This is New: Some Batches of Vaccine Kill, Others are Benign

Molecular Biologist Sona Pekova: The ‘Vaccinated’ Are More Likely to be Sick from Omicron.

The headline we already know. Pekova looked at data from Scotland and Australia and concluded that, if you are vaccinated, Omicron is more likely to getcha than if you are unvaccinated.

Also, the number of injuries and death from the Covid vaccines far out paces the cumulative number of injuries and deaths from ALL OTHER VACCINES since forever.

What’s new is that certain batches of vaccine are lethal, whereas some are benign. She goes on to say:

This is very suspicious as the process for vaccine manufacturing is tightly regulated and controlled. “So, simply, once this process is prescribed,” she explains, “it is carried out by robots; no people touch it.” This begs the question of how there could be differences among batches. “So, if there is any change between the lots, it can only be because someone interfered with the prescription,” she said. “And the number of people who could have interfered with the prescribed process is very small” as the process is so tightly controlled. “They could be counted on the fingers of one hand…” the molecular biologist continued.

With these facts, it is not a stretch to consider that the manipulation of certain batches is deliberate and “points to a clear intent,” she said. “This is simply an experiment and nothing else,” Dr. Sona Pekova added in her closing remarks. “And it is very dangerous experiment at that.” Finally, the doctor appealed to parents: “They are even giving it to our children! This is absolutely… simply unthinkable!”

Saying again: “… manipulation of certain batches is deliberate and “points to a clear intent.”

Wow! And I’m not even wearing my tin hat. There is even a database to check batch numbers to determine whether The Jab you received or are about to receive is on the list of deadly ones. Now, how would they know that? Data. The science. Now tell me again how vaccine mandates are following the science.

This is some serious sh*t. Yowza! So, there are known batches of bad vaccine, which could only have been tainted deliberately. This is more evil than even I thought, and I have been railing against the Covid vaccines for … well … since forever.

My head is spinning. There is something deeply sinister going on with the vaccines.