Giorgia Meloni

Fuc*ing right


If you don’t agree with everything she is saying, you are are progressive, a liberal, a democrat and a globalist. “They” are responsible for many of the EVILS that are wrong with the world.

Is “They” whom you are?? Or are you “Us”?

Everything “They” do is designed to dehumanize “Us”. No gender, no nationality, no religion dot dot dot. Now no money, no property, no energy. THIS IS THE PLAN, it is not incompetence or stupidity. “They” have told “Us” what they intend to do and are doing it. Collapsing the western economies.

Pure 100% Fascism.

Communism? I don’t think so. A bunch of oligarchs that are intent on owning everything and controlling everyone.

“You” cease to exist as an individual, but only as a data point. “They” control you. “They” want to control “Us”.



Are you “They” or are you “Us”.

Populists. Meloni. Trump.


F*ck the Fascist European Commission. Unelected autocrats that want to control the countries and the populations in the EU, and punish those that don’t toe the line.

F*ck the tool Ursula von der Leyen. Wants to put the boot on Italy if they don’t elect the right government. Too late, by the way. I guess we are going to see of which tools exactly Ursula was referring.

In the clip above, from Bannon’s War Room, David Ignatius (Washington Post) … hmm. Total tool of the globalists and speaker for the Washington consensus. ie he is espousing what “official” Washington thinks of you. However, he slips up and admits people don’t want to be governed by sociopathic overlords.

I expect he will Burn in Hell, nonetheless. And I’ll be happy to pay Charon to ferry him across the River Styx for judgement.

Victor David Hansen sums up who the fascists are.

Be a human. Don’t be a slave!