The Smoking Gun – Insurance Claims for Vaccine Injuries/Deaths and Morticians Dealing with All-Cause Death Victims

The data is now really beginning to roll about the deadliness of the vaccines. CDC appears to have committed fraud by withholding detailed data they have been collecting since the beginning of the plandemic. They apparently justify this fraud by suggesting the actual data would be used to increase vaccine hesitancy in people. In other words, the actual data show either or both that, 1) the vaccines never did work, 2) the vaccines directly resulted in injury and death in people who took The Jab.

Which takes us to Germany. Insurance claims show 31,254 deaths following COVID-19 vaccines official government stats report only 2,255. Restating the obvious, insurance companies are paying out death benefits to individuals who died from the vaccine, at a rate 10 times higher than official government data.

The incidence of vaccine complications in an analyzed population of millions of people is 2.05%, against “official” government estimates of 0.29. So, 2 of every hundred people suffered complications from the vaccine. That is a brutal statistic.

The insurance data shows that the increases in death and injury maps precisely to April 2021, when the vaccines were first introduced in Germany.

Isn’t that special.

Two takeaways:

  1. the government was and continues to lie out their a**. It is crystal clear governments, pundits, and health care authorities were complicit in “The Big Lie”.
  2. if you received The Jab, good luck to you. Let’s hope you have life insurance to take care of your loved ones, unless they go too. It is only going to get worse.

Justin Trudeau and Christina Freeland Get Their Nuts Put in a Vise by Their Real Masters

Nope, not the Canadian people.

The International banking and the Davos crowd. Looks like Justin and Christina spilled the beans by showing the world how easy it is for the Canadian Govt to confiscate financial assets. Conservative Treehouse does a couple of nice analysis of the f*ck-up – here and here.

Meanwhile, Jordan Peterson received information that the banking situation is far worse than we are being let on, and to remove all his money from Canadian banks or suffer the consequences.

What was even more interesting in this illegal seizure of assets, is that the Canadian Govt claims to have frozen digital wallets so owners could not access their digital currencies. Surprise, surprise. Who’d a thunk that digital currencies ARE NOT beyond the reach of Totalitarian regimes like the Trudeau govt. THAT cat is really out of the bag. Several digital currency banks have already ceased doing business in Canada.

It sounds like li’l Truck Frudeau and Not-Freeland have unleashed a run on Canadian banks and a loss in confidence in the Canadian banking system. After all, who wants to have their assets seized arbitrarily by the Canadian Govt with no court order and no justification required.

The message is clear: CANADA IS NOT A SAFE HAVEN FOR FINANCIAL ASSETS. If the Canadian government doesn’t agree with your politics, let’s say you are an expatriate Taiwanese citizen and against China consuming Taiwan, the government is willing to seize your financial assets. What a Gong Show! In one fell swoop, the Trudeau government TOASTED Canada’s credibility as a financial safe haven … because its not.

What’s also clear, the Govt can literally kick and beat Canadian citizens as much as they want, but f*ck with the financial system and you are toast. What does THAT tell you.

The linked second article (linked here again) discusses how the vaccine passports are the gateway drug to Digital ID. The Freudeau has demonstrated to the world how easy it is for a fascist regime, such as the Canadian Govt, will be able to cancel individuals at will, as the Digital ID system is, effectively, the Chinese social credit system. Stray off the plantation and, BOOM!, you no longer have a job, have access to your money, buy groceries, yada yada yada. Sounds like fun, eh?

Will this wake everyone up to the reality of where “The Great Reset” wants to take us?

In the interim, buh bye, Justine and Christian. You’re cancelled.

Oh, and as far as I am concerned, all the Liberals and NDP that voted in favor of the War Measures Act, err, The Emergency Powers Act, are traitors to Canada and humanity. That was a vote for Global Tyranny. I will never forgive you.

This just in: Truck Frudeau, Canada’s authoritarian “Dear” leader, pledged to take a stand against authoritarianism. In announcing Canada’s first round of sanctions against in response to Vladimir Putin recognizing the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Trudeau commented “Canada and our allies will defend democracy. We are taking these actions today, to stand against authoritarianism.”

Is that rich or what. What a maroon.

CBC: Freedom is Racist

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC), the now apparent official mouthpiece of the fascist Canadian Govt, is of the view that the word “Freedom” is a malleable term — one that’s open to interpretation.

CBC claims the work has been hijacked by the Freedom Convoy and has “has thrived among far-right groups.”

So, now the concept of Freedom itself is under attack in Canada.

Oh, and Health Canada has forbidden its employees from saying anything critical of the government.

Canada is a fascist state. Any questions?

Globalist Collaborator Ontario Premier Ford Tries to Tell GiveSendGo to Halt Funds Raised for Truckers. GiveSendGo Gives Ford the Middle Finger

GiveSendGo: “Know this! Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo. All funds for EVERY campaign on GiveSendGo flow directly to the recipients of those campaigns, not least of which is The Freedom Convoy campaign.”

At the end of all this, the good news is we will have outed many globalist collaborators. Though it is pretty obvious, already. Question is what will be done about it.

The irony is that these people are not really among the elite. Ford is a tool that acts act the behest of his masters. Trudeau as well. And Boris Johnson. These people are all poseurs.

The mask is fully off.

The emperor has no clothes.


Vaccine Lot Numbers and Correlation to Adverse Side Effects

hmm. Turns out that certain lot numbers are correlated with adverse side effects.

This is a “holy sh*t presentation.

The data shows it. So we can assume its true. Not a joke. This looks like truth.

With the EXTREMELY stringent manufacturing processes in place around drugs, the only explanation is that these lots have been tampered with. Get that? Somebody/bodies have been spiking the vaccines with something that is causing the adverse side effects.

This is a deliberate action.

at 23:00 minutes, take a look at Pfizer.

at 24:00 minutes, we see a red line representing the expected number of adverse side effects, based on historic vaccines. Again, check out how many batches are above the red line.

At 25:00 Dr Yeadon notes the extreme level of side effects. Yeadon: “These are REALLY toxic products”

At 26:30 “Its not a public health measure.” paraphrasing: Frighten people, damage the economy, force them to accept the injections. Why would they want to do that. Its not money. The only people that can make this happen is Big Capital.

At 29:00 “They’re not the same product” The vaccines being injected are different depending on the vial. “They are doing it on purpose.”

At 33:50 “This is calibration of a killing weapon.” Go that? Depopulation.

At 34:35 Different drugs in different bottles. The data is well known, ergo, “they” are good with it. Drugs don’t “go off” and kill people. They lose function. These vaccines are being manipulated to maim and kill.

Canadian Truckers: The Jackboots Move In

In Ottawa, heavily armed riot police have moved in and confiscated diesel fuel to keep from the truckers.

The mayor has declared a state of emergency. Claims an insurrection is occurring across Canada. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms states that there is “No Basis for state of emergency declaration.”

An affidavit has been filed with the Ontario Supreme Court challenging the state of emergency. According to one witness in the filing:

Another witness, an Ottawa resident, swears that “the truckers I have interacted with have, at all times, been friendly, courteous, humble, considerate and peaceful.  I have not observed any aggressive or inappropriate behaviours.” He says the truckers are diverse, including Sikhs, Blacks, Aboriginals and others. He has “observed truckers decorating the tomb of the unknown soldier with flowers and guarding it” and has “not seen any violent or threatening behaviour.” He notes that “the truckers do not honk their horns at night. My everyday life has not been disrupted by any noise related to the Freedom Convoy during the day.” He asserts: “My ability to park and to travel in downtown Ottawa, or to and from Parliament Hill has not been impeded by the presence of the truckers.”

This is an insurrection?

All the citizens want is Freedom. And the government is trying to declare them terrorists so violence can be used to break up the protest.

Justin Goes Castro on Canada’s Truckers. Check out the memes halfway down the article. Truck Frudeau’s double. Truck Frudeau and Castro side-by-side. Hmm. Something definitely going on here.

Trudeau Govt trying to being back internet censorship bill. Basically, the bill means the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications Commission will be granted permission to regulate a lot of social media content created by Canadians. e.g. TikTok and YouTube videos, podcasts, probably Facebook posts.

The world is watching.

Welcome to the totalitarian state.