes to reach herd immunity, the more likely the virus will mutate beyond any effort to develop an effective vaccine and contain the virus. Kind of like where we are at right now.

We are chasing vaccine herd immunity (because it makes a lot of money for Big Pharma and other invested parties), rather than allowing the population to reach herd immunity naturally (no money in that). Rather, what we need to do is protect the vulnerable, and let the human immune system achieve its immunity naturally. This is the point Geert Vanden Bossche is making in the above article. That you cannot vaccinate DURING a pandemic.

And lockdowns, rather than stop the spread, slowed the inevitable spread. Had we not taken extraordinary efforts to mitigate infection, the population would have reached natural herd immunity and we would be done with it. According to Wittkowski, lockdowns contributed directly to Covid deaths. Lockdowns breed new viruses that will cause the next epidemic. “The evidence is there.” The virus must be extinguished naturally. We are preventing that from happening. “We are failing.”

Booster shots forever!

WHO: Cocktail of mix-n-match vaccines is a bad idea. Canada: But, but … Covid!

Canadian health officials defend mix and match COVID-19 vaccine strategy after WHO comments.

Canadian officials are defending Canada’s mix-and-match approach to vaccinations after the World Health Organization warned Monday about “dangerous trends” in individual vaccination strategies, including mixing and matching.

In an online briefing, the WHO’s chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan suggested to reporters that mixing and matching is dangerous because there is not currently enough data to support it.

“It’s a little bit of a dangerous trend here. We are in a data-free, evidence-free zone as far as mix and match,” Swaminathan said in response to a question about booster shots.

Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunizations, the body that advises federal health officials on vaccines, has said that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 can be used interchangeably when a second dose of the same vaccine is not readily available.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Health Minister Christine Elliott said Ontario plans to continue following the NACI recommendations.

“No data currently exist on the interchangeability of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines,” the NACI said in its recommendation. “However, there is no reason to believe that mRNA vaccine series completion with a different authorized mRNA vaccine product will result in any additional safety issues or deficiency in protection.”

“… there is no reason to believe” — the new gold standard of scientific enquiry as it relates to Covid vaccines. … umm, yeah, we’ll follow the science. This sounds arrogant and reckless to me.

Addendum: Perhaps this is why now former surgeon Dr Francis Christian was cancelled by Univ of Saskatchewan where he was a clinical professor. Dr. Christian was fired by the Saskatchewan Health Authority after he expressed medical concerns over vaccinating children and in favor of informed consent for parents. Informed consent means that patients must be made aware of risks, benefits, and alternatives to the intervention. Government, MSM, social media and Big Pharma continue to censor discussion and concerns of global experts. This is the antithesis of informed consent (go to 7:45 of video for discussion).  Canada has taken the position that children as young as 12 can make the unilateral decision to take The Jab, without parental consent. Further …

“… mRNA has never been authorized by Health Canada or CDC for full and complete authorization It is under Interim Authorization in Canada.  In the US under Emergency Use Authorization.”  There is no emergency for children, where, in Canada  .003% of children would normally expect to die of Covid, which is less than the seasonal flu.”  

“Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs known to mankind … It can end the pandemic … Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if Ivermectin was allowed for use,” he states. He also mentions that Ivermectin and other treatments – for example, those promoted by the Frontline Doctors – have been proven to be extremely effective and safe, which cannot be said for the experimental COVID-19 shots.” Christian explains that the blocking of treatments to cure the virus “could be considered a crime against humanity.”

re: censorship (go to 44:00) “… the inventor of Ivermectin was on YouTube explaining how the drug likely works against viruses.  YouTube took him down.  The inventor, the Nobel prize winner (for inventing Ivermectin) , explaining how Ivermectin works against disease.  Under who’s orders?  I don’t know.  Why its happening?  I don’t know.  You can reach your own conclusions.”

You can ignore everything I wrote or you have read about the origins of Covid … just watch this video


Hardly a “novel” virus. In 2003, patents were filed for not only Corona virus but also the vaccine. Vaccine patent was filed 3 days after virus patent. 73 patents filed by 2019.

Sept 2019 The WHO planned global response to an as-yet “unknown” respiratory pandemic, including PR, response. Just in case. umm, right.

Here is THE Smoking Gun. Peter Daschak said the following in 2015 (0:29:00): “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical counter-measures, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process. “

This “pandemic” is not about Covid. It is about injecting a spike protein mRNA COMPUTER SEQUENCE which has been known and patented for years. There has been no effort by any pharmaceutical companies to combat the virus. This is about getting people injected with the known to be harmful S1 spike protein.

But, the exact gene sequence in the vaccine is elusive, BECAUSE THE PHARMA COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENTS WON”T TELL US. Fragments are defined without specificity. The actual sequences are not represented in digital form. THEY WON”T TELL US WHAT IS IN THE VACCINE. Think about that.

Where has influenza gone (1:11:00) – “They” could not create a pandemic with the flu, so they needed a new virus. Keeping in mind that the objective of the pandemic is for everyone to be so afraid that they WANT the vaccine. The flu never reached anywhere near that level of panic.

Apply Occam’s razor: This was an opportunistic marketing campaign to jab everyone with the vaccine, because, well, profit. They said they needed to get the public to accept a pan-corona virus vaccine countermeasure, they needed the media to create the hype, and investors would follow where they see profit. The actual statement of the actual perpetrator. No further explanation is needed.

If this video is true and not just another psyop, there is unequivocal evidence of criminal conspiracy around the development and release of Covid, and deployment of the vaccine. A clear RICO case. But who’s gonna prosecute when the rich and powerful are richer and powerfuller.

We need a Nuremberg trial for the Covid “plandemic.” Yes, pLandemic. Manufactured, planned and executed for profit.

New Evidence Indicates Critical Race Theory Escaped From A Lab In A College Humanities Department

Gotta love the Babylon Bee.

Scientists have discovered mounting evidence that critical race theory escaped from a lab in a college humanities department some decades ago. Originally thought to be a deranged conspiracy theory, the idea that CRT escaped from a liberal arts program is now accepted as mainstream consensus …

While researchers could not trace the virus all the way back to patient zero, scientific evidence indicates the first carrier of CRT was “almost certainly a white woman with purple hair who screamed a lot.