… and now back to our regular programming … Climate Emergency is Bullocks

A new report from Spanish scientists in The European Physical Journal Plus concludes that there is no evidence, zero, zilch, nada that “climate change” is causing an increase in natural disasters.

Here is a link to the study: A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming

Here is a link to Sky News Australia commenting on the study. Great summary and well worth 4:30 of your time.

The nub of it is that the climate change agenda is a tremendous distraction to focus resources on dealing with an emergency that does not exist. ie subsidizing all this “green energy” BS that clearly is a failure (hello Europe) and will do nothing to lower the temperature of the earth, which is really not a problem anyhow.

Unfortunately, now that Biden has declared The Pandemic over, “the elites” need to move on to the next crisis, and grab even more power.

And what might that crisis be? Well … hmm … how about the total clusterf*ck of European dependence on Russian energy. After a couple decades of preaching and following the green gospel, the Europeans, lead by Germany, thought it would be a good idea to decommission fossil and nuclear energy generation, and switch over to wind and solar. Supplemented by intravenous injections of oil and LNG from Russia. Well, we can see where that went.

You can read about that elsewhere. But there are two related points I want to make here.

Firstly, the clusterf*ck is so thorough, it looks like that was the plan all along. But the problem with that theory is leadership is the EU is so blindingly stupid that its hard to believe they could execute such a grand plan. e.g. Switzerland’s environment minister is proposing to help reduce energy demands that people shower together. But the EU and the US are all in to stick it to Putin. Even if it means destroying Europe in the process. Which is what is happening.

Secondly, the European Union’s proposed Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI), unveiled Sept. 19 by the European Commission (EC, would grant the EC extraordinary power to declare an emergency and trigger a range of market interventions. This would give the EC the authority to seize control of supply chains and manage the flow of goods throughout the EU. Let’s see, “the state” managing the minutia of the economy … that would be a centrally planned economy aka Communism.

So is this the plan? Are “they” actually seizing control, and going to subjugate the global population? It certainly looks that way.

The EU is destroying itself and allowing itself to be destroyed. This is not hyperbole. Is the US on the same track? Is this the plan? World leaders are deliberately sabotaging the global economy, and it started with the Plandemic lockdowns.

It has now moved on to energy, or rather the deliberate lack of. The lack of cheap energy is now putting the screws to vast swaths of the means of production. The European economy, hugely driven by Germany, is now contracting as the economy adjusts to the diminished energy is has to work with. Energy intense manufacturing is shutting down because rising energy costs increase their costs of production so high, it renders their products price uncompetitive in global markets. Small business, e.g. bakeries, are unable to keep running because they can’t afford rising energy costs, 4x increases.

Sticking it to Putin is destroying people’s lives, and, in fact, not even sticking it to Putin. What a joke. But the joke is on us. Yeah, shower together to save energy. How f*cking stupid do “they” think we are. Or more to the point, how long will citizens remain stupid and placid as their lives crumble.

I am appalled, though not terribly surprised, how prevalent willful ignorance is. Otherwise intelligent people are in denial, totally blue-pilled and content to be there.

Last point I would like to make, they should cut power and energy consumption in all government buildings by 25%. And at the EC by 40%. Ban all private jets. Bring the pain right to those driving the decisions, and yet not bearing the consequences of those decisions.

Winter is coming, and it is going to be brutal. I am not talking about the weather or climate change. Find a safe place.