John Allison: COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent

Aug 27 – Exceptionally thorough analysis of where we are at with the Plandemic, and on the fundamental right to make decisions about bodily health and medical treatments.

Its crystal clear the official narrative around Covid and the “vaccine” is a lie. Its also crystal clear that The Jab was foisted on the global population illegally, in violation of the Nuremberg Code. By definition and law, A Crime Against Humanity.

The unanswered question is, what is the real end-game.

The INOCULATION (not a vaccine) is injuring and killing people. Not so? Tell that to the Toronto doctors that died suddenly following getting boosted, but the deaths were not linked to the jab. Watch the Stew Peters episode. Massive coverup of the ddozens (hundreds??) of Canadian doctors that are dying after the second booster. Anyone at this point that is stupid enough to get boosted deserves what will come to them.

But, the real tragedy is what is going to happen to all the gullible people that took the jab at the behest of their governments, or were forced to via vaccine mandates. All Cause Death is an official government statistic for the number of people dying for any reason. It is up by as much as 40%, over 5 year averages, in some jurisdictions, primarily those that are heavily vaccinated and boosted. And guess what … the increase in All Cause Death coincides with the availability of The Jab.

What the hell is Adult Sudden Death Syndrome (SADS)? Well, when a professional soccer player collapses on the pitch and dies, or a Toronto doctor dies in their sleep, or a 17-year old woman in training for the National Guard. Hmm, how about the carnage at Death Race 2022, I wonder what’s going on there. Part of the medical qualifying for the Comrades Marathon includes being fully inoculated. In all these instances, the medical profession shrugs its collective shoulders and says, “we don’t know.” Its an “unknown medical event.” It must be SADS.

When have you ever heard the result of an autopsy of one of these SADS victims. Spoiler alert … there is never a thorough autopsy that attempts to link the death to the vaccine. Rather, the bent and captured medical profession tells us: “you’re watching too much TV”, “you’re exerting yourself too much after dinner”, you’re drinking too much”, “too much sunlight”, yada yada yada.

But, it is definitely not due to The Jab. Ever notice how quickly they jump to that conclusion, without an autopsy. And how quickly the “fact checker” dis-information industry concocts alternate reality “evidence” to refute it? Seriously, how gullible do they think we are? But more concerning, how gullible are people? Apparently, pretty gullible if they are still taking the boosters. Good riddance.

The Inoculation is an evil that is being forced on humans around the world. It is a treacherous evil. The objective is to get EVERYONE inoculated. Why? The most nefarious explanation, given the harm that the jab(s) cause, is depopulation. “They” are trying to kill us. It certainly looks that way to me. What is a suitable global population? 1 billion people? So … 7 billion people living today, culled to 1 billion. 6 out of 7 people need to die, or be unable to procreate. George Carlin nailed it in 2005. Will you be in the exclusive club of survivors?

In addition to the rising All Cause Deaths, consider what The Jab is doing to procreation. Pfizer knew that 44% of pregnant women miscarried in their study, and yet governments allowed-encouraged-mandated that their pregnant citizens get The Jab. We also know that the spike proteins from The Jab accumulate in the ovaries. It will take time, but I think we will begin to see a drop in fertility and live births. Perhaps beginning over the next 2-3 years. Here is some anecdotal evidence from Singapore. 8% drop in live births, coincident with the deployment of the second Jab.

And yet, the the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) continues to recommend The Jab for pregnant “people”. Did you get the “pregnant people” part? Hey, I’m kinda open minded. Exactly how many non-females have become pregnant? Umm, lemme take a stab in the dark — ZERO. I would like to see evidence of ONE SINGLE NON-FEMALE becoming pregnant. Spoiler alert, there are none. Fact. Doctors are the enemy. Captive and beholden to Big-Pharma.

And what is it with Pfizer stopping its clinical trials with pregnant women?? The government expert in support of the trials was Vanessa Poliquin, an associate professor at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive science at the University of Manitoba.

Quoting Poliquin on Pfizer discontinuing the clinical trials: “In other words, Pfizer’s own medical experts (who are typically informed by the Data Safety and Monitoring Committee for clinical trials) acknowledge there that the retrospective data available in the medical literature on safety for pregnant women is so convincing that the lack of scientific equipoise [uncertainty] makes it unreasonable (and unethical) to continue a human trial.”

Again, this is the “expert” government witness, arguably protecting YOUR interests, commenting on Pfizer’s clinical trials for pregnant women. Let’s see, the previous data is so convincing that there is no need for clinical trials. Is that the way this works? Ahh. I see. Expert witness. Right. I mean, how fucked up can this get? The expert government witness is fine to discontinue clinical trials because they can’t enroll enough victims. And then say, well that’s ok, since we have enough data already to show that giving the INOCULATION to pregnant women is perfectly safe. Perfectly safe. 44% miscarriages. Perfectly safe. Hmm.

This is insane. Mass formation psychosis. I can’t believe this is happening. Are we in an alternate universe?

As an aside on the state of the Misinformation industry … here is the result of a Google search on “Pfizer 44% of pregnant women miscarried naomi wolf.” Here is the result of the same search terms on Yandex, a Russian-based search engine. Guess who’s lying to you.

I keep banging the drum about Crime Against Humanity. Here’s what Dr David Martin has to say about that. The Canadian and US governments are complicit in developing this biological weapon targeting humans. By the time the afflicted wake up to what has been done to them, it is likely to be too late to hold those accountable.

Got all that?!

Long live the Purebloods.