The Clown Show Continues in Canada

After Jordan Peterson was condemned to sit through corrective media training by the regulatory board, Canada is still at it.

Dr. Miklos Matyas recently lost his appeal of an order issued by the complaints committee of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

His crime? Matyas cast doubt on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, promoted the use of ivermectin, and suggested that surgical masks were ineffective at preventing the disease’s transmission.

From the review committee: “The committee was concerned about the potential impact of the respondent’s (Matyas’) conduct on patient safety and the public interest … in the committee’s view, his statements were contrary to the information and directives provided by the public health agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Further, doctors must ensure that the “scientific claims made to patients are based on verifiable, available evidence.”

One of the complainants is a patient, a Carleton University professor and infectious disease specialist. He stated Matyas spread “unsolicited propaganda” about COVID-19 vaccines, describing them as a useless, money-making venture for pharmaceutical companies.

Matyas told the college the professor “likely experienced cognitive dissonance when I presented him with some of the up-to-date data on the pandemic and COVID-19 management … Cognitive dissonance can result when people hold a core belief that is very strong … the respondent (professor) is likely a very strong believer in the COVID vaccines being the only possible savior of humanity in this pandemic.” He further defended himself against the professor’s suggestion that he was spreading misinformation: “Everything I quoted to him are published facts and I encourage him to develop a little scientific curiously and humility about what he thinks he knows in the field of medical science.”

A professor of infectious diseases.

So, here we are, post-Covid, with new studies coming out nearly daily about excess mortality, the ineffectiveness of masks, the societal damage of lockdowns, and the growing body of evidence that, not only were the vaccines not “safe and effective,” in fact they did not protect from covid infection, they did not stop transmission, and there was clearly a conspiracy to cover up that the virus was developed in a lab using gain-of-function research.

Matyas was exactly right on all accounts. And yet he is found guilty of making statements that were “contrary to the information and directives provided by the public health agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Which turned out to be totally wrong.

Oh … and in Portugal, an appeals court has ruled the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.

Basically, everything regarding the plandemic has turned out to be the opposite of what we were told.

Conspiracy much?

I can’t wait for Disease X.

The show must go on.