Tiders Higher in Vaccinated than Unvaccinated

Panic in Detroit … oop, wrong panic.

err … Panic in Pandemic Central.

Pfizer wants boosters after 6 months. Now we know why.

Dr Malone . Nasal tiders in vaccinated are higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated. What this means is antibody dependent enhancement is happening. Vaccine cause the virus to become more infectious than in the absence of vaccination. i.e. vaccine has made Covid virus more infectious and dangerous.

Pfizer dose is particularly susceptible. Waning at six months. This is why Pfizer is talking about a third booster shot.

Those that received Pfizer, who (within 6 months) are in waning phase of immune response to Covid infection, seem to be getting infected at an increasing rate. This suggests that the window of greatest susceptibility to infection is in the tapering phase as the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes. In fact, it exacerbates susceptibility to infection. Antibody dependent enhancement is a worst case scenario amongst immunologists.

Fauci/Government/Jab Nazis are lying.

We are in a worst case scenario, as the virus is now replicating at an enhanced rate due to the waning of the Pfizer vaccine – ie antibody dependent enhancement.

If tiders are higher in the blood with vaccinated than unvaccinated, would be the smoking gun that antibody dependent enhancement of virus replications, which would correlate with disease.

Looks like we are there. Rising infection rates among the vaccinated.

Per Dr Malone, need to stop Jab program and pivot to drug treatments. But “experts”, government, Big Pharma, MSM has been beating the drum for 18 months that HCQ and Ivermectin treatments are ineffective and dangerous.

“They” are all in on The Jab for everyone, and not likely to back down. Total misinformation program.