How Did We Get here? Naomi Wolfe, on Bannon’s War Room, Nails It

Steve Bannon was interviewing Naomi Wolfe and Ed Dowd about the alarming rise in all-cause mortality, and the implications.

Bannon asks both how we got to this point, firstly how did the poison masquerading as a vaccine even get approved and rolled out to the global population, and secondly, why do good people in organizations such as the FDA allow this to happen. Most people are not criminal conspirators. And yet, they allowed it to happen, and continue to be in denial about vaccine injuries and deaths.

What the hell is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)?? Someone young and healthy dies unexpectedly, and the medical community shrugs its collective shoulders and says “we don’t know, must be SADS”.

At 31:00 in this episode, Naomi conjectures how this narrative and inoculation program was rolled out and enforced. I’m not going to paraphrase. Just watch the video. I think she is absolutely correct.

Where I think she and others are incorrect is fingering the CCP for this bioweapon attack. I do believe it is a bioweapon, but I think it was was unleashed by more nefarious characters than the CCP. The Lancet, of all publications, even recently published a piece arguing that the US was responsible for developing Sars-Cov2. Hard to argue that point, given the evidence.

Consider what the globalists want. Total control. One world government (undemocratic and which they run) conprising an unelected bureauacracy/administrative state ala the EU. Single digital currency (which they can track and disable over the network). Less people (roughly 1/6 of current global population).

And how are they going about this? Pandemic lockdowns, soon to be climate lockdowns. Poisoning/sterilizing the global population through mandated ie forced inoculations. Removing free thinking individuals that refuse the inoculation from positions of power and influence (military, police ie those who have guns and legally have the right to commit violence), who also would be the ones to challenge their authority. Demonizing political opponents and declaring them domestic terrorists. Weaponizing institutions against political opponents and anyone that would challenge their authority — IRS , DHS, FBI, globally the WHO, UN. Arming other institutions — the IRS has been accumulating millions of rounds of ammunition, and now are hiring 65,000 agents who will be expected to use lethal force (recruiting directives say so) when they audit you.