Protesting Allowed in Canada Again. Just not if you are Pro Freedom in Canada for Canadians

Christina Freeland poses for photo with pro-Ukraine protesters. Freeland is wearing a red and black scarf, the symbol of the Bandera movement, a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis.

Freeland’s grandfather was a National Socialist big shot in WW2. National Socialism is one of Socialism’s four branches: Progressives, National Socialist, Communists, Fascists.

Freeland quickly deleted her post, once her support for Neo-Nazis was outed.

Just so we are perfectly clear on this, the Canadian Govt is standing with protesters demanding freedom from authoritarianism in Ukraine. But, when Canadian protesters demand freedom from vaccine authoritarianism, they are physically and financially attacked by the govt using jack-boot tactics. ie, fascist authoritarianism. And the Deputy Prime Minister stands with Neo-Nazis.