Truckers Roll into Ottawa. Feckless Trudeau Hides in Basement

This is glorious.

Canadian truckers opposing vaccine mandate to cross the US/Canada border. Some 30,000 Canadian truckers crossing the border every day are unvaccinated, approximately 20% of truckers.

The truckers convoy is estimated to be more than 70km long. HUGE support across Canada and around the world for the truckers.

And what does the feckless Canadian Prime Minister have to say about it? Calls the truckers and supporters a “fringe group.” Effectively calling the peaceful protest an insurgency and challenge to democracy. How dare they publicly defy his fascist vaccine mandate.

What’s more, the craven Trudeau, despite his blustery words, is literally hiding. Rumor has it, a friend of a friend of a friend tested positive for the Wuhan flu. And, though Trudeau tested negative twice, has gone into isolation. At an undisclosed location. Health Canada guidance is that fully vaxxed don’t need to isolate. What a cowardly prick.

This is the same globalist shill and Soros acolyte that called unvaccinated Canadians fascists and misogynists. And, taking a cue from his French doppelganger Macron, says the unvaccinated are not Canadians.

Meanwhile, the dipsh*t propogandist machine CBC suggests that Putin is playing a role in the “unrest.” This is beyond words. Who is the brainless hack that thought putting this up was a good idea? The CBC is Canada’s answer to CNN, except it is funded with taxpayer dollars. Misinformation, misdirection and full on lies. Attack dog for the Trudeau regime. My God. The King must be under attack.

In the end, the Trudeau government is intent to dig in and ignore the truckers, its supporters and, effectively all Canadians. And Canada, for the most part, will move on in blind, enthusiastic obedience to the fascist mandates. It will not be until grocery shelves are empty that average Canadians will wake up to the impact 30,000 truckers withdrawing their services will have on the food supply chain.

Starve ’em into submission.

Truck Fudeau!


Elsewhere in Canada:

Nova Scotia passes law effectively banning Freedom Trucker convoy. WAY TO GO NOVA SCOTIA! Freedom is so overrated, anyhow.

Unvaccinated in Quebec must be accompanied by store employee when shopping in a store, such as WalMart. You see, you can’t buy a toaster when only allowed to shop for bread. GIVE ‘EM HECK, QUEBEC!

In New Brunswick, unvaccinated can be banned from buying groceries altogether if they fail to show a vaccine passport. STARVE ‘EM INTO SUBMISSION, NEW BRUNSWICK!

Oh, Canada. The land of petty tyrants.

Update: Mayor of Ottawa called tow trucks to start towing the big rigs away. Unfortunately, all the towing companies have come down with Covid. Bwahahaha.