The Smoking Gun – Insurance Claims for Vaccine Injuries/Deaths and Morticians Dealing with All-Cause Death Victims

The data is now really beginning to roll about the deadliness of the vaccines. CDC appears to have committed fraud by withholding detailed data they have been collecting since the beginning of the plandemic. They apparently justify this fraud by suggesting the actual data would be used to increase vaccine hesitancy in people. In other words, the actual data show either or both that, 1) the vaccines never did work, 2) the vaccines directly resulted in injury and death in people who took The Jab.

Which takes us to Germany. Insurance claims show 31,254 deaths following COVID-19 vaccines official government stats report only 2,255. Restating the obvious, insurance companies are paying out death benefits to individuals who died from the vaccine, at a rate 10 times higher than official government data.

The incidence of vaccine complications in an analyzed population of millions of people is 2.05%, against “official” government estimates of 0.29. So, 2 of every hundred people suffered complications from the vaccine. That is a brutal statistic.

The insurance data shows that the increases in death and injury maps precisely to April 2021, when the vaccines were first introduced in Germany.

Isn’t that special.

Two takeaways:

  1. the government was and continues to lie out their a**. It is crystal clear governments, pundits, and health care authorities were complicit in “The Big Lie”.
  2. if you received The Jab, good luck to you. Let’s hope you have life insurance to take care of your loved ones, unless they go too. It is only going to get worse.