We are at Herd Immunity Already. Something Very Dark is Afoot

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi gives us a crash course in your body’s immune system, and why the narrative that you need a vaccine is bunk.

Over 99% of people have natural antibodies to neutralize Covid.


The Narrative about vaccines serves another darker purpose, not discussed here, because we don’t really know. Follow the money. Big Pharma has made tens of billions of dollars via the vaccine. There is much more at play. Wheels within wheels.

At 12:00 the nightmare begins. Bhakdi discusses why spike proteins are so dangerous. Killer dangerous, at an individual level. Clot formation. “We know this with absolute certainty. “

“Your body, thinking that your cells that are producing these spikes (proteins) are bacteria, and your immune system are going try to eat your vessel wall cells.”

Essentially, your body is going into animal mode to destroy the cells creating the spike protein, thinking that the cell has been infected by a bacteria. Basically, this will be all the cells that line your blood vessels … throughout your body.

Your body perceives as both a virus and a bacterial threat. But this whole scenario was setup by the vaccination. The Jab has totally created this situation.

“We have the unique situation that has been created by the vaccination … however, the vision is so awful and terrifying that I, myself, don’t want to know the answer … the second shot or any shot thereafter is going to place your life in danger … the consequences are very simple.  We just have to stop everything now.” 

Paraphrasing the last 30 seconds.  Listen to it.