Justin Trudeau and Christina Freeland Get Their Nuts Put in a Vise by Their Real Masters

Nope, not the Canadian people.

The International banking and the Davos crowd. Looks like Justin and Christina spilled the beans by showing the world how easy it is for the Canadian Govt to confiscate financial assets. Conservative Treehouse does a couple of nice analysis of the f*ck-up – here and here.

Meanwhile, Jordan Peterson received information that the banking situation is far worse than we are being let on, and to remove all his money from Canadian banks or suffer the consequences.

What was even more interesting in this illegal seizure of assets, is that the Canadian Govt claims to have frozen digital wallets so owners could not access their digital currencies. Surprise, surprise. Who’d a thunk that digital currencies ARE NOT beyond the reach of Totalitarian regimes like the Trudeau govt. THAT cat is really out of the bag. Several digital currency banks have already ceased doing business in Canada.

It sounds like li’l Truck Frudeau and Not-Freeland have unleashed a run on Canadian banks and a loss in confidence in the Canadian banking system. After all, who wants to have their assets seized arbitrarily by the Canadian Govt with no court order and no justification required.

The message is clear: CANADA IS NOT A SAFE HAVEN FOR FINANCIAL ASSETS. If the Canadian government doesn’t agree with your politics, let’s say you are an expatriate Taiwanese citizen and against China consuming Taiwan, the government is willing to seize your financial assets. What a Gong Show! In one fell swoop, the Trudeau government TOASTED Canada’s credibility as a financial safe haven … because its not.

What’s also clear, the Govt can literally kick and beat Canadian citizens as much as they want, but f*ck with the financial system and you are toast. What does THAT tell you.

The linked second article (linked here again) discusses how the vaccine passports are the gateway drug to Digital ID. The Freudeau has demonstrated to the world how easy it is for a fascist regime, such as the Canadian Govt, will be able to cancel individuals at will, as the Digital ID system is, effectively, the Chinese social credit system. Stray off the plantation and, BOOM!, you no longer have a job, have access to your money, buy groceries, yada yada yada. Sounds like fun, eh?

Will this wake everyone up to the reality of where “The Great Reset” wants to take us?

In the interim, buh bye, Justine and Christian. You’re cancelled.

Oh, and as far as I am concerned, all the Liberals and NDP that voted in favor of the War Measures Act, err, The Emergency Powers Act, are traitors to Canada and humanity. That was a vote for Global Tyranny. I will never forgive you.

This just in: Truck Frudeau, Canada’s authoritarian “Dear” leader, pledged to take a stand against authoritarianism. In announcing Canada’s first round of sanctions against in response to Vladimir Putin recognizing the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Trudeau commented “Canada and our allies will defend democracy. We are taking these actions today, to stand against authoritarianism.”

Is that rich or what. What a maroon.