German Deaths from Unknown Causes (SADS) MASSIVELY Spikes (and other coincidences)

Can’t dispute this data.

Stating the obvious, at the beginning of 2021, sudden deaths from unknown causes spiked from less than 2,000 for Q4-2020 to nearly 10,000 for Q1-2021. Thru Q1-2022 deaths hovered in the range of 8,000 to 9,500.

This follows other news that stillbirths and miscarriages spiked 4070% for approximately the same period.

But maybe it won’t even get as far as women becoming pregnant, as sperm counts are plummeting post-Jab. Can you spell D-E-P-O-P-U-L-A-T-E? Here is the math.

And if that news is not enough, a new study of 51,000 Cleveland clinic concludes that the more you jab, the more likely you are to catch covid. From the study, “those who received fewer than 3 doses (>45% of individuals in the study) were not those ineligible to receive the vaccine, but those who chose not to follow the CDC’s recommendations on remaining updated with COVID-19 vaccination, and one could reasonably expect these individuals to have been more likely to have exhibited higher risk- taking behavior. Despite this, their risk of acquiring COVID-19 was lower than those who received a larger number of prior vaccine doses.” In other words, their risk was less than those who actually followed the CDC’s recommendations. The study also conceded they could not even determine that The Jab even lowered the severity of infection.

And this recent study concludes that the vaccinated are more than twice as likely to get Covid than someone unvaccinated that has a previous infection.

Or, how about this — traffic accidents are way up. Note the coincidental date where the inflection point occurs. Medical emergencies while driving? As one of the comments in the thread suggests “vaccidents.”

Are we there yet? Here is Steve Kirsch’s compilation of the evidence that indicts The Jab.

Vaccine Genocide denier much? Double vaxed and boosted? The spectre is stalking you. Read the Geller report and say your prayers. Attack anti-vaxers, deny excess mortality all you want. That will not stop the inevitable.

Medical professionals remain, as expected, baffled.