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The declining price of oil is a catalyst for calamity

Its obvious that the price of oil, high or low, has serious implications for financial markets and sovereign budgets.  Cheap accessible energy has been the fundamental driver of economic development.  It is also the major cause of conflict, a key … Continue reading

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US Torture – A Sad Day for Humanity

For me, the most troubling and perverse aspect of this conversation is the lack of condemnation against the US for the torture by the global community. The world knows and understands as a fully documented fact that the US tortured … Continue reading

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Orwell was only wrong about the date …

… a cartoon essay by Scott Stantis, Chicago Tribune: Everyone thinks 1984 is a work of fiction.  Little do most realize that Orwell was from the future, sent back to warn us.  1984 is, in fact, an accurate account of … Continue reading

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Think Tanks, Shamanism and Shilling for Dollars

The NYT is reporting that “foreign powers” are buying political  influence through substantial contributions to “think tanks.”  These contributions ensure editorial discretion is favorable to the contributor’s cause(s) and criticism is censored. The article calls out the Center for Global … Continue reading

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The Jingoist’s Propaganda Playbook

On Ukraine, Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote about the US government’s unabashed use of propaganda to manage and shape the narrative.  He quotes Peter Duveen (and I will here as well, because it is so good), who suggests that having … Continue reading

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The Jig is Up … Fed tapering is an illusion

“Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” – Harpo Marx Last summer, I wrote a research brief on the US QE, titled Bernanke cannot take his foot off the gas pedal.  You can read it here.  … Continue reading

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krazy kyakers

Ottawa has the good fortune of being near lots of water, mostly in the form of two rivers, the Ottawa and the Rideau.  The Rideau drains into the Ottawa.  Historically, the Rideau Canal was built to accommodate trade between Ottawa … Continue reading

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Ooo Eee Oo Ah Ah

A recording technique that has long been used for interesting and amusing effect is to change the speed of the playback.  Faster would raise the pitch, slower would lower it.  In some cases, artists slowed the tape speed down during … Continue reading

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Finally, the most famous chord of all time …

… the opening chord of A Hard Days Night has been successfully dissected. In this radio interview with Randy Bachman on CBC’s Guitarology program, RB talks about meeting Giles Martin, son of George Martin, at GM’s private studio at Abbey Road. … Continue reading

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The Age of Thirst

note: this post was originally published in May 2013.  It has been updated as new information is available.  I decided to republish it and move it to the top of my blog, as it is such a “hot” topic.  Latest … Continue reading

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