New Zealand police raided the home of Covid data Whistleblower

The foxes guarding the henhouse.

The data was exposed a few days ago, early December, and reveals a shocking number of deaths related to the vaccine, from the NZ government’s own data. Hidden data, might I add.

So, what do you do if you are the government and you want to bury the truth? You arrest the whistleblower and get an injunction from publishing the data or findings from the data.

See how messed up everything is? There appears to be real criminality around the Covid “vaccine”. However, the suspected criminals are conspiring to keep the information hidden and to persecute anyone that exposes the criminality. There is a word for governments that do this … umm … Facism.

Unpacking the criminal complain against the whistleblower: “A health worker has been arrested and charged after allegedly misusing and disclosing vaccination data, while spreading misinformation about Covid-19”. Let’s see … “misusing and disclosing vaccination data” (ie FACT) “while spreading misinformation about Covid-19” (NOT FACT). The foxes are calling FACTUAL information about Covid-19 “misinformation” because it goes against the official narrative, which is proven misinformation by the facts released by the whistleblower.

This is just sooo messed up.


Turns out the data released by the whistleblower shows that certain batches of the vaccine are particularly toxic. We knew this already, as a website has existing for some time called “” This data proves batch specific injury and death to be fact.

One city in South Island, Invercargill, with a total number of 837 vaccination sites, reported a staggering 30% death rate among those vaccinated. That’s insane! Nearly one in three people. For those unfortunate to get Batch ID 1, Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead. Yikes. Death sentence.

And, if that’s not enough, certain clinicians who administered The Jab have a significantly higher mortality rate amongst their patients, with the highest at about 20%, or one in five people. Now, what could be up with that?

Ticking time bomb.


Well isn’t this special. 11,000 New Zealand Health workers granted secret exemption from getting The Jab. Workers who were considered critical were given the option to not take the Jab. What does this tell you about what the government knew. This news comes out even as the new PM insists there was no mandate to get The Jab.

This follows recent news that Pfizer employees in Australia were given a special batch that was not part of the public system. Gosh, I wonder what was different about that batch. Probably saline solution.

Ever wonder why it is, with all the “died suddenly” incidents, none of them are high-powered politicians?