“The Complex” that runs the World

Dr McCullough lays it all out.

Supranational organizations like the WHO and EU, comprising unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, are subverting national sovereignty. Political leaders, who are arguably accountable to The People, are committing their nations to this subversion, by signing treaties obligating their nations to adhere to dictates from these bodies. The politicians are rewarded with prestigious positions and compensation, as well as admission to “The Club”. The importance of this is both current prestige, but also, when 7/8 of the global population is eliminated, they will be spared.

Several world leaders that are obviously beholden to The Complex are New Zealand’s Ardern (defeated), Canada’s Trudeau, Holland’s Rutte (defeated), France’s Macron, and Germany’s Scholtz. In the UK, Sunak is an unelected implant. “King Charles” is either a total tool, or deeply Globalist. They are all ideologues who govern based on the ideological dictates of the WEF (the “Globalists”). In the process, they destroy national sovereignty and national/personal wealth.

There is something about the Five Eyes which is especially troubling — US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These countries deeply share intelligence. Canada, UK, Australia and NZ have been totally consumed by the woke virus. A faction in the US has not yet succumbed, and seems to be waking to the threat (waking, not “woke”).

The EU is totally beholden, Ursula von der Leyen IS the Borg. Germany is self-destructing. Leadership wants to outlaw the “far-right” AfD, who is now the single most popular party in Germany. France wants to outlaw Le Pen from running. There was hope in Italy with Meloni, but what happened to her? The ONLY European politician that is standing up to the Facism is Hungary’s Orb├ín. The EU is going to self-destruct. Germany was the EU’s economic engine, but has been totally emasculated when Nordstream was obliterated by the US (and probably the UK).

The Complex (“They”) has latched onto two issues that subvert national sovereignty — health and climate change. Both issues transcend national borders. Who can argue that we need to save the earth. The “Plandemic” was a manifestation of their control. The ongoing efforts to curtail food production and energy consumption in the name of climate change are manifestations of this control.

Cheap energy is fundamental to functioning economies. No more cheap energy, no more economy. Ergo, “climate change” eliminates cheap energy.

For people, food has to be high on the list of necessities. So, the Globalists attack the farmers.

NO ENERGY. NO FOOD. POISONOUS VACCINES. = DEPOPULATION. Throw in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and TOTAL SURVEILLANCE. What do you have? 1984 on steroids.

Note that it is largely the west that has fallen victim to the climate change ruse. China and India are the largest producers of greenhouse gases, and yet the climate alarmists insist on suppressing cow farts in the west.

Here is a great interview Tucker Calson does with Dr. Willie Soon. Soon obliterates the climate alarmists, exposing them as ignorant shills or lying Fascists.

All this is being done in full view. “They” tell is what the plan is, then execute it. Say what you will about Alex Jones, but he sees with crystal clarity what they are planning. Which is why “They” are trying to destroy him.

The good news is that this is being fully exposed. The bad news is “They” control the true levers of power — money, armies, law enforcement, judiciary, political lawmaking bodies.

And they have plundered national treasuries. Peter St. Onge explains why you are f*cked. All the deficit spending and accumulation of cheap debt was not conjured up from nowhere. The global elites have taken IOUs. Payment is due. Now that interest rates are no longer 0%, but 7%, mountains of debt will become crushing. US interest payments on the national; debt now exceed $1 Trillion per year. Not a misprint — TRILLION. Other countries, Canada, Germany, France, face similar, though relative commitments. This is not sustainable. As St. Onge says, be prepared for huge tax increases.

Unfortunately, half of “We the People” are NPCs, doing whatever they are being told. I doubt they will ever wake up, despite being Woke. They are the foot soldiers of The Complex. BLM, Antifa are the enforcers.

I’m going to leave it at that for now. Much to say, but need to collect my thoughts.


I was just contemplating the Five Eyes and EU thing mentioned above. It dawned on me that there is a coup occurring in the West.

The world is bifurcating into two factions, the collective WEST and the BRICs. BRIC countries represent something like 86% of the global population. And yet, The West likely controls 86% (spitball guess) of the global wealth.

But … the BRICs probably control the resources the West needs. Look at what happened to France in Niger. Military coup and France is unceremoniously thrown out of the country. France has plundered Niger’s resources for decades. Look at the US in Iraq and Syria. I think we’ll see more of that. Africa and the Middle East are going to throw the West out and align with the BRICs. South America next? Hmm. Kinda marginalizes the West.

Back to The Coup … the Globalists — through the WEF, the UN, the World Bank, the WHO … — are attacking the Western countries. Crashing their economies using Climate Change. Subjugating people using pandemics and vaccine mandates. Political leadership in these countries is totally beholden to the dictates of the WEF. Digital currency, health/vaccine mandates, climate change, will override national sovereignty. Massive deficit spending has removed fiscal sovereignty.

Its clear we are under attack. Unfortunately, the majority of the attack is from within. “Leadership” has been bought off and is selling us out. Half the population are NPCs (non-player characters). 25% are useful idiots. That means there are 20-25% of the population that are to some degree aware of what is going on and can rise up in opposition.

Who are you?