How Did We Get Here? part 2

This is a follow-up on the post immediately below.

Bannon’s War Room again interviews Naomi Wolfe, regarding a new Special Report from Politico.

Here is a link to the Naomi Wolfe interview

Here is Dr Robert Malone’s take on the Politico piece.

Here is a link to the Politico piece “How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight” released with the German publication Die Weld.

This is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Basically, 4 NGOs, deeply in bed with Bill Gates, through The WHO manipulated and financially benefited from the global Covid response. The WHO is hugely ($1.4 billion) financially backed by the CCP and the Gates Foundation. Its clear whom butters WHO’s toast, and what they get for it. The WHO is a bad actor and clearly not to be trusted. The 4 NGOs gave more than $10 billion (yeah, with a “B”) to the Covid “relief” efforts.

Through this influence, The WHO strong armed the flaccid world not-leaders into the 2-years of draconian BS we have had to put up with. And you get the WEF and all their acolytes piling on (hello Trudeau and his captured cabinet).

Holy sh*t. It was almost more fun to be a conspiracy theorist than have the covers totally pulled off the true conspiracy.

Basically, a small cadre of “elitists” and the CCP through these 4 NGOs and The WHO took control of the world.

This is not hyperbole. Look around.

But … don’t get too excited about the great reveal. Here is what Molone says: “They are conceding that which is no longer deniable.”

Listen to what Malone says. Intelligence community has long used pandemics and lethal drug attacks (anthrax) to achieve political ends. Malone says its a complex matrix of a multitude of state, intelligence and private actors. That I can believe.

Politico is a mouthpiece for progressives and globalists. So, why would Politico write a piece that reveals their playbook? Well, because the playbook is no longer a secret and is slowly being revealed. So this is an attempt to get ahead of the great reveal, and then work on the narrative that replaces it.

Unless Gates is hauled before a Nuremberg Reduxe tribunal, do you think he or any other elites really gives as sh*t what people think of them? Just like the “get off my lawn” folks at Martha’s Vineyard. Critics suggest “the elite” hate to be embarrassed like that. I am of the view that, at this point, they wear it as a badge of honor. On the other hand, had Obama’s estate been nationalized and turned into an illegal immigrant camp, well …

As Bannon always says, there are no coincidences. Politico is not your friend and does not work to shine sunlight on the darkness. They, Washington Post and the NYT are all part of the construct whose sole purpose is to push “the narrative” and destroy anyone that challenges “the narrative.”

Notwithstanding, I appreciate the Big Reveal. I hope their next Big Reveal is the political machinery behind “climate alarmism.” And ground Al Gore, Bill Gates and John Kerry’s private jets.

Sheesh. I need a drink …