Trust the Science

Medical researcher Boruch Weiss, Dr. Joel Groden, M.D., and Dr. Zev Zelenko, M.D. addressed a letter to the editor of the Israeli Yated Ne’eman newspaper, answering an attack on COVID shot criticism.

Long read, but well worth the time. This letter captures and crystalizes a lot of the “misinformation” being spread by The Jab Nazis. I’ve summarized some of the major points, but there is lots more there.

It appears the CDC is massaging and removing incident reports filed by doctors of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths from the VAERS database. While CDC report that 11,000 Americans died as a result of the vaccine, these results are in question, with the actual number estimated to be between 50-200k.

Additionally, the drug trials by Big Pharma are suspect, and were taken at face value by the FDA, even though Pharma companies would be motivated to mischaracterize the results to their benefit, and in fact have been previously fined for doing so. In particular, pregnant women were excluded from the vaccine trials, so it is impossible to make the claim to “know” that the vaccine is safe for them or their babies.

And to pile on a bit more:

But the even bigger issue here is, that this shot is not a vaccine.

A traditional vaccine takes a weakened or dead bit of virus and puts it in the body to create an immune response, thus stimulating antibody production to have in store for when the person may be exposed to the live virus in the future. The Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA shots, which are gene therapy. Calling them “vaccines” makes people feel safe, but there’s nothing traditional about them.

A bit of genetic code is injected into the body, instructing all one’s cells to produce the corona spike protein. Previously, it was said that the injected material remains in the arm muscle where it was injected, but that has proven to be untrue. The lipid nanoparticles circulate throughout the body, and also cross the blood-brain barrier. They settle in particularly high amounts in the spleen, ovaries, testes, and bone marrow. This was not a feature of any previous vaccine. The person’s cells all receive the command to start producing spike proteins, and the millions of spikes that they churn out can attach themselves to platelets and cause clotting or hemorrhaging.

This was also not a feature of any previous vaccine in the history of humanity.

The spike protein has now been proven to be the dangerous part of the virus. The spike protein alone is responsible for all the complications seen in COVID-19 patients. Dr. Byram Bridle admitted “We made a big mistake. We thought the spike protein was harmless. Now we know that it’s a cytotoxin.”

… The discussion about early treatments for COVID, and their global suppression, is the crux of the entire matter. Dr. Berman’s very short response does not do justice to the topic. If there are effective cures for corona, AS THERE ARE, no vaccine is needed. As a researcher, I have been following this topic for a very long time, and I, and the doctors I collaborate with, can unequivocally state AS AN ABSOLUTE FACT THAT THE TREATMENTS DO WORK, and they work very well. Tens of thousands of COVID patients have been cured with them. In fact, they are so effective that the vaccines would never have gotten Emergency Use Authorization if the treatments would have been acknowledged by the FDA.

It is absolutely scandalous that the FDA pretended, and continues to pretend, that there is no cure for COVID.

Mr. Birtz is absolutely correct that the government, mainstream news media, social media, and pharmaceutical companies are working together in a coordinated effort to suppress the knowledge and availability of these safe, effective cures and preventions, and to vilify them. The studies are there, and the proof is overwhelming. The doctors that I collaborate with use these treatments and save thousands of lives.