“Fossil” Fuels Did Not Originate from Prehistoric Plants and Animals as We Have Been Told, Like, Forever

Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons and Oil and Gas Deposits Formation

The theory of the abiogenic deep origin of hydrocarbons recognizes that the petroleum is a primordial material of deep origin [Kutcherov, Krayushkin 2010]. This theory explains that hydrocarbon compounds generate in the asthenosphere of the Earth and migrate through the deep faults into the crust of the Earth. There they form oil and gas deposits in any kind of rock in any kind of the structural position (Fig. 1). Thus the accumulation of oil and gas is considered as a part of the natural process of the Earth’s outgrassing, which was in turn responsible for creation of its hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Until recently the obstacles to accept the theory of the abyssal abiogenic origin of hydrocarbons was the lack of the reliable and reproducible experimental results confirming the possibility of the synthesis of complex hydrocarbon systems under the conditions of the asthenosphere of the Earth.

If this is true, oil and gas are wholly renewed by natural geological forces within the earth. An arguably infinite supply of energy.

This is consistent with NASA’s Cassini spacecraft discovering (2017) Saturn’s moon Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth. “The hydrocarbons rain from the sky, collecting in vast deposits that form lakes and dunes”, according to NASA. Unless, of course, Titan had vast primordial plants and dinosaurs that long ago died and contributed their bodies to making fossil fuels. Somehow, that doesn’t seem plausible.

As such, oil and gas should be considered renewables, no less than wind or solar energy. This, of course, goes against the narrative, and so is not discussed.

The other implication is that scarcity of “fossil” fuels has been contrived. Who would be incentivized to beat the drum on scarcity and a diminishing resource? Big Oil, of course.

“Trust the Science” … not.

The Shoe that is Going to Drop

The Fed reports $114B loss.

Peter St Onge gives us a brief tutorial on bond pricing, and why the global economic system is poised to blow up. Unrealized losses at The Fed, as well as global governments and corporations is in the $$$ Trillions. No sh*t. This is all hidden from view, but is real financial damage.

How did this happen. The Fed printed Trillions of dollars during the Covid lockdowns. This was during an interest rate regime of 0%. Then, when inflation got out of control, they had to raise interest rates.

Let me explain further:

Bond prices are an inverse function of interest rates. As interest rates go up, bond prices go down. Consider you buy a 10-year T-bill (treasury bond) at 1%, i.e. you get 1% interest every year for 10 years, at which time the bond matures and the entire bond value must be paid. So, the value of the bond is the net present value (NPV) of all interest payments over the life plus the redemption value at the end of the bond’s life.

NPV takes into account the value of money, ie inflation decreases the value of money. In an inflationary environment, $1 today is worth more than $1 tomorrow by the amount of inflation.

If interest rates go up, say to 4%, that means that the bond you are holding at 1% is worth less money, since the NPV of all the interest payments plus the redemption value.

Which is where we are at today. Trillions of dollars in bonds have been bought at low interest rates (basically 0%), and we now have 10-year T-bill rate of about 4%. This means the total global inventory of 0% T-bills has depreciated SIGNIFICANTLY due to rising interest rates and inflation.

As Peter St Onge is reporting, The Fed has officially a $114B UNAUDITED loss. The actual unreported loss is likely more than $1 Trillion. Globally, the bond loss is in the $$$Trillions.

The Fed can hide the actually loss, as it is wholly unaccountable and unaudited. They do this by printing money, which manifests itself in INFLATION. Yes, The Fed money printing is DIRECTLY responsible for inflation. Hence, The Fed balancing act between fighting inflation and bankrupting the US by destroying its balance sheet. Inflation is the greater of the two evils, since it directly affects voters with immediate consequences to politicians. The destruction of the balance sheet is the bankruptcy of The Republic. The Fed balance sheet calamity is hidden, but can only go on for so long.

When does the piper get paid? The losses are unrealized until the holder actually sells the bond. “Mark to Market” accounting would recognize the current value of the inventory of bonds being held, but that accounting is not mandatory. The losses are real.

Eventually, soon, the bond calamity will be unleashed on the global financial system. Remember the SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) collapse? This is what got them. There are many others that have gone unreported. Banks, hedge funds, pension funds. The damage is profound. But, this can only be hidden for so long. The big reveal is coming.

Oh, and the “official” US debt = $275,000 per American household. In what reality is this sustainable?

Ed Dowd: “I have decided to unilaterally rebrand Disease X! It is now Disease DIC! Debt Implosion Coverup.”

End of Times.

Bonus link:

Robert Malone tells us about “Purity Spirals”.

Asymmetric Warfare in the Middle East, the Axis of Resistance

Interesting read from Moon of Alabama.

Despite US insistence on blaming Iran directly for all the mischief in the Middle East, the article argues that there are a long list of factions that have bones to pick with the US, e.g. the Houthis, Hezbollah, Iraqis, Syria … What Iran has provided is training and encouragement that these groups coordinate their efforts to a common goal. This even includes making their weapons, rather than relying on Iran to provide them.

I liken it to the head of the Hydra, cut it off and more pop out. What we are seeing, and what the US is facing, is a very fluid enemy with no single point of coordination. The US has a multitude of assets throughout the ME that are clearly vulnerable to missile and drone attacks. US bases are under a continuous barrage of attacks, as are the ships. In the last few days, a US flagged cargo ship was hit by a Houthi missile, and the US Embassy in Iraq was hit by Iranian missiles. It is only a matter of time before a major asset, e.g. carrier, gets destroyed.

It was abundantly clear in Ukraine that the US/NATO (NATO being the collective “West”) militaries were built for a world that no longer exists. Warfare is commoditized and asymmetric. US “enemies” have learned and adapted, and will not engage according to the US playbook.

The commoditization of warfare is profound. The Houthis are sending suicide drones costing as little as a few thousand dollars to attack US battlegroups. Of course, they have little chance of penetrating the protective air shield. But, each retaliatory US missile costs between $1 and $5 million dollars. And a destroyer typically will carry only about 125 of these missiles.

The drone attacks serve three purposes: 1) makes the cost of the deployment increasingly painful; 2) depletes the stock of missiles, forcing the destroyer to go to port to replenish, which also removes the battlegroup from its field of operation; 3) maintains the pressure to blockade maritime traffic through the Red Sea. The tiny Houthi faction has effectively castrated the US navy. Incredible.

And, what we also learned in Ukraine, the US/NATO has little industrial capacity to replenish stocks of munitions, missiles, and war machines. This is a profound weakness, possibly an Achilles heal of the US military. Further, vaunted US/NATO assets — Patriot missile system, Leopard tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles — are incredibly vulnerable. Clearly, this has not gone unnoticed by friends and enemies alike. Hence, attacks on US assets are becoming bolder.

Who knows what the next flash point is going to be. But, consider recent history. US/NATO lost to Russia in Ukraine. As that winds down, Hamas attacks Israel, forcing the US to disengage from Ukraine and supply Israel with the weaponry it needs. The Houthis draw the US into kinetic engagement by blockading the Red Sea. The ME is further grinding down the US military. Then Venezuela moves to seize Guyana offshore oil fields. UK has responded by sending a destroyer down there, but US will likely get drawn in as the situation deteriorates. A further distraction for US forces.

For the future, the most visible likely flashpoint will be Taiwan. China has unequivocally said it will unify Taiwan into China. It is not a stretch to think that China was behind what is going on in the ME, and Venezuela’s bold move (Venezuela is a client state of China). Both further weakening US ability to respond once it makes a move on Taiwan.

There are likely others. Who would have expected Venezuela to make such a move?

The biggest boogeyman is the potential for a coordinated attack on the US homeland. The southern invasion, mostly by military aged men, undoubtedly facilitated (yes, facilitated, i.e. planned and enabled by the Democrats) enemy cells to penetrate the US. Undoubtedly. It is likely that a lot of the mischief already occurring — train derailments, food processing plants burning down, weird explosions on buildings — are attacks from within. What’s next? The power grid? Bridges? Dams? Other infrastructure? Lots of opportunity for mischief.

Which brings up pure conjecture. With Trump’s unassailable victory in Iowa, he is clearly poised for victory in November. “If” there is an election. But, suppose martial law is imposed and an election cannot be held. Could this be the Democrat/Globalist’s Hail Mary plan, to trigger martial law by enabling terrorist cells to attack the homeland? Col Douglas MacGregor and others have conjectured that an election may not occur.

Clearly, Lawfare attacks have only increased Trump’s popularity. Democrats/Globalists are desperate that Trump not get reelected. They will stop at nothing. NOTHING!

2024 is going to be a defining year for the future.

… by the way, has anyone actually seen Lloyd Austin?

“The Complex” that runs the World

Dr McCullough lays it all out.

Supranational organizations like the WHO and EU, comprising unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, are subverting national sovereignty. Political leaders, who are arguably accountable to The People, are committing their nations to this subversion, by signing treaties obligating their nations to adhere to dictates from these bodies. The politicians are rewarded with prestigious positions and compensation, as well as admission to “The Club”. The importance of this is both current prestige, but also, when 7/8 of the global population is eliminated, they will be spared.

Several world leaders that are obviously beholden to The Complex are New Zealand’s Ardern (defeated), Canada’s Trudeau, Holland’s Rutte (defeated), France’s Macron, and Germany’s Scholtz. In the UK, Sunak is an unelected implant. “King Charles” is either a total tool, or deeply Globalist. They are all ideologues who govern based on the ideological dictates of the WEF (the “Globalists”). In the process, they destroy national sovereignty and national/personal wealth.

There is something about the Five Eyes which is especially troubling — US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These countries deeply share intelligence. Canada, UK, Australia and NZ have been totally consumed by the woke virus. A faction in the US has not yet succumbed, and seems to be waking to the threat (waking, not “woke”).

The EU is totally beholden, Ursula von der Leyen IS the Borg. Germany is self-destructing. Leadership wants to outlaw the “far-right” AfD, who is now the single most popular party in Germany. France wants to outlaw Le Pen from running. There was hope in Italy with Meloni, but what happened to her? The ONLY European politician that is standing up to the Facism is Hungary’s Orbán. The EU is going to self-destruct. Germany was the EU’s economic engine, but has been totally emasculated when Nordstream was obliterated by the US (and probably the UK).

The Complex (“They”) has latched onto two issues that subvert national sovereignty — health and climate change. Both issues transcend national borders. Who can argue that we need to save the earth. The “Plandemic” was a manifestation of their control. The ongoing efforts to curtail food production and energy consumption in the name of climate change are manifestations of this control.

Cheap energy is fundamental to functioning economies. No more cheap energy, no more economy. Ergo, “climate change” eliminates cheap energy.

For people, food has to be high on the list of necessities. So, the Globalists attack the farmers.

NO ENERGY. NO FOOD. POISONOUS VACCINES. = DEPOPULATION. Throw in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and TOTAL SURVEILLANCE. What do you have? 1984 on steroids.

Note that it is largely the west that has fallen victim to the climate change ruse. China and India are the largest producers of greenhouse gases, and yet the climate alarmists insist on suppressing cow farts in the west.

Here is a great interview Tucker Calson does with Dr. Willie Soon. Soon obliterates the climate alarmists, exposing them as ignorant shills or lying Fascists.

All this is being done in full view. “They” tell is what the plan is, then execute it. Say what you will about Alex Jones, but he sees with crystal clarity what they are planning. Which is why “They” are trying to destroy him.

The good news is that this is being fully exposed. The bad news is “They” control the true levers of power — money, armies, law enforcement, judiciary, political lawmaking bodies.

And they have plundered national treasuries. Peter St. Onge explains why you are f*cked. All the deficit spending and accumulation of cheap debt was not conjured up from nowhere. The global elites have taken IOUs. Payment is due. Now that interest rates are no longer 0%, but 7%, mountains of debt will become crushing. US interest payments on the national; debt now exceed $1 Trillion per year. Not a misprint — TRILLION. Other countries, Canada, Germany, France, face similar, though relative commitments. This is not sustainable. As St. Onge says, be prepared for huge tax increases.

Unfortunately, half of “We the People” are NPCs, doing whatever they are being told. I doubt they will ever wake up, despite being Woke. They are the foot soldiers of The Complex. BLM, Antifa are the enforcers.

I’m going to leave it at that for now. Much to say, but need to collect my thoughts.


I was just contemplating the Five Eyes and EU thing mentioned above. It dawned on me that there is a coup occurring in the West.

The world is bifurcating into two factions, the collective WEST and the BRICs. BRIC countries represent something like 86% of the global population. And yet, The West likely controls 86% (spitball guess) of the global wealth.

But … the BRICs probably control the resources the West needs. Look at what happened to France in Niger. Military coup and France is unceremoniously thrown out of the country. France has plundered Niger’s resources for decades. Look at the US in Iraq and Syria. I think we’ll see more of that. Africa and the Middle East are going to throw the West out and align with the BRICs. South America next? Hmm. Kinda marginalizes the West.

Back to The Coup … the Globalists — through the WEF, the UN, the World Bank, the WHO … — are attacking the Western countries. Crashing their economies using Climate Change. Subjugating people using pandemics and vaccine mandates. Political leadership in these countries is totally beholden to the dictates of the WEF. Digital currency, health/vaccine mandates, climate change, will override national sovereignty. Massive deficit spending has removed fiscal sovereignty.

Its clear we are under attack. Unfortunately, the majority of the attack is from within. “Leadership” has been bought off and is selling us out. Half the population are NPCs (non-player characters). 25% are useful idiots. That means there are 20-25% of the population that are to some degree aware of what is going on and can rise up in opposition.

Who are you?

The Endemic Corruption of the Administrative State

Claudine Gay is just a speck in the corruption that has been normalized in academia, and indeed the entire administrative state. The only way to advance in such a structure is to participate in the corruption. “The powers that be” selected Gay to be the figurehead of Harvard. Scholarship had absolutely nothing to do with it. She was clearly a DEI hire.

It turns out that Gay is less than a mediocre scholar. Clearly, she has plagiarized throughout her amazingly unproductive academic career, which has been built on a single thesis — that rascism is systemic in our society. Even her resignation letter blames racism, with no acknowledgement of her fraud. Funny how the MIT president Sally Kornbluth was snared for the same anti-Semitic trope as Gay. Kornbluth is white. So … it was rascist that she was forced to resign as well?

The linked article by Jeffery Tucker raises the interesting point that the “expert class” is going to now be exposed for the frauds they are. AP had suggested that unearthing plagiarism among academics is a tool of the right to undermine institutions. Umm … so the plagiarism is not the problem, its using the fact that someone plagiarized to further their career and has been outed for it that is the problem. See how this works?

The sunlight is showing the fake expert class to be what frauds they really are. It will be interested to see them all get rooted out.

All Cause Mortality is increasing because of the Vaccine … the Data proves it

Denis Rancourt at Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek “Make It Your Business” event in Ottawa on November 29, 2023.

Dr Rancourt is also the co-author of a study that estimates 17 million people worldwide died as a result of the vaccine rollout.

The data is unequivocal. The Jab is toxic. It kills.

With unequivocal proof that The Jab is responsible for heart issues (e.g. myocarditis), The Establishment rolls out a new campaign: “”Doctors fear new COVID strain could trigger ‘heart failure pandemic’ across the globe.” So, sudden death is not caused by the vaccine, but by a new strain of Covid.

Uh huh. See how this works?

The Middle East is complicated, but there is much more at play here

A bit of a read, but Tom Luongo offers his analysis of the situation in the Middle East. Wheels within wheels.

Lots of insights there. Among the interesting observations he makes, one that rings with me, is that the US is being sucked into a Thucydides Trap. Basically, a rising power (China) goads an entrenched power (US) into doing something it does not want to do and has no chance of winning, but must act to demonstrate its supremacy.

So, here are the chain of events. US is militarily and politically weakened by its support of Ukraine. The China/Russia/Iran axis greenlights the Hamas attack on Israel to provoke a response from Israel and its backer, the US. Iran activates the Houthis to attack shipping in the Red Sea, which, again, demands a military/naval response from the US. In fact, Netanyahu demanded that if the US did not respond, Israel would.

So, to shorten a long story, the US is now sucked into a second significant front, Ukraine and now the Middle East. This is why the US is walking away from Ukraine, and why the Biden regime, in fact, does not want Congress to pass a spending bill for more $$$B to Ukraine. It is clearly a never-ending money pit the from which the US wants to extricate, as it is clearly lost.

But, wait, there’s more. Venezuela (backed by China) holds a faux referendum and is now poised to seize the oil rich portion of Guyana. This dates back to old disputes about arbitrary country lines yada yada yada. So, the US is “probably” going to have to make a play to protect Guyana. We shall see. Another point of conflict for stretched US military.

So, what are the odds that China is poised to make a play for Taiwan? Hmm. … about 100%. Xi told Biden he intends to reunify Taiwan into China. And he said so to the world in a New Year’s speech. Next shoe to drop. China is playing the long game here.

I think what we are seeing is the collapse of the US military supremacy, which looks to have been a paper tiger. Turns out a first world adversary in Ukraine is not the same as goat herders in Afghanistan, whom they lost to as well. The US has bizarrely run out of munitions to supply to Ukraine, and has very limited capacity to replenish. I wonder how long they can supply Israel.

US naval ships are shooting down $20,000 Iranian-made drones with missiles that cost between $1 to 5 million dollars. Which is not sustainable. Think about that. If you were the Houthis, wouldn’t you continuously swarm US naval ships to provoke them to expend their $2 million/missile supply. Here’s an article on the French defending its use of million dollar missiles to shoot down drones costing a couple thousand dollars.

Ironically, the Houthis are attaining their goals of effectively blockading the Red Sea, merely by pestering ships with cheap drones. Not only do they impair shipping, but they are grinding down the military response. Its not just cost. We know from Ukraine that the West has an unsustainable replenishment model for its spent munitions.

What’s more, it turns out that US destroyers cannot rearm at sea — they must go to port. So, in addition to the huge cost per missile, the drone swarms are forcing a depletion of missile supplies on the ships, forcing a withdrawal from the field of operations. Ergo, the aircraft carriers would be left vulnerable, so they have to leave as well. The US is going to go into catatonic shock when one of its $15B aircraft carriers gets sunk. What a debacle that will be. And what a cluster f*ck this whole operation is turning out to be.

Further, the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), which were designed specifically for the type of shoreline operations which would be required in the Red Sea, are being withheld from that deployment because the ships would likely be sunk by Houthi missiles. That didn’t work out very well. It has been clear for decades that US MIC likes to build expensive, heavy maintenance stuff that is impractical in an actual field of operations. About those vaunted Patriot missile systems deployed in Ukraine — they turn on their tracking radar and become sitting ducks.

Is it any surprise that the Biden administration has been trying to buy off Iran by releasing $6B locked up by the US government. i.e. here, take this money. Just promise not to get involved in a kinetic war in the Middle East. Same with Obama. Flew $Billions in cash on pallets to bribe Iran to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The US does not want to engage Iran in a kinetic conflict. Hmm. The Hegemon acknowledging a fundamental weakness. But, this only seems to encourage actors around the globe to confront US forces directly.

The US, and the West generally, have relied on expensive, exotic, complex weapons systems to intimidate the world and enforce its hegemony. But, the world has moved beyond the 1990s and Desert Storm. War has become commoditized and asymmetric. Ukraine was an inflection point. Russia learned and pivoted. The US/NATO is locked into an outdated mindset, and ineffective, expensive weapons systems.

Oh, and Operation Prosperity Guardian, the US-led convoy of military ships that were supposed to protect the Red Sea shipping lanes from Houthi attacks, has pretty much collapsed. France, Spain and Italy have now withdrawn as they refuse to be under US command. Is that a big middle finger, or what.

In order to establish its authority, the US and UK have launched airstrikes inside Yemen at Houthi hideouts. Uh huh. See Thucydides Trap above. Here is an explainer why the US/UK military action likely sprung the trap.

What’s truly amazing is the sheer incompetence of US military leadership. General Milley (now retired) and Lloyd Austin should be charged with treason for their leadership failures leaving the US so vulnerable. Its clear the woke US military is utterly unprepared for warfare. This is Milley’s legacy. He is treacherous and likely treasonous. But, for Austin’s pals in Raytheon and the other MIC corps, its Ka-Ching time once again. Mission accomplished.

As an aside, what is up with Austin’s AWOL hospital stay? There is real kinetic action involving US forces going down. He secretly checks into Walter Reid for prostate cancer surgery (since when is cancer surgery elective?), his second in command is on holidays in Puerto Rico AND STAYS THERE WHILE HE IS IN HOSPITAL. As of January 13, he is STILL in hospital recuperating. For more than a week. And still hasn’t stepped aside. As far as I know, there are no current pictures of him in hospital. Weird. I did read some speculation that he was whacked in an airstrike in Ukraine. But, that is unconfirmed. Still … how does it make sense that the person second in line to command military (2nd to POTUS) is MIA for a week and remains in hospital? If he was whacked in an airstrike, how humiliating it would be for the US to admit that the Secretary of Defense was whacked. There is more to this story.

The unipolar world is done. The competing powers to the US and western allies, the BRICS are taking advantage of incompetent and incapable US leadership to dethrone the US as “The” global superpower, the hegemon — economically, politically, and militarily. Its obvious that Biden is not even a figurehead. The US is leaderless. Whomever is actually making the decisions has no idea what they are doing. Or, maybe they do. Its almost as if this is all part of a deliberate design to destroy the US. Hmm … read The Higgins memo.

2024 is going to be an interesting year.

New Zealand police raided the home of Covid data Whistleblower

The foxes guarding the henhouse.

The data was exposed a few days ago, early December, and reveals a shocking number of deaths related to the vaccine, from the NZ government’s own data. Hidden data, might I add.

So, what do you do if you are the government and you want to bury the truth? You arrest the whistleblower and get an injunction from publishing the data or findings from the data.

See how messed up everything is? There appears to be real criminality around the Covid “vaccine”. However, the suspected criminals are conspiring to keep the information hidden and to persecute anyone that exposes the criminality. There is a word for governments that do this … umm … Facism.

Unpacking the criminal complain against the whistleblower: “A health worker has been arrested and charged after allegedly misusing and disclosing vaccination data, while spreading misinformation about Covid-19”. Let’s see … “misusing and disclosing vaccination data” (ie FACT) “while spreading misinformation about Covid-19” (NOT FACT). The foxes are calling FACTUAL information about Covid-19 “misinformation” because it goes against the official narrative, which is proven misinformation by the facts released by the whistleblower.

This is just sooo messed up.


Turns out the data released by the whistleblower shows that certain batches of the vaccine are particularly toxic. We knew this already, as a website has existing for some time called “howbadismybatch.com.” This data proves batch specific injury and death to be fact.

One city in South Island, Invercargill, with a total number of 837 vaccination sites, reported a staggering 30% death rate among those vaccinated. That’s insane! Nearly one in three people. For those unfortunate to get Batch ID 1, Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead. Yikes. Death sentence.

And, if that’s not enough, certain clinicians who administered The Jab have a significantly higher mortality rate amongst their patients, with the highest at about 20%, or one in five people. Now, what could be up with that?

Ticking time bomb.


Well isn’t this special. 11,000 New Zealand Health workers granted secret exemption from getting The Jab. Workers who were considered critical were given the option to not take the Jab. What does this tell you about what the government knew. This news comes out even as the new PM insists there was no mandate to get The Jab.

This follows recent news that Pfizer employees in Australia were given a special batch that was not part of the public system. Gosh, I wonder what was different about that batch. Probably saline solution.

Ever wonder why it is, with all the “died suddenly” incidents, none of them are high-powered politicians?