Dr Robert Malone Kiboshes The Narrative

In a series of tweets, Dr Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA technology kiboshes The Narrative.

Malone: “OK, time for another one of these. My positions –”

  1. bioethics require full risk disclosure and free choice. Neither of these are being met.
  2. For high risk populations, the risk/benefit ratio for the USA vaccines seem to make sense.
  3. We do not know all the risks yet.
  4. for pediatric and young adult populations, the data do not currently support adequate risk/benefit for USA vaccines. So stop.
  5. mandating vaccines is wrong
  6. censorship is wrong
  7. attacking others credibility as a way to win arguments is the refuge of the stupid
  8. Dr. @GVDBossche is completely correct as a virologist and vaccinologist in everything that I have read of his. Time will prove him right – I am confident in that. But IMO as a physician, the death and disability in the high risk populations still merits vaccination
  9. There is a concerted effort to suppress information and dissent in support of The Noble Lie
  10. The Noble Lie is – a) we have to reach herd immunity for economic recovery and to minimize death and disability; b) these genetic vaccines are the only path available to herd immunity; c) these genetic vaccines are perfectly safe. Each of these statements are demonstrably false.

The video of Geert Vanden Bossche PhD and his warning to the world against ‘Immune Escape’ is well worth listening to.

“We are creating asymptomatic carriers and achieving the opposite of herd immunity.”

Bossche’s dire warning – ‘the worst is yet to come … we are at the eve of a huge disaster.’

At about 46:00 Bossche suggests that there will be a backlash and that we will see a dramatic increase in cases, as the virus develops resistance to the vaccine. Bassche suggested that would occur within two weeks (of March 9). Testing Bossche’s hypothesis – watch the countries who have large vaccination coverage. With backward perspective, timing was off, but we are now (July 20) seeing a significant increase of vaccinated people getting Covid infection. That is happening now, see article below on new infections in Israel and UK, both countries with heavily vaccinated populations.

Single most important thing individuals should do is to preserve and strengthen the innate immune system.

The worst thing to do is to get the vaccine, as it suppresses the innate immune system.

Bossche vehemently says DO NOT vaccinate young people against COVID-19, because the vaccine antibodies suppress the innate immune system, which is fully capable of dealing with Covid. Which we already know since children, except in rare cases, do not get infected.

“Immediately stop the mass vaccination. “

Above all, we need REAL SCIENCE to get through this, not the hyper-politicized talking heads that are lecturing and hectoring us. But, they are censoring real experts (like Malone and Bossche) who challenge The Narrative.

“Its 5 past 12.”