Jordan Peterson to Canadian Opposition Leaders: Seize the Day

Jordan Peterson posted a video commenting on the trucker protest in Canada. He appealed to Conservative leaders to seize the day, and toss the liberals and their fascist Covid mandates.

Unless, of course, the conservatives are in on the heist to steal Canadian’s freedom (my words, not Peterson’s).

We did manage to get some video footage of Trudeau at his secret bunker in the Laurentians, hiding from the Truckers.

The protest is not the minority fringe group Trudeau makes it out to be. It comprises mainstream, working-class Canadians who want their lives back.

And it is certainly not a group of white supremacists the racist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh made them out to be.

Dr. Peterson called out Singh over his comments: “This is either ignorant or malevolent and if it is the former it is an ignorance so profound that it borders on malevolence. And this from the leader of Canada’s hypothetically pro-working-class progressives.” Unbelievable. Singh has no right to be leading a political party in Canada. He’s a racist bully.

Canadians trying to peacefully make their voices heard and the sociopathic politicians accuse them of being white supremacists, racists, insurgents. The state propagandist CBC accuses the movement of being manipulated by Putin.

This is the same playbook the progressives in the US use. They obviously go to the same cocktail parties. The liberals would love to lock up the protesters in the same way the J-6 protesters are being locked up in the US.

Tucker Carlson eviscerates the feckless Trudeau, and the globalist leaders that are all cut from the same cloth. “This is how despots behave when they fear being overthrown.” Watch both videos on the link.

I agree 100% with Peterson. Where are the conservatives? The time is now to put down the thuggery of the liberals and NDP and get Canada back to a world of living normal lives.

Rise up!