Vaccine Lot Numbers and Correlation to Adverse Side Effects

hmm. Turns out that certain lot numbers are correlated with adverse side effects.

This is a “holy sh*t presentation.

The data shows it. So we can assume its true. Not a joke. This looks like truth.

With the EXTREMELY stringent manufacturing processes in place around drugs, the only explanation is that these lots have been tampered with. Get that? Somebody/bodies have been spiking the vaccines with something that is causing the adverse side effects.

This is a deliberate action.

at 23:00 minutes, take a look at Pfizer.

at 24:00 minutes, we see a red line representing the expected number of adverse side effects, based on historic vaccines. Again, check out how many batches are above the red line.

At 25:00 Dr Yeadon notes the extreme level of side effects. Yeadon: “These are REALLY toxic products”

At 26:30 “Its not a public health measure.” paraphrasing: Frighten people, damage the economy, force them to accept the injections. Why would they want to do that. Its not money. The only people that can make this happen is Big Capital.

At 29:00 “They’re not the same product” The vaccines being injected are different depending on the vial. “They are doing it on purpose.”

At 33:50 “This is calibration of a killing weapon.” Go that? Depopulation.

At 34:35 Different drugs in different bottles. The data is well known, ergo, “they” are good with it. Drugs don’t “go off” and kill people. They lose function. These vaccines are being manipulated to maim and kill.