Dr David Martin Crystalizes Everything You Need to Know

David Martin lays it all out. Covid virus outbreak and vaccination was a planned event.

In the words of the culprits. They told us what they were going to do, and they did it. As always, follow the money.

Pfizer patented the first S1 spike protein vaccine in 1990.

Wait, wot? That’s right, Covid can hardly be novel or new if a vaccine was patented in 1990.

Took 30 years to fully monetize the original patent.

DOJ had all the information since April 2020. They have sat on it and done nothing. (video 8:30)

And then there’s this: easy to predict a pandemic if you are the ones that create it.

Here is a link to all 73 patents related to Coronavirus, beginning in 2003. The first vaccine was patented 3 days after the virus. Coincidence? Not. Criminal conspiracy? Definitely.

Bioweapon. Nuremberg trials. RICO.