There are no coincidences. Sept 12th German legislator Warns Of September 24th: Everyone Will Remember “Exactly Where He Or She Was”

‘Hell is empty, all the devils are here” – Shakespeare

Oct 4, Spoiler alert. The US dunnit. Here’s how.

Why they dunnit. The jig is up. Nordstream – the Signal That Washington Knows It Has Lost the ‘Great Game’. Ukraine, Nordstream … its all about Germany.

Reeling the timeline back …

Jan 22, Victoria Nuland: “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

Feb 7th, Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Sept 12th, a German legislator stated in German Parliament of September 24th: “Everyone will remember ‘exactly where he or she was.'” update: strange that everyone is pointing to Biden and Nuland stating the US would take out NS2, but no one is asking this guy what he was talking about. Somebody knew something, somebody always knows something.

Sept 22nd, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, speaking on the then-coming national election in Italy: “If Italian elections go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland & Hungary”

Sept 26th, Thousands of people in Gera in Germany against Olaf Scholz’s policy and the explosion of energy and gas prices. They demand an end to sanctions on Russia and the reopening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Sept 26th: Giorgia Miloni wins national election in Italy.

Sept 26th, Nordstream and Nordstream 2 were sabotaged. By three blasts, one seemed to target NS2 alone, and the other two blasts seemed to target the pair of NS and NS2.

So, no gas from Russia to Europe. And no possibility of gas. For years? Well, Gazprom just shut off the LNG thru Ukraine, so more pain for Europe. The hits just keep comin’.

Sept 27: oh, and then there’s this — Baltic Pipe: Norway-Poland gas pipeline opens in key move to cut dependency on Russia. So, a new pipeline from Norway providing LNG through Denmark to Poland begins operation on the same day Nordstreams are taken out of commission. However, only 1/10th the volume NS/NS2 carried. Good for Poland, not so good for the rest of Europe? Still bleak, nonetheless.

Sept 27: and this … Residents of the four liberated regions supported accession to Russia. That is according to official Russia. Here is the narrative spin by the good guys … In fake referendums, occupied parts of Ukraine “vote” to join Russia. Oh, whom to believe. Key point is Ukraine is fracturing.

Whom is fully capable of this sabotage? Nuland and Biden both CLEARLY stated NS2 will not go on.

Sept 27: what about this … group of US ships, led by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge, was spotted 30 kilometers from the site of the alleged sabotage on the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 kilometers from the threads of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

In June, the US Navy staged Baltops 22, where the Americans brag about experiments in the field of underwater drones. The exercises to place in the area of the island of Bronholm, right by where the Nordstream explosions took place. Not much of a reach to suppose explosives were planted awaiting detonation at a convenient time.

Further, someone on the interweb posted this. There is a link to a website which tracks military aircraft:

Paranoia is paranoia, but back on September 2 we noticed interesting maneuvers performed by an American helicopter with call sign FFAB123. At that time we assumed that this aircraft was from the USS Kearsarge air wing, but today we took a closer look at it. According to the website, there were 6 flights using this callsign that day, of which we were able to ascertain the flight numbers of three. All of them are Sikorsky MH-60S. Overlaying the route of FFAB123 on the diagram of yesterday’s accident, we get a rather interesting result – the helicopter was either flying along the route of North Stream-2, or in general between the points where the accident occurred.

Whom benefits? Sept 28 Tony Blinken says sabotage of Nordstream in noone’s interest. Oct 1 Tony Blinken says the sabotage of Nordstream presents a tremendous opportunity. Oct 4 Blinken on how the US is exploiting this tremendous opportunity.

But, Russia did it, so shut up. Tucker Carlson makes the point, asking obvious questions is forbidden.

Is Europe being sacrificed? Is European economy being deliberately destroyed? Is this a war on Germany?

What are we going to remember? Start of a global hot war? Nuclear war?

addendum 280922: good segment by Tucker Carlson. Key point he makes is the attack on the pipelines opens up a whole new level of potential/likely disruption. He conjectures what would happen if the telecommunications lines crossing the Atlantic are severed. Banks could not communicate, the entire financial system would be in chaos. Damage to infrastructure in international waters is the next big thing. Catastrophic would probably be an understatement.

and a pretty thorough analysis from The Gateway Pundit. Spoiler alert, the US dunnit. Further, the Biden administration is full of moral degenerates and psychopaths, and would be fully capable of making such a decision, regardless of the consequences. Not hyperbole. Biden administration governs only with power and violence. Sabotaging Nordstream was a heinous act, very likely to be a prelude to the next world war, and possible nuclear winter.

The US is a rogue state. Brandon is a dementia-ridden psychopath in the total control of psychopaths. How is this allowed to persist??

The big question at this point is who can stand up to these psychopaths?

Going back to the German legislator, yup, looks like everyone is going to remember this day.

addendum 280922

Good whodunnit summary at Moon Over Alabama

The Poles did it?? Aided aided by the Danish and Swedish military; planned and coordinated with US intelligence and technical support; and approved by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. I don’t know … sounds like deflection to me. Poland did recently demand $1+ trillion from Germany for war reparations. With the new Norway-Poland pipeline now in service, and NS out of service, the Poles can really put the screws to the Germans. Hmm … Here is Helmer’s account of Polish navy/military provocation in April 2021 as NS2 was being installed.

Seb Gorka: most “experts” not expert on this, all battlefield reports are suspect, don’t jump to conclusions. Who benefits “the most”? Russia. Begins at 8:00. If Russia did it, what a headfake! He concludes that Germany is sooo screwed.

Provocative analysis by Pepe Escobar. I’ll take “I didn’t know that, for $100,” Alex — Germany is contractually obligated to purchase at least 40 billion cubic meters of Russian gas a year until 2030. Just say no? They can’t: Gazprom is legally entitled to get paid even without shipping gas. That’s the spirit of a long-term contract. And it’s already happening: because of sanctions, Berlin does not get all the gas it needs but still needs to pay. — So with these sanctions and threatenings of placing caps on Russian gas, Germany is on the hook until 2030, even if Gazprom doesn’t deliver?? ie NS/NS2 being out of commission does not negate the contract?? Boy, talk about kabuki theatre posturing by Germany. They are sooo screwed.

Sept 30. New article by Pepe Escobar, drawing heavily from Helmer, i.e the Poles did it with assistance from US, Denmark and Sweden.

addendum 2 300922

From Escobar — “The hypothesis perfectly ties in with a conversation with a top German intelligence source, who told The Cradle that the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND or German intelligence) was ‘furious’ because ‘they were not in the loop.’ If the hypothesis is correct, this was a glaringly anti-German operation, carrying the potential of metastasizing into an intra-NATO war”

If Russia did it, it was a brilliant gambit. NATO and the EU are now incredibly fractured. The poor German people freezing their asses off this winter will be blaming their political leadership, the EU and the US. They took to the streets to demand NS2 open and supply LNG. For Russia, NS was a non-performing (expendible?) asset, that could be repaired, even if it cost a few tens of millions of dollars. Realistically chump change in the big scheme of energy politics.

The other thing this does, attacking energy infrastructure, opens up warfare to a whole new level. Will Russia now take out Ukrainian infrastructure? Will undersea transatlantic cables be cut? Will other overland pipelines be sabotaged? Are power grids going to be sabotaged? The number of targets is endless, and the havoc it would reap would shut down the world. Ay caramba!

My main problem with the Russians dunnit theory is, how would Russian saboteurs move through the Baltic sea, get so close to Danish and Swedish waters, and then perpetrate the dirty deed, all undetected. By all accounts, hundreds of KG of detonating material had to be moved in and placed. The Baltic sea is wholly controlled by NATO. The USS Kearsarge battle group, which was 30km away from the detonations at the time they occurred, effectively nixes the possibility of any kind of craft moving through the area undetected. Plus there are unquestioningly bazzilions of surveillance devices continuously monitoring the Baltic sea. Per Russia: “The incident took place in an area controlled by American intelligence.” That would have required incredible stealth … suspension-of-disbelief stealth.

I would give the odds 0% that Russia did it. There is no way this could have been executed without complicity from Denmark, Sweden and the US Navy.

Given the immediate proximity of US ships and aircraft at the time of the detonations, and multiple documented US naval activities in the same area since June … well, Occam’s razor?

Here is Tom Lungo’s take (Gold Goats n Guns blog): US dunnit, but the behind the scenes decision maker was “Davos.” The Davos crowd believe they are the rightful owners and purveyors of the world. Key point is Davos believes crushing and subjugating modern societies will be enabled by choking off cheap energy. Taking out Nordstream essentially puts into play global sabotage of all exposed energy pipelines, not to mention all other infrastructure.

But is Biden admin really just a proxy for Davos? Just as Trudeau admin is a proxy for WEF? Its a truism that Joe Biden is not capable of making decisions or devising cunning plans. A great unanswered question is whom is actually running the White House. There is a strange opaqueness and lack of curiosity about this. Biden signs the bills, pushes the button and says all the stupid shit, but some unknown entities are actually running things. It is absurd that he was “elected”, that he has not been impeached, that he has not been deemed incapacitated and 25th, and that there is even any discussion about him running again. And yet, here we are.

Garland Nixon: They (US) did it. Long video, last 10 minutes probably the most interesting take. “They have established, they will use violence against their allies. Friend or foe. Stand in our way, we will use violence against you.” “It was a clandestine military attack on the infrastructure of Germany.”

I don’t think we’ll ever know unequivocally the perpetrators, since the “investigation” will be done by the perpetrators. But the fallout will shake the geopolitical system even more. As it was meant to do.

Do you know where you were Sunday September 25th 2022?

addendum 031022

Ok, right. That seals it. The US did it. You’d have to be a moron (or democrat) to believe otherwise. IF THERE WAS EVER A SELF OWN that was not, tell me. THE US DID IT. F*CK! TOTAL PSYCHOPATHS. Unbelievable.