Canada: Rule of law?? Pfft …

On Friday, November 18, the Trucker Commission, the lawyer representing the truckers, Brendan Miller, brilliantly deconstructs Nathalie Drouin, who served as the Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General of Canada from 2017-2021, and is now Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council and Associate Secretary to the Cabinet. Clearly, by Drouin’s own admission, the Canadian Govt HAD NO AUTHORITY WITHIN THE REALM OF CANADIAN LAW to invoke the Emergency Measures Act. Nada.

Addendum: in closing of the Trucker Commission, the Trudeau administration used cabinet privileges and, bizarrely solicitor-client privilege between the Trudeau cabinet and the Attorney General to, essentially, redact any discussion of the decision to implement the EA or, more importantly, the legal framework used to legally justify the EA. The public commission is a farce that will whitewash the affair.

One aspect of this that has never been addressed is how the EA was enforced in the first place. The Act articulates the legislative process that MUST BE adhered to before implementing the EA. It passed through parliament without the requisite 5-day debate, and then appeared to have gotten hung up in the Senate, which did not have the votes to support the EA. At which point the government stood down.

But, if The Act was never ratified by both Parliament and the Senate, how could it have been implemented? There was no legal basis for enforcement of the EA, as explicitly defined in the Act. The EA was clearly illegal, regardless of any debate about how the decision to implement it was made. This means that all enforcement under the auspices of the EA were conducted illegally.

Testimony given by cabinet members acknowledge the unlawfulness, but offer the justification that there are nuances that the law was unable to reconcile. That is clearly new to my understanding of law as it is written. It is a lie to justify acting outside of the law. And yet, this was allowed to stand.

Given Brenda Lucki’s testimony, it is pretty clear that the RCMP did not need the legal justification to enforce the EA. Political expedience was clearly driving hers and others decisions to enforce the illegal EA.

The whole exercise was a waste of time and money. There were many galling moments, but among the most egregious was Trudeau blaming unnamed bureaucrats for redacting documents. “hey, it wasn’t me …”

The buck stops nowhere. In the end, no one is accountable. And the authoritarian state chalks up another predetermined win.

George Galloway: Armageddon May Be Nigh

Sober assessment of the situation in Ukraine, and elsewhere. US is stuffing NATO countries with nuclear weapons aimed at Russia. We are on the brink of global nuclear war.

The warmongers in Washington have been signaling that a small scale nuclear confrontation isn’t to be worried about. They have also radically reverse nuclear weapon use policy. First use nuclear attack is now part of their battle plan, a change from decades of defensive or second strike use only.

God rest our souls.

Psychopaths and warmongers burn in hell.

For a bit of levity, it is WELL WORTH watching George go on about Paul Pelosi in the same episode of MOATS (Mother of All Talk Shows). Link is here, teed up to begin. So funny!

How Stupid Do You Think We Are

The Atlantic begs forgiveness for KNOWINGLY destroying people’s lives.

“We didn’t know”

Ahh, no. Nuremburg did not exonerate “just following orders”.

Burn in Hell.

Addendum 041122:

Debunking the Myth that Lockdown was Justified Because …

No Amnesty Forever. We Will Never Forget What You Did. Watch the Australia video to refresh your minds on the brutality of the crackdown.

There Will Be No Pandemic Amnesty. This is actually a good thread for knowing which celebrities are on the Do Not Watch or Listen to. Basically, pretty much all the entertainment industry. Accumulated resources on Covid.

British funeral director John O’Looney on fibrous clots being found in arteries of fully vaccinated and recently deceased. 58 minutes, covers a lot of other ground. Definitely worth watching.

How Bad is My Batch. Certain inoculation batches have much greater incidents of injury and death. This is a resource that helps to track batches.

Its Done

Liz Truss fessed up that it was the UK that blew up Nordstream. How do we know this? The Russians hacked Truss’s iPhone (using Israeli technology, Pegasus), intercepting a text message she sent to Anthony Blinken one minute after Gazprom detected a drop in pressure on Nordstream, when the pipeline blew up. The message to Blinken — “Its done.” I guess that must be super duper secret code for, “its done, we did it, we blew up the pipeline just as you told us to.”

George Galloway skewers the US-UK axis for this attack, not just on Russia, but on Germany and the other European countries that will be freezing their asses off this winter. Forget the Great Reset. The Great Storm is brewing as European citizens tire and object to being thrown into the meat grinder Ukraine has turned out to be for the West.

Speaking of meat grinders, it is estimated that 150,000 Ukrainian men have been killed in the proxy war with Russia. Another 300,000 have likely been disabled, using historic kill/maim ratios from other wars. Words cannot describe. Everyone that allows, supports and encourages this to persist is a psychopath. The war will be fought until the last Ukrainian is turning out to be a truism. What a human tragedy.

The UK has also been implicated in the Crimean bridge attack and the most recent drone attack on  Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol. Through its direct actions, the UK has effectively declared war on Russia. I somehow doubt that, as f*cked up as Britain is right now, economically, politically, socially …, its citizens would support the government to declare war on Russia.

There will be a reckoning. Britain will pay a price.

I can’t understand how MI6, or whomever is the moron, is plotting and executing these actions thinking that Russia is not going to respond. After Russia cuts off ALL their energy, the British will whine about how unfair this is. “You have contracts!” Umm … sure. Keep poking the bear, and you are going to get bit. This is asymmetrical warfare. Payback is going to be a bitch.

Actually, by this point, UK has very little Russian energy imports. But, that does not mean they will not suffer in the months ahead.

Britain is lost, taken over in a coup. Likely by the US. Sunak is a WEF acolyte, a marionet. But the puppeteer is the US. This is clear from the debacle in replacing the Prime Minister. Perhaps King Charles can save them. Uhh, not. He too is WEF. Britain is lost.

As an added levity bonus, check out George’s discussion about the feckless Paul Pelosi getting hammered. Begins at 8:30. Too funny.

CDC is Fudging Data on All Cause Mortality. It doesn’t Matter.

Cancer deaths are up 17%. CDC is obscuring this by reclassifying the data in VAERS.

But, it really doesn’t matter any more. Falsifying the data to obscure the truth is not going to change the truth. People will still die at an increasing rate, as the medical community remains mystified, calling it SADS (sudden adult death syndrome). Shrugs their collective shoulder and says “we don’t know.” F*ck the medical community. Collaborators.

People will continue to die after getting the inoculation. Hey, did you see that David Brignole died of Covid and not the vaccine. Umm, gotcha. Nudge, nudge. Wink wink.

So, the continuing gaslighting is not going to change the facts on the ground. By this point in time, if you don’t believe the inoculation will injure and kill you, fair enough. Keep getting the boosters until it does, which it likely will. Good riddance. Cleans up the gene pool.

Still, it is troubling that “They” are so all in on denials and continuing mandated jabs, eg CDC approving putting Covid vaccine on childrens’ vaccine schedule, thereby indemnifying Big Pharma. Unless Big Pharma was found to be knowingly committing a fraud. Like, by falsifying or hiding data that shows they knew the vaccine injuries and deaths as a result of the trials, but did not disclose that fact.

But what if they did disclose these facts, and CDC, FDA and other regulating bodies chose to ignore them and tell their populations lies about the safety and efficacy of The Jab. Then, who is accountable. Rhetorical question of course.

But, it doesn’t matter. All cause death will continue to increase. Cancer rates will continue to increase. Young, healthy males will continue to drop dead of heart attacks on the soccer pitch. People will continue to suffer from SADS following the latest booster. Fake data will not change that.

Steve Kirsch: Sanity Checks

Here is indisputable evidence that The Vaccine is injuring and killing people, and that there is a massive conspiracy to cover that fact up.

The injuries and deaths are bad enough. But what’s especially galling is the stonewalling and gaslighting that is going on, especially in the medical community, where doctors are seeing first-hand the damage being wrought. Many privately voice their concern, but fear being censored or losing their license. In Canada, 80 doctors have died suddenly, likely following the 2nd booster (4th shot). Despite calls for investigation, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) publicly ignores this. Perhaps that is why Alberta Health Service is destroying medical records of vaccine injured patients. Lie, stonewall, and destroy the evidence.

As the injuries and deaths continue to mount, I agree with Steve that the issue that is going to finally infuriate the public at large is the damage on women’s reproductive systems. When millions of women find they can no longer conceive or bear children, it will be devastating. The person to follow on this topic and the harm to children and the unborn is Naomi Wolf, who has been beating the that drum for a long time. The evidence is crystal clear and will continue to worsen. Depopulation, anyone? War as a distraction from Covid crimes?

As a somewhat amusing anecdote, when Giggling for “Naomi Wolf vaccine women reproduction” the entire first page of results is fact checks discrediting Naomi. Yeah, Big Tech, censoring and gaslighting.

And, what is especially egregious is the CDC decision to make the Covid Vaccine a formal part of the inoculation program for children. This can only be because 1) protecting Big Pharma from the lawsuits that should be raining down on them; 2) the CDC is, itself, trying to protect itself and its leadership from lawsuits; 3) regulatory capture, they are all in on it, a massive conspiracy.

It is mind boggling how massive this conspiracy is — Big Pharma, government, regulating agencies, MSM, the entire medical community, Big Tech/social media …, all complicit. Staggering.

Pfizer Admits in European Parliament that “Vaccine” was NEVER Tested for Blocking Transmission of Covid

So, there ya have it.

At the time of introduction, the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus. And yet we were told to get vaccinated to keep others safe from infection.

Blatant lie. Told over and over. The Big Lie.

Now that the Plandemic is behind us, the mask is off. Big Pharma and tyrannical governments are increasingly being exposed for The Big Lie. The question is, will there be any accountability.

Addendum 111022:

Lancet Commission weighs in with Report: 6 Reasons COVID Response ‘A Massive Global Failure’ . Turns out the effectiveness of the inoculation is not 95% as touted. The real “absolute protection” is 0.84% (yup, less than 1%) i.e. out of 10,000 people vaccinated, only 84 people will be protected. Kinda puts a different spin on it, doesn’t it.

The report also notes the growing body of basic research has found that the spike protein on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is a component of the vaccine, not only binds to cell surface receptors, but also causes cardiac cell damage, vascular damage, mitochondrial damage, and induces chronic inflammatory states. It is a toxic protein. But, we already knew that. Which is why “government” is advocating getting the booster. Wait, wot??

Oh, and then there’s this … excess children deaths are up more than 1,599% since the introduction of the vaccine to children (read that closely, up one-thousand five hundred ninety nine percent). Weekly average for the period 2017-2021 was 234 children. Weekly average once children began getting inoculated jumped to a staggering 1,856. Nothing to see here folks. Perhaps too much screen time. Gee, that didn’t take long.


Such a Great Quote

American Chess Player Gets Butt Scanned After Cheating Accusations.

Read the background on this drama somewhere else. Giggle “Niemann Carlsen chess

Regarding the accusations of cheating by getting impulses of an electrical device in his butt, orchestrators of the U.S. Chess Championships apparently took it seriously enough that Niemann had his butt scanned ahead of the tournament.

But here’s the great quote:

Writing for SB Nation, James Dator said the frequency scanner intended to pick up a signal radiating from Niemann’s rectum. Needless to say, the scanner discovered nothing. “I don’t even know how to fathom all this,” wrote Dator. “I can’t even process the decision behind ‘let’s use a frequency scanner to check a player’s rear end.’ I mean, I get it; I just want to be a fly on the wall where a bunch of old-school chess masters were discussing scanning a player’s anus for a microcontroller hidden in anal beads.”

Too funny. In the serious world of international chess, they have taken to butt scans to clamp down on cheating. Who’d a thunk.