The New Civil War of Truth Against Untruth

Jim Kunstler’s latest blog post, The Magic Moment, is well worth the read.

A very quick synopsis is he pulls together the gathering evidence of criminal misconduct by Covid vax promoters. THEY KNEW. And yet continued, and continue, to promote getting The Jab. As their lies unravel, they lie more. At some point, the full truth is going to reach the collective consciousness.

In the interim, excess death statistics will continue to mount up. Here is the latest from Steve Kirsch, New Zealand’s own official data shows more than 10,000 people died directly as a result of getting The Jab. This data is the result of a whistleblower. The data and the conclusion has been independently verified. And yet the NZMH continues to deliberately neglect analyzing the data. Clearly, if they did and had to report the findings, it would be politically and personally devastating.

An interesting point Kunstler brings up is Kirsch on November 30 presented his Covid vaccine death data at MIT. MIT professor Robert Langer refuses to engage with Kirsch or review the data and findings. Why? Well, he sits on the Moderna board. If he reviewed the data and could not legitimately dispute the findings, he would be legally compelled to present to the board that The Moderna Jab is implicated in excess mortality deaths, and Moderna would be compelled to pull the Moderna vaccine from the market. See how this works? By remaining deliberately ignorant he can claim he did not know.

Another major moment is that Texas Attorney General Paxton is suing Pfizer for unlawfully misrepresenting the effectiveness of the company‚Äôs COVID-19 vaccine and attempting to censor public discussion of the product. As others have said, discovery is going to be revealing. Naomi Wolfe breaks down AG Ken Paxton’s lawsuit. She also covers a number of other very topical issues. Well worth your time.

Or how about the fact that the process for the jab that Pfizer did with the clinical trials was in fact replaced by a different process. “Process 2” was secretly tested on an unaware group of 500 test subjects by Pfizer. Process 2 was found to result in more than twice as many adverse effects as Process 1. And yet, Process 2 was to formula that was secretly rolled out. This is clearly criminal. Was there nefarious intent? Now that the cat is out of the bag, is there going to be some accountability? Did you receive the Pfizer jab?

It has been a couple years, but the truth is finally reaching a critical mass among the general population. Then, perhaps, rage will follow.