The Endemic Corruption of the Administrative State

Claudine Gay is just a speck in the corruption that has been normalized in academia, and indeed the entire administrative state. The only way to advance in such a structure is to participate in the corruption. “The powers that be” selected Gay to be the figurehead of Harvard. Scholarship had absolutely nothing to do with it. She was clearly a DEI hire.

It turns out that Gay is less than a mediocre scholar. Clearly, she has plagiarized throughout her amazingly unproductive academic career, which has been built on a single thesis — that rascism is systemic in our society. Even her resignation letter blames racism, with no acknowledgement of her fraud. Funny how the MIT president Sally Kornbluth was snared for the same anti-Semitic trope as Gay. Kornbluth is white. So … it was rascist that she was forced to resign as well?

The linked article by Jeffery Tucker raises the interesting point that the “expert class” is going to now be exposed for the frauds they are. AP had suggested that unearthing plagiarism among academics is a tool of the right to undermine institutions. Umm … so the plagiarism is not the problem, its using the fact that someone plagiarized to further their career and has been outed for it that is the problem. See how this works?

The sunlight is showing the fake expert class to be what frauds they really are. It will be interested to see them all get rooted out.