Ukraine …

CIA built “12 Secret Spy Bases” …

Its not as if we didn’t know or suspect this. The thing to pay attention to is the timing of the “news”. The big reveal was published in the NYT. Along with the Washington Post, the NYT is a propagandist mouthpiece for the Deep State. Its not like the NYT is going to do some real journalism and dig up a real breaking news piece. This story is a plant for a reason.

So, what are we to make of this?

Well, there are other pieces that help understand.

  • Jens Stoltenberg just said that Ukraine will join NATO. This is a no sh*t Red Line for Russia. Putin said if Ukraine joins NATO, it will lead to nuclear war. Which leads one to believe that is NATO’s intention.
  • US Neocons are going crazy trying to get $60B in funding to Ukraine, but being blocked by House Republicans. Victoria Nuland just said that we shouldn’t worry, that the $60B will all find its way back to the US, ie via weapons purchased from the Military Industrial Complex. And yet, the Biden Administration refuses to provide an audit of the more than $100B already sent to Ukraine.
  • Further to Nuland’s comments, when FTX blew up, we found out that Bankman-Fried had contributed as much as $1B to US political campaigns, with more than 85% of that going to Democrats. We also found out that Ukraine was investing in FTX. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduct that this was a money laundering scheme. Congress would send money to Ukraine who would send it to FTX who would cycle it back to Congress. Now that FTX is kaput, I wonder what the money laundering mechanism is.
  • The EU is considering issuing €100B in Defence Bonds. This would be to continue to underwrite the EU financing of the War. Despite having lost the war. More pain for the citizens of the EU.
  • Ukraine’s head of military intelligence has just said that Navalny died of a blood clot. This goes against the US/NATO narrative that Putin had Navalny assassinated. Another weird reveal. Trudeau must be wondering how he can retract his comments about Putin being responsible for Navalny’s death.
  • The news about the western biolabs in Ukraine revealed when Russia SMO first launched, and acknowledged by Nuland in testimony to Congress, has long disappeared from the news. They were definitely real and nefarious. Biological warfare / weapons of mass destruction being developed.

Ukraine has lost the war with Russia. But, Ukraine is a proxy for the US/NATO, ergo the US/NATO has lost the war with Russia. But, they refuse to give up. I suspect some of this is the optics around the 2024 election. The failure of the US/NATO on the battlefield with Russia would be a significant headwind for US Democrats.

Perhaps one of the concerns of the warmongers in the US/NATO is the impending election of Trump. When he gets in, the gravy train is over. This may be their last kick at the can. But, if “They” press Russia into radical escalation, it could tie up a Trump administration, and keep the gravy train going. Thanks to JD Vance, we know that the last budget proposal to the house included verbiage that would effectively make it an impeachable offense to cut funding to Ukraine. Clearly targeting a Trump administration.

So, back to the beginning, the big reveal that the US/NATO has been operating spy bases and likely operating air defense and offense in Ukraine is broadcasting to the world US/NATO deep involvement in the war with Russia. I suspect it is believed by the Deep State that this will somehow soften opposition to the war, and enable the US/NATO to openly escalate its involvement.

Lastly, here is a video of Robert Kennedy Jr. explaining the geopolitics of Ukraine since the 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed. The 2014 Maidan coup was clearly an inflection point for Russia.

The US/NATO is continuing to prod Russia. This is clearly an existential threat to Russia. Existential threat to a nuclear power = Nuclear war. This has the potential to end very badly for the World.