Red Pilled by El Salvador …

President Bukele:

You are Paying High Taxes under the Illusion that you are Funding the US Government, Which you are Not! The Bubble will Burst!

So Who’s Financing the Government? —— Government is financed by treasury bonds, paper

Who buys the Treasury Bonds? —— mostly the FED

How does the FED buy them? —— by printing money.

What backing does the FED have for the money being printed? —— the treasury bonds themselves (get the circular logic)

“So basically you finance the Government by printing money out of thin air. Someone could ask, if the government could print unlimited amount of money out of thin air, why do they collect taxes?”

The World is watching. They know what is going on. Domestics are being Gaslit, and apparently too dumb to see through the façade.

Also, Argentina’s Javier Milei balanced Argentina’s budget in two weeks. Dismissed half the federal bureaucracy. The federal bureaucracy adds no value, and is a drain on society. Kaboom.

Elon Musk dismissed 85% of Twitter employees. Twitter not only did not suffer, but seems to have improved. Kaboom.

Lesson learned: bureaucracy is inefficient, costly and a drag on the economy. If Trump has Vivek Ramaswamy as his VP, guaranteed they will take on the administrative state. The way to do that is to starve them, halve all of the their budgets.

We can only hope.