Mind-blowing Testimony from Tom Renz

Where did Covid-19 come from? DOD immunized a soldier in 2014 for SARS-CoV-2. Hmm.

“Does anybody believe that we transferred that sort of [bioweapon] technology to a CCP lab, without an okay from the DoD or CIA? I’ve got news for you. They knew exactly what was going on.”

“When someone got this [COVID] shot. They didn’t get it from Pfizer or Moderna. They got it from the DoD. The DoD distributed this.”

Renz was testifying before the government panel on SARS-CoV-2 set up by Marjorie Taylor Green. He is trying to put together a case to sue Pfizer et al. But, guess what? The entity that is actually shielding big pharma is the DOD. You cannot go after big pharma. You have to sue DOD. Hmm.

“They” knew exactly what was going on. This was no mistake or accident.